RocksBox Review – Set 1 – Made, Viento, Gorjana

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RocksBox is a super unique subscription service – it’s jewelry rental! You get three pieces in each box and you’re able to wear them for 2 months, send them back, and get new ones. But you can return and get a new set as often as you wish! Right now you can get your first rental totally free (but you have to secure it with a CC – it’s $200 worth of jewelry!). That’s my referral link.

Update: Use promo code mommysplurgexoxo to get your first box free.

I was thrilled when RocksBox came in the mail very very quickly. Inside an outer padded mailer you’ll get a survey (but you can do it online), a return mailer, and the box o’rocks that rocks.IMG_8602

All the jewelry is nicely wrapped up inside the RocksBox.IMG_8601

The rocks are further safely ensconced in their own little baggies.IMG_8600 Now, I’d asked my RocksBox stylist to send sturdy items for this stay at home mom. I think they somewhat ignored me and I’m glad.

Gorjana Cassia Bracelet in Tan and Rose Gold: I loved this delicate Gorjana bracelet. The bottom half is leather and it secures with a toggle. Urgh, I totally threw away the receipt that comes inside the box so I can’t tell you how much it costs. Uh oh. That’s definitely a deficiency!  This is a lovely lovely rose gold bracelet (my favorite color for summer!) and I’m thinking of keeping it.
IMG_8599 Viento Stilla Earrings in Gold: When I saw these pinecone monstrosities I wanted to turn and hide. I wasn’t even going to put them on. I’m glad I did! I totally loved them!
I thought they were perfect and even though I never wear anything like them, I loved them to bits. The only reason I might not buy them is because they have the same style available in silver (or a silvery color). I need to inquire about that.IMG_8596 Enzara Pendant by Made: This one wasn’t for me. THAT’S OKAY, I CAN SEND IT BACK!IMG_8597

RocksBox is $19 per month but it’s much cheaper on a yearly subscription – $180 – which I am definitely thinking about getting! I love the Netflix for jewelry idea, especially as it’s so much fun to try new styles without spending gobs of money on it. I can spend $180 a year and try a zillion new things and if I have to have it I can buy it. That totally works for me. Get your first month free with my link for RocksBox (and I totally recommend it!).


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