Hey, I’m having a baby this week! Here’s some mini reviews. – Julep Mystery Box Jewel Heist, September Birchbox, September Mugler Addict

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So, seriously, I can’t finish everything. Let’s look at some danged boxes before I go into labor, mmmkay?  (Ok for real I’m not going into labor, I have a repeat c-section scheduled for Friday) I may do another post like this of men’s stuff. Because we’ve been CRAZY BUSY unpacking and assiduously avoiding naming our baby. Who will be here on Friday or earlier. Whoops. Enjoy some super fast quicky quick subscription box reviews!

September Birchbox Review


My September Birchbox! Get an extra 100 points on your Birchbox subscription – either mens or womens – with code BBKIWI100!


Here are my products!

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.15.48 PM

I was totally surprised that the eyeliner was a full liner. It’s made in Germany so I was happy about its eye safe qualities! I cannot wait to try the Shiseido. This was a great high value box, even if it didn’t have 8 products like some others. Note – HAVE YOU BEEN REVIEWING YOUR BOXES??? If not, please read the comments here. Also if you haven’t seen the new limited edition Birchbox, check that out here: Birchbox Fall Fete box. I ordered it.

 Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box Review


Julep Mystery Heist Box. I scored this one for $15, so it was totally worth it, even though I think I have everything. IMG_5086

I’m excited about the Purple Padma (speaking of Purple, you can score Julep’s brand new purple free!  Get all the details here. I need this purple.Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.21.06 PM

If you are not already a maven (Julep subscriber), pick one of these two offers (don’t forget to use the coupon on the photo) to start a subscription with a free box and get free Julep shipping, or check out this post with a 3 month offer.

Julep Beauty Inc.

Julep Beauty Inc.

 September/Fall Mugler Addict Review

Thank you a million times to the reader who basically reminded me I forgot to renew. I don’t know why, but even though I renewed the next day and this is the same box from August, I still had to wait until now to get my Mugler Addict box.


I love Angel. I do. But I’m perturbed I had to wait a month. But this box is $50 for the year. And it’s quarterly. So it’s DIRT CHEAP and I don’t have to buy my perfume.IMG_5119

In the box,  Eau de Toilette, a Star collection mini, body lotions, a bizarre bracelet (the blue bead smells like Angel), and a candy roll. I seriously thought it was food and it freaked me out. I won’t even eat anything sitting next to perfume.IMG_5118Hooray, it’s Angel Eau Sucrée! Darling. This box made me happy, even though I had to WAIT. (I’m mega impatient and honestly I don’t know why the peeps at Thierry Mugler think it’s a great idea for me to get my box after everyone else, but that’s just me being pouty, because I’m the most important person in the world this week and OMG I’m soooo pregnant so just ignore my temper tantrums).


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  • jvergin

    Honestly you should have let me come to PA and get you ready!!!!!!!!!! I could have at least taken some box pictures for you! I cannot wait to see this peanut tomorrow!

    • Brandy

      It’s not the pictures, it’s getting them into posts!! My aunt is here and has unpacked probably half the boxes we had out. It’s amazing having an extra person!! But yeah you should totally come and make me a hoarder closet.

  • Michelle L @ Baby Bump Bundle

    OMG the big day is already here ! Good luck / congrats and all that good stuff !!

  • Beeju

    Eeeeeee baby time! Congrats! And lol at the perfume review, we all deserve to be pouty every now and again

  • Diana Garza

    So excited for you, Brandy! I can’t wait to hear the baby’s name!

  • Anne

    Good luck on your upcoming delivery! Thanks for posting your reviews of all the sub boxes!