It’s Wednesday!

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I could not believe that we got up this morning and cleaned the living room and kitchen before 9am! It’s like the win of the century! I feel so motivated having gotten so much done this morning!

My Neato Robotics Vacuum
My Neato Robotics Vacuum

Roger, my Neato Robotics Vacuum, helped. He is amazing. He really is. He doesn’t quite get all the kid’s food garbage underneath the table. I asked my daughter to pitch in and she got a little whiny, so I told her if she helped with it this week I’d get her her own vacuum to do it. She was all FOR REALLY REALLY MY OWN VACUUM WITH MY NAME ON IT? Yes daughter, I will purchase you a vacuum to use all by yourself. My MIL has this Electrolux one that it disassembles to produce a handheld vacuum but I’m all ears on handheld vacuum suggestions! We really do need one!


Aren’t they awesome? Yes they are! Alas, I just placed my Honest order yesterday and determined that I was out of multipurpose cleaner today. Why do I do this stuff? I have some other kinds around that we are going to use up first. I’m in a huge cleanout mood and thinking about starting a pantry challenge on my blog for accountability. Anyone with me? I’ve been doing great so far – I used up ground turkey and a roast (but those puppies have become leftovers! Do you know how I feel about leftovers? I want someone to feed all my extra food to because I hate leftovers!).


This was our snow yesterday! It took us at least half an hour to take out the trash with all our detours 🙂  I think I’m going to think about making some cupcakes today or something crazy!


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  • jvergin

    Will it ever stop snowing????

    • Brandy

      No, no it will not. It didn’t snow today – it’s just insanely f’ing windy and blowing the snow everywhere. And I have to go to school tonight. WAAAH.