2014 Neiman Marcus Popsugar Must Have Box Review + Coupon / 2 Day Neiman Marcus Sale!

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The 2014 Neiman Marcus Popsugar Must Have Box is here! Neiman Marcus is having a two day saleSpend $200, save $50  and Spend $400, save $100 on your select regular-priced qualifying purchase using promo code NOV50. That means your $250 Neiman Marcus Popsugar Must Have Box is $200 after the discount – a twenty percent savings. If you love this box but have missed the sale, you may pick one up at Popsugar Must Have Box after the sale has passed too. (or at Neiman’s if they are still available). FYI the Holiday Popsugar Must Have Boxes are now available too. Read my details on that here.

I know not everyone loves this box. I happen to – as you know I’m in the middle of decorating my home (see my Havenly review of what my living room will look like!). I love the style of the home accessories in the box. They’re just my thing. They may not be yours!  Fortunately I have my box to help you decide.

If you want to try an entirely different lifestyle subscription company, I recommend Little Lace Box – enter to win the now sold out November box! Of course I’m ordering the PSMH holiday boxes. I think they will be great. They have to be.

Can you tell how huge this box is? It’s giant.


The top has silvery tissue and a great fold out information card.IMG_7384

Curated by Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director, and Lisa Sugar, POPSUGAR’s Founder & EIC.


The “theme” of this box is treasured memories, chic luxuries, and warm accents. IMG_7385

I am SO shopping this Neiman Marcus Sale! I loved getting the Love to Give collection mini catalog in the box. IMG_7386

Just to give you an idea of how giant this thing is!IMG_7397

It’s really quite lovely. IMG_7391

Clare V Foldover Leather Clutch ($220) This really is just as soft and buttery as advertised. It’s gorgeous but I wish PSMH could select a color besides blue. That being said, this is way better than all the other blue clutches.


Lancer The Method: Nourish ($125) Fragrance free and really surprisingly quite thick!!! It’s almost like a balm. Calming and emollient – this is really a luxury cream. If you like this cream obviously you would buy this box.


Monica Rich Kosann Cream Enamel Frame ($100) Beautifully gift boxed. I couldn’t help but thinking it would be so lovely to open this as a surprise gift!


Gorgeous creamy white enamel frame.IMG_7410

Even the back is luxe with a sueded material.


Missoni Home by Apothia Candle ($88) This is probably my least favorite of the patterns but it’s still gorgeous. I’m thinking after I burn it it will go in my living room somewhere with an LED candle 🙂 The scent “Mediterraneo” was unexpected and described as so:  Water touches shore, lapping over mineral rocks and fallen woods of clear white cedar. Hints of birch leaf, Calimyrna fig and Mediterranean lavender float in the air.


Chantecaille Supreme Cils Mascara ($52) I haven’t tried this out yet!  I’m a little scared to use a $50 mascara! EEEK! I’m doing it though because it’s about luxury!

Chantecaille Brillant Gloss ($33) Gorgeous, in the shade “Love.” If you want to try this gloss but not this box, please check out my review of the Birchbox Limited Edition Vanity Affair box, which is an exceptional box as well!


Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box ($40) I love this box, but my bedroom is charcoal, white, and purple, so it will match perfectly. I’m not sure if everyone will have decor where this will go so well as mine. I’m putting it at my bedside table because I often forget to remove my jewelry before I lay down.


It would have been better if the inside was anti-tarnish material, but I think it’s just a felt.IMG_7400

Maribelle Aztec Hot Chocolate Tin ($26)  I’m really happy to see MarieBelle return to Popsugar Boxes (I think the last time was February 2013?). I could try all these drinking chocolates!

No powder here! This is high end drinking chocolate (again, a comparison to Birchbox – check out the Home Sweet Homespun Limited Edition Birchbox Review for a more accessibly priced box with drinking chocolate in it!)
I was pleased with this box! It’s obviously designed for someone with $250 (or $200) of disposable income so if this is a real stretch for you – don’t get it! If you love it, the 2014 Neiman Marcus Popsugar Must Have Box is available for $200 today and tomorrow only. You can also check out the Popsugar Holiday Boxes for both Him & Her (no spoilers yet). I have my fingers crossed for no more clutches or pouches!

Visit POPSUGAR Must Have Box to subscribe to the monthly box (which is always an AWESOME value) – use code MUSTHAVE5 if you want the November box (November PSMH spoilers). Check out all my POPSUGAR Must Have Box Reviews!


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  • Kate

    Wait…this box is $250??? Am I understanding this correctly?

  • Diana Garza

    Although, I didn’t order this box…I would have loved to see this clutch in red!