November MunchPak Review & Coupon – Snacks + Candy Subscription Box!

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Um, WOW and HOLY MOLY! I really just couldn’t believe it when I saw MunchPak! It was a big heavy box and it’s packed with snacks and treats both international and domestic. It really knocked my socks off with the variety and amount of snacks! Given some of the other snack boxes I’ve seen, I was really truly impressed with MunchPak! You can save 15% on your entire first order at MunchPak with my exclusive code SESAME (yes, it’s mine! I picked it!). Good through the end of the year!


The Subscription: MunchPak
The Description: The best and most unique snacks from all over the world. Expect to see snacks from Australia, Sweden, Japan, United States, Canada, and many other countries.
The Price: $20 per month
The Coupon: Save 15% on your entire first order! Use code SESAME. Expires December 31, 2013.

November 2013 MunchPak

MunchPak arrives in a big cardboard box. It was pretty heavy!

Oooooh snackies! Obviously my kids WERE EXCITED AS SNACK. Insert the fun word of your choice there.

I so did not take individual pictures or even group pictures. Just FYI if you can’t get through this insane list of treats, the Cream Collon is so awesomely good. It’s some sort of “cheese” snack but it’s flavored vanilla.

Laffy Taffy (3) + 1 long rope Saving this for my pregnant cousin 🙂

Rice Krispies Treat Always a fave.

Starbursts Gummi Bursts I have dibs on any lemon (anything really, but especially Starburst!).

Hawaiian Luau BBQ Chips Delicious and kettle cooked!

Sour Punch (3) Also for the preggie.

Fruit by the Foot I’ll save for Christmas candy.

Keebler Fudge Stripes Cookies This will make a great airplane bribe.

Kar’s Sweet & Salty Mix Yum! I love trail mix. This will be great to stash somewhere.

Mrs. Kleins Barrel Cured Pickle I was SO excited to find a pickle. I’m out of pickles right now – because I love them!

Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar This will make a great snack. The kids already know they love these!

Indy Marimbas Mine was open! I think just during shipping? It’s a cherry lollipop covered with sweet & sour candy crystals.

Saltwater Taffy (3) I ate a licorice one and it was good even though it was flavored licorice.

Planters Salted Peanuts Saving these for my husband, nice palate cleanser in between all these crazy snacks!

Oreos Have to hide from the children/use as a bribe.

Rip Rolls Also Christmas candy. I’m going to try to spread out this box to prevent candy overload. “40 inches of fun”

Pecas Mango Lollipops! I can’t wait to try these, we’ll have one tomorrow during snack time.

Louck Sesame Snaps I love these! They’re a treat from Poland and are basically just sesame seeds and sugar.

Sour Smog Balls That’s just weird. Seriously!

Glico Cream Collon Perhaps the best snack ever created. I need a subscription to THESE. Just a case of these every single month.

Skittles Riddles The colors don’t match the flavors. SURPRISE!

Kudos M&M Bar My kids love anything with mini M&Ms! This was their first choice!

??? It looks like chicken skin.

Hot Spicy Liquid Candy Forgot this one up there!

Should you get MunchPak? Yes. Now we have candy to go eat. Shush. I’d better hide this box or the kids will have eaten all of it in the morning. They’re sneaky little snackers. I seriously loved MunchPak and based on seeing it ordered a 3 month subscription for myself and a six-month one for my friend who helps with my website server. He asked for beer & unique snacks in exchange. I’m halfway there. He wrote: Was surprised it was so full of so many yummy goodies. I’m trying not to eat all the things too quickly. So many sour & spicy things. Very good, thank you!

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  • bclaire

    Yum! Good price for lots of stuff! May have to give this a shot.