Wear a little piece of Paris – Eiffel Tower Necklace by Korbella

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Korbella sent me the Eiffel Tower necklace shown for review. Be sure to check out all the amazing pieces at Korbella!


I couldn’t help but say yes to reviewing the most unique piece of jewelry I’ve ever come across! If you’re looking for a new cherishable piece of jewelry, you must take a look at Korbella’s one of a kind limited edition pieces made with actual pieces of the Eiffel Tower. And men – pay attention! This is the “money gift” of the year. Korbella has a complete line available in gold vermeil, sterling silver, and rhodium with a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even cuff links for the gentlemen.

Eiffel Tower Jewelry

Each of Korbella’s pieces is inspired by the architectural design of the tower – strong, bold, with curved delicate lines. The Eiffel Tower is a landmark that tugs at so many heartstrings – the promise of a future trip, the remembrance of one past. This is all about romance and telling her how special she is. Opening this package made me feel special. I love great packaging and I just loved this box. What an amazing romantic gift!


I expected the jewelry to arrive in a standard jewelry box, but it was encased in a beautifully decorated striking red box with a pull-out drawer (my favorite sort of packaging – it really does enhance the gift).


The necklace itself is attached to a card inside a red pouch.


Korbella jewelry comes with a welcome note and a certificate of authenticity – because most of Korbella’s line contains an actual piece of the Eiffel Tower, built right into the jewelry! There are a few pieces that don’t, like these Eiffel tower heart earrings that I totally love.


Paris Forever Necklace

The necklace that I received is called Tojours Paris (Paris Forever). I absolutely love the size of this piece, the medallion shape with the diagonal square of your own little piece of Paris inset, the artisan-crafted lattice work, and the white sapphire on the bail.


The necklace’s chain was very striking – the links are faceted to be absolutely gleaming and I loved the lengthy necklace adjuster so I could wear it just right (the chain is 18″ plus 4″ extender).  This would be an every day piece for me that would go with absolutely everything. I could wear it with a suit or with a little black dress.


It’s such a conversation starter too. I couldn’t help pulling it out and showing my son’s teacher this morning and she thought it was absolutely stunning, as do I! Just the right length and size!


Paris Jewelry

realET6It’s so amazing to own a true cultural artifact! When la Tour Eiffel was first built  – in 1889 – the only way to the top was via a spiral staircase. In 1983 the staircase was decommissioned and dissassembled. While several portions were donated to museums, the rest were auctioned internationally. Paul Bedell, Korbella’s founder, snapped up a piece (a segment about a quarter of the size of the one on the right was over a million when it was sold!) and created this architectural line of statement jewelry. I think the Eiffel Tower pieces are perfect for the woman who wants a sleek and chic piece of jewelry and Korbella offers multiple styles from which to choose. I’m also particularly crazy about the gold vermeil “Charms of Paris” Necklace – in the shape of the Tower!

Visit Korbella.com to see the whole line of Eiffel Tower jewelry and get your own Paris souvenir. I just think it would make the ultimate Christmas gift to own a little piece of Paris!



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  • Richard Hicks

    Very lovely. Any of them would make a perfect gift for someone,.

  • lmurley2000

    I really like the necklace it pretty

  • Melody

    I love the packaging. It looks simple and elegant. I’d love to open one of those myself!

  • Steph

    Oh my goodness–this is gorgeous and I LIVED in Paris for a year! I feel like I should tell hubby about this one!!!!

  • Dianne Robbins

    It certainly garners attention and would be a conversation starter. It’s quite fascinating, really, to have a part of history to call your own. It makes me wonder everyone would chose to wear if they could have a piece of anything from the personal past or from history. I’d probably want a piece of my mom’s kitchen table from when I was a child or a piece of fabric from one of Princess Diana’s gowns. What would you want?

  • Ashley L

    Very pretty. This would make a great holiday gift, especially to someone who has been there!

  • Elisha Barrows

    This is right up my alley! I love this! So beautiful!

  • Iris

    The packaging is gorgeous and the necklace even more so! It would be something I’d love to find under the Christmas tree this year. 😀 I can’t believe their pieces actually contain pieces of the Eiffel Tower!

  • Miki Hokey

    Such a pretty necklace!! Not only beautiful, but meaningful. I would wear something like that, and I do not wear much jewelry.

  • Danielle Lindquist

    I really like all this jewelry and the packaging it comes in is really pretty!! Thanks so much for the review

  • Jennifer Pittman

    I love the connection that the jewelry has with history and Paris! Maybe one day I can go there!

  • Lisa Dion

    Ohhhh!!! That’s amazing! I’d love to get a piece

  • Alexis L

    This is a really unique souvenir. So many of them just get tossed aside immediately after the vacation.

  • schutzme

    Great concept! Love the earrings:)

  • Brianna H

    I love the necklace, a good way to keep Paris in your heart

  • Andrina Autagne

    Love the necklace! So pretty!!

  • Ioana Lupu

    That’s such a lovely necklace! I went to Paris with my dad and sister in High School, brings back wonderful memories!

  • Elizabeth (Rock-A-Bye Parents)

    That is so cool! I love all of the different designs too. It would be a neat way to remember my trip to Paris that I took in high school. I went with my dance troop and we performed in a park right in front of the Eiffel Tower. It was pretty cool.

    • Brandy

      I totally regret not going on my high school trip to Paris. I think my husband & I are going to go this upcoming year. His sister lives in London, so we want to do a BIG trip! All over!

  • Holly Moyseenko

    Love this – just wish it wasn’t as pricey. I remember when my mom first brought me to Paris as a kid, so I was tempted to buy her this necklace for the holidays.

  • Diana Vuong

    Oh, how neat a little piece of history!

  • rachelshine

    Ahh, amazing!! I looooved Paris, been dreaming of going back since the day I left. What a great gift for someone *HINT MOM I HOPE YOU READ THIS*

  • Lynn Mathieu

    beautiful,love the memory that is attached

  • Dianna @ Oy Vey a Day

    That is beautiful. I really like the Dreams of Paris pendant. It would be neat to own a piece of history that you can actually wear!

  • bclaire

    These are beautiful. And I love the back story!