MeUndies Review: Life-Changing Underwear

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MeUndies sent me a few pairs of underwear for this review! MeUndies is a monthly subscription underwear service for men and women. They call themselves the World’s Most Premiere Underwear club… and let me tell you, MeUndies is the best pair of underwear I have ever put on my body. Hands down, no questions asked. You know, I thought the whole premiere underwear club thing was really funny – the best underwear in the world, it’s just underwear! But I am totally serious, I LOVE THIS UNDERWEAR. It’s amazing.

Who talks about underwear like this? Not me until right now. Yes I am rocking my pair of MeUndies and very very happy about it. It’s totally TMI week on my blog and I am wearing a thong and this happy about it. Yes indeedy, I thoroughly check out my products.  You can check out the MeUndies shop and find out more about their drawers! You should totally join up because they send out great deals on their mailing list constantly.

You get free shipping with a subscription order and you save 20% on the single-pair price of your undies. Some of the prices might seem a little high, but I regularly spend 15 bucks on a pair of comfortable underwear and MeUndies is the most insanely awesome underwear I have ever worn. Most of the stuff I get in the mail is fun – but this might be the best thing I have ever gotten. I am dead serious, I think MeUndies has already changed my life.

You can sign up at MeUndies and get 20% off your first order. If you don’t do this right now you are crazy.

What comes in a MeUndies subscription?

MeUndies ReviewUnderwear! Yep, underwear of the month. Life-changing underwearMeUndies offers women’s underwear, shirts, and socks in sizes XS-L and at least for the underwear it is totally true to size for a normal, regular had 2 kids and 2 c-sections, gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of weight body. I was kind of shocked at it because most of their pictures are of hot beautiful models so I wondered if they would really work for me.

MeUndies comes in a nice little pouch mailer and is beautifully wrapped up in really nice looking tissue paper and a big sticker.

MeUndies sent me a thong. I really like the band of this thong, it was very comfortable and not scratchy or binding, and perfect for someone with an imperfect body that still has use for a thong. The thong is 95% Modal and 5% spandex. I’m not going to be as effusive about the thong as I am about the briefs, because I’m not generally a thong wearer. That being said, heck, I love this thong! It feels great, fantabulous, super soft, which is what you want in a thong. It is very much a quality pair of underwear. I don’t want too much or too little fabric and I don’t want it sewn in too many layers. This is awesome. AND MY BUTT LOOKS GREAT!

And seriously the best underwear in the world – the women’s brief. If you haven’t tried MeUndies, you need to go buy some right now. This underwear will change your life. It’s a brief style, but not granny panty. It came up to just the right place on my belly button, wasn’t too long on the butt (I really liked that they were a little cheeky but my whole butt didn’t hang out. If you just order one pair of women’s briefs on a subscription, after the MeUndies coupon it will be $12.80. You can try one pair and if you don’t like it, they will refund your money. You will love it and buy more. I was excited to see the color of the month and MeUndies confirmed that if you select that color, next month you’ll also get a new color. I also really liked the purple accent on the inside of the waistband.

I am totally guilty of having a bunch of old underwear in my drawers. I think a monthly delivery of several QUALITY pairs will help resolve that problem. Get two or three a month, toss two or three a month.

The only thing that made me sad about this package was that there were only two pairs for moi and one for my hubby (but thanks MeUndies for sending them and  for rocking my world with your awesome underwear!, because my husband is visiting next week!) I totally would’ve taken like 10 pairs. Or 20. The briefs are made of  92% Micro-Modal, 8% Elasthane and are 100% Natural from indigenous beech wood. They are Antimicrobial with “Low fiber rigidity” (which means they are super soft) and they are made in Turkey. They do not have elastic around the outsides, which is I think one of the things I love about them so much.

MeUndies also makes socks and t-shirts, and if you buy the women’s pack for $36 you will get a brief, a v-neck, and a cotton footie (it’s priced so it’s like getting the footie for free. The t-shirt is 100% Combed Cotton and the footie is 81.5% Organic Cotton, 16.9% Nylon, and 1.6% Spandex. Both are made in the USA.

I give MeUndies a 100% personal recommendation. You should know that if you buy underwear on subscription pricing and cancel after one pair they will change your price to the original one-off pricing. But you won’t do that because they are awesome underwear. To sign up for the mailing list or get your own life-changing underwear, visit MeUndies.

p.s. I’ll put up a separate post once my husband tries out his new MeUndies!

Update 1/2016: I wrote this post about 2.5 years ago. I’m still obsessed with MeUndies and totally wear them daily. MeUndies (according to the info I have received in the comments below) buys Facebook and other ads for this review. I guess they really like it. If you like more things that come in the mail than just undies, please feel free to check out our home page for awesome up to date reviews! Also FYI MeUndies has rad new prints of the month. I get them all the time. I like fresh undies!


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  • Charlene

    All talk, no description of the underwear’s purpose for existence, what sets it apart from all the other nice-looking fabric underwear at the department stores, and why should I buy a subscription for underwear? The entire article is just pretty words and talk of discounts. How about you tell me this underwear is at least able to withstand female monthly hygiene issues? OR tell me that they breathe easy and wick moisture away from the body during sweaty activities? Tell me why these are “so special”.

  • Noel Wallace-Hale

    Great idea, that’s if you fit the sizes they offer. I wish for once that these companies would offer products not just to the XS-L but also us Full Figured XL-XXXL.

  • Kim

    Wow. This is possibly the best endorsement for underwear I ever saw. Still laughing and possibly blushing at this blog post, If that won’t make me buy a new pair of undies nothing will! I will definitely check this one out since your comments are usually spot on 🙂

    Looking forward to my life changing experience.

    • Brandy

      hahaha. i guess that’s why they are *still* buying facebook ads for them. i think sometimes they run under big sites’ posts (like those weird trashy things you can click on – it’s impossible to know where it’s from). it’s a little embarrassing!

  • Juli

    ……. only sizes XS to L, not even an XL????? can’t support them.

    • Brandy

      I’m not sure where you see that, they sell up to 2XL.

  • Tori B

    You’ve basically got me convinced! I’m going to order a pair right now! (I came from an ad from MeUndies on Facebook! They really like your review!)

    • Tori B

      Actually, once pay day rolls around. Then I’ll buy a pair.

  • Heather

    How was the sizing? My SO is right on the edge between men’s M and L, and I want to get him the best fit as possible. Mine is a little more cut and dry so I’m not super concerned, but did you find the sizing to be fairly standard, or do they run big/small?

    (Oh, and I got here by doing a google search on meundies as I’m trying to find info on sizing and hoping to score a coupon code along the way.)

  • Kailey

    Thanks for the review! I’m convinced. Placing an order now!

    • Brandy

      If you came from another site, can you tell me how you got here? I think MeUndies is paying to advertise this post, so I am curious! It’s 2 years old (but I still love my undies! Although I buy new ones! TMI!!).

      • Kailey

        It was actually an “ad” in my news feed on Facebook! I can’t remember what company was sponsoring it! Whether it was MyUndies or HellpSubscription i’m not sure. But definitely a page I don’t follow, just an ad!

        • Brandy

          *So* weird. It definitely definitely definitely wasn’t me! I guess they liked the review! Thank you for coming back to let me know – we just couldn’t tell where it was coming from and it was driving me batty.

          • Stephanie

            I clicked here from an ad in my Facebook feed from MeUndies!

  • Mary

    If they aren’t cotton, I can’t wear them. Any other women in the same position?

    • Brandy

      Can you please please please tell me how you got to this page? FYI, MeUndies are modal & elasthane (cotton & a fiber from a tree I think!).

  • Allen

    Do you have to subscribe in order to purchase? And what’s the point of a subscription

    • Brandy

      No, you don’t have to subscribe. But you do get 20% off the price of the undies if you do. You can skip/pause and if you get the limited edition print you’ll get a different print every month. That’s what I do!

  • Karen C (@_Karen)

    I had never heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing!

  • thequirkymomma

    Now that’s the best idea I’ve seen in a very long time! I still have maternity undies, and my youngest turns 6 in a couple weeks!

    • Brandy

      LOL that’s nuts!!! get some new panties woman!

      i am very upset that i’m now on my second pair of MeUndies and I am either going to have to do laundry or wear different underwear.

  • jvergin

    MeUndies is awesome!

    • Brandy

      Yes, yes it is. After I put them on I emailed them all like ZOMG I AM GOING TO CRY THIS IS THE BEST UNDERWEAR EVAAAAR

  • Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

    What an interesting service. It would make a cool gift idea for a bachelorette party!

    • Brandy

      That is a great idea!!! The white thong would be perfect!