June KLUTCHclub Mom Review

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I get so excited about KLUTCHclub! Our June KLUTCHclub Mom box is here and I love opening it. Not only is it one of my favorite boxes it also has a great reusable “klutch” that you can reuse to organize. I do not recycle these. I reuse them! Klutchclub is a health, fitness, and wellness lifestyle box that is available in women, men, and mom versions. I get the mom version, though I got the women’s box in the past. All three are fantastic and they are just a little different. The most awesome products in one might show up in another the next month. I have a year subscription to this box and personally think it is always an awesome value.


I checked out the KLUTCHclub shop and it looks like they added a lot of products to it! I finally have enough rewards points (they have a great rewards program) to get a free box. Or I can wait a little bit and save up for the Yurbuds, though I may wait longer and save for a Monkey Mat!


What’s in June KLUTCHclub Mom Box?

Kirk’s Original Coco Castile Bar. I love that Klutchclub Mom always has some sort of cleaning product in it. I love cleaning products. Will someone come to my house and use them for me? This came with a little card with a Homemade Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent recipe!


Radius The Doc: Toothbrush/Multi-Use Suction Holder. I got this in green. Too bad I didn’t get a purple one! I love this! I actually keep my toothbrushes suctioned in my shower because I think the sink gets too messy and I don’t like cleaning, so I brush my teeth using my shower as a sink. I’m so lazy! This one is really really nice though. I think I might use it in the kitchen as a dishtowel holder. I never know where I should put the towel.


I did indeed end up putting this up as a towel holder. I write my reviews over the space of a day or so usually so sometimes I say I’m going to do something and then I do it before it gets published so you get an entire stream of consciousness and the actual result. Awesome? Terrible?IMG_7674

Just Chill Drink. It’s carbonated and supposed to be relaxing but not sleep inducing. Just what I need! It would be a terrible thing if I got more sleep than I do. How would I have time to blog?


Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bar in blueberry. We actually have a box of them – Got one in a KlutchClub box and the kids liked them so much I bought a box! Happy to have more. I love how there are two bars in each package.IMG_7680

Three Lollies Queasy Pop Kids! I am putting these in the medicine cabinet for the next time the kids decide to puke everywhere. It happens. Actually by the time this post went up the kids found the lollypops and I capitulated to their demands. They loved them.


YogaVibes 3 Month Subscription. This is awesome for someone like me who isn’t going to pay someone to babysit to head to the gym! I think I can get the kids to do it with me.IMG_7685

Ola! Foods Granola Vanilla Almond. I got the no nuts kind. My kids like granola and I might give it to them for breakfast! This one is no-nuts.


MyPlate poster from Nourish Interactive. They have tons of free printables which I am going to totally use! I liked this version especially for younger kids.


SmartyPants On-The-Go Vitamins For Kids & Adults. Some fun gummy vitamins for the kids and you. I liked how there were two of each packet so there was enough for everyone. I love that they have DHA in them already.


You can find out more about  KLUTCHclub or sign up on their site! KLUTCHmom is $18 per box on a month-to-month or $17 if you get three months at a time. And you need at least three for a set of blue boxes.


Fitness focused boxes for women and men (mom boxes too). Boxes include healthy snacks, supplements, personal care items, and workouts. Each themed box contains 4-5 premium sample & full sized health products.



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