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I have been dying for basically the Women’s version of Birchbox Men. I hate to say it… but this isn’t it! You can add this necklace to your box for an extra *$20* (if you got the special offer, here’s the information on Birchbox Plus, but it may not be available to you!. As the men’s box regularly provides a ridiculous value for just $20 a month (and has a cooler box), I’m putting my foot down and saying no Birchbox, I will not. Maybe other months will be more interesting to me, I’m not wild about this particular style! It looks as if they’ve sold out anyways!

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 3.21.27 PM


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  • Neha Dalmia

    I dont subscribe to birchbox and this concept makes me all the more unwilling.. I am more of an ipsy gal .. thanks for the info Brandy…

    • Brandy

      you’re welcome! i haven’t heard *anyone* talking about it, looks like the offer went out to very few people. i would take that $20 and put it towards… something entirely different!

  • Dawn

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the initial offering was only to bloggers in order to get the word out and some reviews in place before opening it up to the rest of us. Not a bad idea but the discounted price needs to be a better value. This necklace is a $20.00 add-on with a value of $30.00. But I also don’t like it so there’s that.

    • Brandy

      they would have no idea who i was, or even care. i *do* have a yearly subscription and purchase things at birchbox, so that’s probably why i got it. i don’t like it either, i was surprised that it was sold out.