May KLUTCHclub Mom Box Review & Coupon for Father’s Day

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I’m really really really sick. So if I say anything funny let’s just chalk it up to that, hmmm?  I don’t have anything else to do so I might as well get caught up on my massive backlog. I’ve been confined to quarters at my grandparent’s house.

KlutchClub is a monthly health & fitness subscription box. They got em for moms, mens, and wimmens. I have been really psyched with KlutchClub overall (scroll all the way down to find out how I use the awesome Klutch) and I love it even more now that they have the Mom subscription. Something for everyone!

And moms, if you are looking for a Father’s Day Gift, you can get Dad a KlutchClub subscription for 20% off! Sweet! Use coupon code FATHERSDAY. Using this code for a yearly subscription would bring the price down to just $12.80 per box.


What’s in the May Klutchclub Mom Box?

I love how this box is always full!


Free weight loss hypnosis tracks. I’ve never tried that, ever. I don’t know as a standalone weight loss regimen how that would be, but if you feel your motivation waning, sure why not?


Honest Kids juice drinks and Orgain healthy kids nutritional shake.  E kept on trying to steal the monkey drink off the shelf repeatedly.  He’s too young to understand it’s not cold yet. The orgain is a little pricey at just over $2 a shake but it’s organic, and I’ve never seen that before. Awesome. I do like to have protein shakes around for the kids when they need a nutritional boost (like when they aren’t eating anything because they are sick).


Happy Family Pouch & Coupons. We are still young enough that we will use this, but I do somewhat question it in a generic mom box.


Crunchmaster crackers. I do not care for these crackers.  My children have now confirmed that they feel the same way. That being said they are a certified gluten free cracker and a great inclusion in this box.


Kinda Madagascar Vanilla Almond. I love love that it only has 4 g sugar. My kids love kind bars because they love nuts. It would have been better if there were two of them. Or three.


King Arthur Flour cold milled flax. Dangit i just bought a lifetime supply of flax from costco. We are eating flax everything when we get home! Flax is good for you and KAF probably has the best. I love KAF. Especially their white whole wheat flour.


Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes. I was pretty psyched to see these towelettes and a portable option for crystal deodorant. I didn’t know they made this!


This is the whole box!


Should you splurge?

I love my Klutch Club box! It’s one of my favorite boxes and I especially love it because the packaging is super reusable. I get a lot of cardboard in my house (don’t worry, it ALL gets recycled) and where I can reuse it, I do.  But I really love the items in this box and my kids love trying everything.  That being said, I would prefer not to see baby-specific items in this box. It’s something to improve on for Klutchclub, but I always find great value in my boxes 🙂



Fitness focused boxes for women and men (mom boxes too). Boxes include healthy snacks, supplements, personal care items, and workouts. Each themed box contains 4-5 premium sample & full sized health products.



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