September Birchbox Review

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This is one of those boxes I wished never happened! I’m not thrilled about getting shampoo & conditioner in a box (especially from a brand that has been sent to me repeatedly for “fine hair” that turns my hair into a gross stringy mess). But I was going to be ok with nailpolish, lipgloss, and Supergoop, right? I mean, Birchbox did win my Ipsy v. Birchbox comparison last month… but really, I didn’t even care enough retake this crappy photo!September Birchbox Review photo!

The Subscription: Birchbox
The Description: Birchbox is a discovery box that will send you 5 samples or full-size products. Earn rewards points by subscribing and reviewing your products that you can spend on full-size items on their site.
The Price: $10/month
The Coupon: Save 20% on a $35+ order. Use code MOBILE20.

September 2013 Birchbox Heritage

I have to be honest, I didn’t even bother to take photos of the items individually. Because I am SO MEH about this box!

Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo My hair doesn’t need protecting. I promise. It’s as fine as fine can be. I’ve complained to Birchbox about getting hair products and suggested they have an option for bald – where both chemo patients and women who just don’t want hair products – can opt out. I think that would be nice for women who really can’t use hair products due to medical conditions.

Beauty Protector Protect & Conditioner I rarely condition my hair. I recently used a Pantene conditioner from my New Beauty Test Tube that is GREAT (for aging hair). I doubt this will be. Why would I need to detangle? My hair is right below my ears and I haven’t had a knot in 10 years.

Jouer Lip Gloss in Monaco I LOVE LOVE LOVE this red pink color. But the tube is so tiny I don’t know if I’ll even get a second application. Any tips on getting the remainder out? I felt that the size of this gloss was Birchbox just saying buy it already.

Ruffian Nail Lacquer in Fox Hunt a “vibrant orange” that made me sad when I looked at it. I would never wear this color. Maybe for Halloween?

Supergoop! Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream I was totally psyched about getting this product. Until I realized that it was the smallest sample on the planet. I just don’t think ONE APPLICATION is enough to determine whether I like a product enough to dump $32 on it. I mean, I’m sure I’ll love it, but I don’t like getting just one tiny thing of it.

In Summary: FAIL. I’ve had a great run with Birchbox but this box truly disappointed me. I don’t feel like it was worth $10 at all – even with the rewards points (my items mostly didn’t have sizes on them… and even if I calculated the Jouer, it’s not the same as getting a full size. Most of the product in that item will be wasted because of the design). It felt extremely stingy. To make it worse, it’s an anniversary box! There weren’t even any bonus items. To pile on the misery, the 30% off code (3YEAR30) is only off the Birchbox Customer Favorites Shop!

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  • Paulina

    I googled “Ipsy September reviews” and I stumbled unto your blog. Can I say thank you for your service and that I frigging love it!!

    I subscribe to Birchbox and Ipsy. I was kinda disappointed in both this month. So, much in Ipsy that I unsubscribed; the last 3 month I have given most samples to my niece or some of my tween neighbors.
    Im giving Beauty Bar Sample Society a try.

    Birchbox saving graces this month are the decent sized Caudalie hand & nail cream.
    LOVE IT! A fave brand!!! Also, the foot scrub by Voesh. New brand to me; Can’t wait to try it.

    The nail polish in “Fox Hunt”–passing it on to my niece
    Sea Salt spray (it leaked all over the box while in transit)–passing it on to the neighbor
    Becca foundation for dark skin–I have light olive skin–uummmm??? yeah!!!

    Anywhoo… I still have high hopes for Birchbox.
    I do have a question.. I read in your blog that you need to change your income for better/luxe products in Birchbox. I feel thats a bit discriminating. Ill drop the big dough if its a product I love. Can I ask what you clicked for your income? I left mine blank.

    by the way, I love your blog!!! did I mention that??!?!? <3

    • Brandy

      Thank you so much!!!! Totally made my day! I think every other Birchbox I have read about this month is soooo much better than mine! I was just so bummed by the dinky sizes of the samples because I was really counting on them to redeem my box! My income level is set at the $86,000 level one. I’m not sure if it’s time for another experiment or not! Anyways, Birchbox claims that all the boxes have equal value (and that basically you get more product with the boxes with lower end products). Basically just set your income level to what you would spend according to the normal beauty spending of a person making that income. Which makes no sense at all. Like if you have less income but would spend more on a fantastic product, increase your income! I personally like high end AND I like drugstore. Depending on the product. So I went with the middle. Like normally I just love Maybelline for mascara although Buxom is amazing.

      I should say all this including my whining about birchbox which i still totally love i just get cranky about the parade of hair supplies is that birchbox is really only $5 a month after you rate your items and the surveys are not terribly annoying. I totally save up my survey dollars and buy what I love. I bought my husband a huge bottle of cologne and myself the ceramidin cream & the liquid both. They are wonderful and finding them has been worth the entire cost of my subscription.

      I’m so glad you love my blog! I do totally appreciate it! xoxox

    • Brandy

      and p.s. i saw this in someone’s box. THIS is what they should’ve sent me. mereadesso moisturizer (affiliate link, as usual!)

      • Meredith

        Casually looking up, Birchbox and income and I found this comment. I love your blog, it’s great! I love comparing my samples to yours! I was wondering what income you have on your Birchbox currently so I can compare sample prices and etc to see if income really does make a difference. Thanks!

        • Brandy

          Hi Meredith – you can read all my Birchbox reviews here:

          I have my subscription set to the max level and the second sub set low (it’s for a “teen” profile). I think that makes the biggest difference and I tend to get the trendier items in the teen box and the more luxe items in mine, but if you look at any individual box it’s hard to tell that sometimes. For my July box I think my “teen” box had a ridiculously high value, so it really just depends.

  • Theresa

    LOVE that I can always trust your reviews to be honest about how you like a box and not try to sugarcoat things 🙂

    • Brandy

      🙂 That one sure wasn’t sweet!!! I try to do my best every box and give my thoughts, even if it is a rush job!! I will likely pass on the shampoo & conditioner to my husband when I see him in a couple weeks. Nothing I can do about the weensy samples!

  • Ally @Ambitious in LA

    Thanks for the tip on the bald option. My last two boxes have had hair products I will likely never use. I got the shampoo and conditioner as well. 🙁

    • Brandy

      Unfortunately that is only what I would like them to do!! If they had it I would be all over it.

  • Jennifer at Momsgotmail

    Yuck, I am getting the same polish. I have yellow undertone skin and don’t wear orange or yellow makeup. I am also getting a stupid sea salt hair spray. I have thick, wavy hair already. All those sprays do is make it look crunchy and gross. My other items are all little packets and a tiny hand creme. It better be good. Last time I tried to use 20offten and 7teen15 they were expired. Did they reset?

    • Brandy

      Until I actually check them I never know if they’re expired. THANKS! the Ruffian already chipped off the top of my nail (like in the middle). Never had that happen before! Sea salt does great for my hair, it’s the one product I regularly use. Mousse also does great for me but I only do that for a meeting. We have completely opposite hair!

  • Angie Nelson

    Mine should be here any time. I wasn’t too thrilled with the sneak peeks so I can’t say I’m all that excited to begin with. :/

    • Brandy

      I saw the sneak peek and wrote them an email about the shampoo/conditioner beforehand. I would’ve been fine, but those samples are SO TINY. I was just in total disbelief! Fortunately I also got some other great boxes so I’m not stewing. I just saw my Ipsy sneak peek and I’m totally excited about that! But now I’m a little cranky about all the boxes coming all at one day and not being spread out. I’m the crankiest reviewer ever!

  • oppo5673

    I got the Supergoop from them a few months ago. At least your nail polish color was better than mine!

    Reviews Until You Drop

  • Jamie

    So funny. My BB was pretty stellar this month, but Blush Mystery Beauty…a total epic fail. I don’t even feel like writing a blog post because all I’ll be doing is bitching (which I make fun of others for) Sorry you didn’t like your box :/

    • Brandy

      bummer, i liked blush. I think a lot of it depends on what you’re in to. My post would’ve been a perfect guest post on your blog! Usually I’m pretty positive about Birchbox, since March I’ve gotten fantastic boxes, this one was a total dud! I think part of my preference for Blush is that I have a HUGE collection of mineral makeup (that doesn’t expire) so I like skincare products more. It wasn’t as good as the previous box which was like out of this world amazing!