SprezzaBox Review – Men’s Accessories Subscription Box #getdapper

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SprezzaBox is a Men’s Accessories subscription. Every month you’ll receive several high quality accessories and a grooming item, all for $28 per month.  Items are chosen on the basis of the season and current trends – it’s a curated mix of accessories that ensure you will always look dapper. SprezzaBox kindly sent me this box for review.


The packaging was crisp.IMG_7127 IMG_7128

I was very happy with my first look at all the items.IMG_7130

Salt + Dapper Nato Strap Watch Band ($15) Perfect for updating your timepiece for the season.IMG_7129

das boom everywhere lotion samples – This is one of my favorite grooming brands. I love the smell of them and the lotion feels great.IMG_7134

JUST A MEN Shoe Bag ($15) I’m not sure of the name of this brand but I sure like this shoe bag. The inside is somewhat fleecy and I know my shoes will be protected when they are packed. They have really awesome looking shoes though. IMG_7131

Bull + Moose Necktie ($39) This is an awesome necktie. I love the color and the texture. Bull + Moose is a veteran owned startup focused on creating quality (not cheap) neckwear at non-inflated prices. Every man can get behind that mission.IMG_7135

SprezzaBox is a well curated and welcome addition to men’s monthly subscription boxes. For $28 the November box included $70 of expertly curated products from new to me brands and one current favorite. I was impressed and think that in addition to clothes, an affordable but high quality monthly accessories subscription is an excellent idea.

Visit SprezzaBox to subscribe or to find out more about this monthly men’s accessories subscription. See all our SprezzaBox reviews or check out more subscription boxes for men in the directory.

The Subscription: SprezzaBox
The Description: Each month receive ties, socks and more! Always different items, always different brands. Each month comes with 3-4 lifestyle items and a grooming product.
The Price: $28 per month


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  • Brad Ross

    So im not sure if you were paid to do this review, but i just received my Sprezza Box and it is by far no where near the quality that you have described.

    First off the watch band that came with it is slightly less presentable than something you would get from a 50 cent machine, but at least i could use it for a great carabiner if I’m someday rock climbing! Thats a plus!

    Next up, the Tie. Oh this magnificent piece of hand crafted garbage. Well if it was my first tie, and i was a pimple faced 16 year old heading to some sort of pageant undoubtedly hosted by my very low budget high school, it would be super. Unfortunately I’m not, I’m an adult, with at least a mere fragment of style. There is no possible way of tying this Tie to make it look presentable. Go ahead try a half windsor, a four in the hand…I’ll wait. Yea, thought so.

    Ok so I could use the shoe bag, its not awful. Im guessing maybe the creators of this were possibly some sort of Egyptian since the logo on the front is nothing short of hieroglyphics. The inside is kind of soft…I guess.

    The lotion. Well I mean its lotion, I’m not sure seeing as i have a penis that i need anything extravagant in this aspect but i appreciate you making me smell like a mix of Saffron and sweat.

    All in all I guess it was very cheap, and you get what you pay for, but i would recommend you just head to your closest Good Will and pick out a better tie, Bath and body works for the lotion (if thats your thing), and stop trying to replace your own watch bands, they have people for that.

    Someone who thinks you’re full of shit!

    • Erica Padilla

      Glad I read your comment before subscribing for my boyfriend.

      • Thomas

        FYI, any paid boxes would always be disclosed. We received this box for free to review , as disclosed in the post. Subscribe or not, the reviews are honest. Tastes differ. Receiving free items is not an incentive for us to give a dishonest review. We receive multiple boxes a day for review (the main blog is at http://hellosubscription.com ) and our time is limited. The directory here isn’t as up to date as this one: http://boxes.hellosubscription.com/subscription-boxes-for-men/ I hope you find it helpful.

    • Thomas

      WeIalways disclose whether a box was received for free (and it was disclosed in this post). I don’t get paid to review boxes as a general matter (paid posts are always disclosed). I thought the items were of perfectly acceptable quality – we gifted the watchband to my brother in law (who wears a watch and loved it). I have received similar (non-silk) ties from multiple brands. It’s just a different style. Here’s an example of a wool tie sent out by popsugar – http://curatedgentleman.com/mens-subscription-box-reviews/popsugar-must-holiday-review/. Reviews are always honest, but of course tastes may differ.

      We’re a bit behind in updating the directory here, but I’m sure you can find something more to your liking here: http://boxes.hellosubscription.com/subscription-boxes-for-men/