Nerd Block July 2015 Review + Coupon Code

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nerd block july 2015 box

Nerd Block is a monthly mystery geek & gamer subscription box. Every month includes a new shirt and Nerd Block boxes are typically filled with fun toys and figurines. It really is a box for everyone who enjoys nerdy and pop culture things.

nerd block july 2015 unboxing

nerd block july 2015 IMG_6719 nerd block july 2015 IMG_6720

The July Theme was Humanity’s Last Hope.

nerd block july 2015 review

Everything in the box!

nerd block july 2015 IMG_6717

Ghostbusters Wallet ($8?) Perfect for containing money, maybe not ectoplasm!

nerd block july 2015 inside wallet

Sewn out of Tyvek, you can see that the edges are tinged with a little escaped ghost! One of my friends works at the building where they’re currently filming and has all these photos of her on the set (because it’s just in the sidewalk!).
nerd block july 2015 keychains

Funko Pocket POP! Keychain – Avengers Age of Ultron – Iron Man ($6.20)

Dark of the Moon Transformers Danglers ($3)

You can remove the hanger/keychain from both of these guys if you’re not interested in that functionality. My son took both of these immediately, because they’re super cool! I think my daughter will liberate the Transformers one immediately – she’s really into them!  I took the hangers off both. The Danglers are made for attaching to cellphone and handheld videogame consoles.
nerd block july 2015 mad max fury road comic

Mad Max  Fury Road Comic – Max Part One ($3.99). So this is an exclusive variant cover (I totally cut off the logo – whoops!).

nerd block july 2015 loot crate

I can assure you that the contents inside are no different than the regular comic. WHOOPS! [Find all the information about Loot Crate here if you’re unfamiliar!]
nerd block july 2015 shirt

Cobra’s Motto T-Shirt ($15) Karate Kid and G.I. Joe. Tom says “DO NOT STOP THE COUNTDOWN! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY YOU FOOOLS!” Obviously he’s a fan of Cobra Commander (he says GI Joes are so highly trained that they can jump out of their vehicles right before the lasers hit them). And who doesn’t love Karate Kid?! (Although, really, Karate Kid does not save the world!)

nerd block july 2015 spike

Titans Vinyl Figure Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spike ($12.99) This design is actually an exclusive to the box. I love love love BTVS. LOVE. And Angel too if you’re asking. Spike does redeem himself in the end, as we knew he would! I love this and am putting it on my desk at work!

nerd block july 2015 titans vinyl

Overall this was a pretty good block for us. I wasn’t wowed by the execution of the theme, but we like all the characters/franchises, and my  husband is pretty pumped about his new shirt. FYI – promo code Continue may work for 20 or 25% off your first Nerd Block!

Visit Nerd Block to subscribe or find out more. Save 10% on the first block of your Nerd Block Classic subscription by using the code SUPERHERO (enter this after hitting the green confirm your order button)You can check out all our Nerd Block Reviews (or see Nerd Block Spoilers!) and other Geek & Gamer Subscription Boxes!

The Subscription: NerdBlock
The Description: Amonthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables! Every Nerd Block comes with a custom t-shirt (Has men’s regular, fitted, and women’s fitted tees – and  youth sizes!) and 5-6 epic items for you to tear into!
The Price: $19.99 + $9.50 shipping per month


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  • Jenny

    I am totally a Spik3 girl. Omg smash is one of the best BtVS episodes. I’ve been watching the episodes on abcfamily but it’s still so early in the series we’ve got a way to go before the “good”spike parts.

    • Brandy

      is it still on hulu? i need to watch it while i get on the treadmill.

      • Jenny

        hmm no clue I don’t hulu. LOL I have the DVDs here too but you know its always better to catch it on tv.