What is a Subscription Box?

The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Subscription Boxes

In this post, we’re going to tackle what subscription boxes really are, why are they popular with consumers, how they work, and if subscription boxes are really worth the hype.

The answer to the question “What is a subscription box”?

Subscription boxes, in general, provide the best ways to shop. It’s a recurring physical delivery of products catering to various needs and interests, curated in one box. These boxes are designed to create an experience from start to finish, and that experience adds more value to the contents of the box. It is a marketing strategy aiming to distribute a collection or variety of products to a wider range of consumers so more people can get to try them even without setting foot outside.

Subscription boxes are not only limited to certain products. There are plenty of options around, ranging from kids to adults as well as pets. These subscription boxes send out clothes to wear, foods to cook, wines to drink, fun activities to do, and much more. But it’s not just about the products inside the box. In fact, it’s the experience you get while unboxing. Moreover, you can save money while trying out different brands and products that would normally cost more when purchased individually. They target people’s interests and provide them almost everything they need with the promise of convenience by delivering products directly to their doorstep, right in the comfort of their own home.

Subscription boxes are determined based on the following criterion:

First is the delivery of physical boxes. This is what makes a subscription box very convenient. It is delivered right to your front porch, loaded with all the stuff you want and need.

The second is if it has subscription or membership plans. In order to be considered a subscription box, terms and conditions apply. There has to be a membership or a recurring subscription in any term (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.) or frequency ( 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc.)

And lastly, if it offers more than a value or two to subscribers. Aside from the usual “you’ll get more than what you paid for”, they also offer a unique experience with every box you open, and that’s what sets them apart from other consumer goods. They provide a combination of products under a specific niche and curate it in a way where customers can fully immerse themselves in emptying each box to see great content.

Why are Subscription Boxes Popular?

Subscription boxes’ popularity comes from convenience. It’s the direct-to-consumer model that helped subscriptions reach the top spot. There is no doubt that subscriptions make life a little easier as they offer flexible options and special access to products that can’t easily buy in stores.

The world of subscription boxes rose to fame along with the growth of e-commerce, and they’re still increasingly becoming more and more popular as months go by. Currently, there are around 400-600 different kinds of subscription boxes in the USA alone, with plenty more overseas, and most of these companies are growing rapidly!

How do Subscription Boxes Work?

Subscription boxes arise because of people’s needs. This concept works by sending products right to your doorstep without the urge to exert some effort into going outside your homes and flip every aisle to see and get what you need without shelling out big bucks. Boxes are curated and shipped monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually – some even offer weekly or every 2 weeks (like coffee subscriptions) – with prices that typically range from $10 to $100.

The goal of subscriptions is to deliver packages of specific goods bundled with extra value and a one-of-a-kind yet holistic experience. Some subscription boxes are also tailored to fit one’s lifestyle and budget, while others cater to specific or unique tastes and preferences. This recurring delivery method helps deepen the relationship between the brands and the consumers. They give you what you want and/or need in exchange for a price.

What’s the Beauty of Getting A Subscription Box?

It is not just the bandwagon effect. It is what these subscriptions can really do to help individuals, especially those who don’t have much time to spare. Subscription boxes are simply and literally convenient. Getting a subscription box feels like ticking off everything on your to-do list – like taking a whole load of laundry out of the bin!

You don’t even have to drive (or maybe walk) to your local store, search racks or shelves, and carry everything back home as they ship what you need when you need them. With a few clicks from your laptop (or computer) or taps from your smartphones, a package will show up at your front door bringing an assortment of products and items you want, packaged neatly in a box.

DISCOVERY. With subscription boxes, you can easily try out new products and brands in the market. You’ll get to discover brands you’ve probably never heard of, test products you’ve been curious about, and uncover items you never knew you needed. You may even discover different charities and organizations they extend their help and support with as some promises to donate for every box sold. Not only do you earn something for yourself, but you do warm the heart of others (or maybe the earth) too!

NEVER RUN OUT OF SUPPLIES. As a recurring delivery of goods, you’ll never have to worry when it is the best time to shop. Subscription boxes have fixed terms, reminding you it’s time to replenish goods inside your homes without the need to remember it yourself, especially for everyday essentials like toilet papers, vitamins, etc. – they’ll send you notifications through emails (or probably mobile numbers) that a package is coming your way.

CURATION. The curation of products inside each box can be based on the subscribers or the team of subscription experts (the company itself). Some subscriptions offer personalization through an interactive quiz or survey specifying their preferences. There are also subscription companies or brands that give you the power to choose exactly what you want to be included in your box, while others keep everything as a surprise. They thoughtfully and carefully handpick every item to go in each box to fall under a category. Some of which are also centered around a theme, adding more flair to the burning excitement. Such subscriptions offer products that go along the theme and complement each of the items inside the box.

SAVINGS – both time and money! Subscription boxes are priced differently. There’s one for every lifestyle and budget. These subscription companies use the direct-to-consumer model, allowing individuals to purchase products at lower prices as compared to retail, and that’s one great thing about it! Also, remembering what you have to fill your home with every time can be daunting, so subscription boxes are great timekeepers. They auto-deliver boxes right in the comfort of your home, eliminating the hassle of going outside to shop. Talking about the elements of convenience!

Some subscriptions also offer what they called the “Refer A Friend” program, which means that if they subscribe using your personal referral link, you’ll get discounts, free bonus items, or even free boxes! There are also other subscription companies like Rocksbox that use the “Try and Buy” method, which allows subscribers to try the items before buying them. Subscribers can try the items at the convenience of their homes – pay only for the ones they love and return what they don’t (take clothing subscriptions as an example).

What more? Well, most companies or brands also offer free shipping, while others offer flat rate shipping. However, it’s not only about how you save time and money; it’s about how these subscription companies handle any issues that their subscribers encounter. It’s like the “Happiness Guarantee” option, where they replace products that don’t meet consumers’ expectations or maybe even refund their money. You may also find great deals and promos too!

ELEMENT OF SURPRISE. The anticipation and excitement subscribers feel when rushing to the mail to see what’s waiting for them is inevitable. Like, who doesn’t love surprises anyway, right? Subscription boxes contain mini-surprises along the way. Unbox one open, and you’ll see novelty items inside every box. Some even provide extras to engage more consumers and make their hearts jump for joy.

Subscription boxes also make an ideal option for gifting (surprise!). You don’t have to wait for the long queue to clear, especially during the holidays. They are beautifully presented in easy-open boxes, and some even allow you to include your personal gifting message (yay!).

BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING. No need for gift wrapping when you opt for subscription boxes. These are designed to be easily opened, so surprises won’t have to wait much time to be revealed. The products are often wrapped in colored tissue papers, nestled with squiggles (called sizzle!), packing peanuts, or bubble wrap for protection while in transit. Inserts and info cards are also added so anyone who does unboxing can clearly understand what each product is. And sometimes, letters from the brand, thanking subscribers for purchasing.

FUN IN THE MAIL AGAIN. A subscription box is a fun surprise you get in the mail. It’s the same feeling you get when receiving and opening gifts for the holidays, for birthdays, or any occasion there is. It provides a fun treat each month and an interesting experience to ponder on. It’s like a reward for the little (or big) achievements you did, but totally hassle-free!

Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Are they? Well, it’s both yes and no. What can be a good deal to you can be a ripoff to others. The value you get from a subscription box is what makes it a good buy. It must be worth your money or can make you happy, regardless of how much it costs or what’s inside it.

Considering the time you will save, that alone is a big deal – a huge help, especially if you’re the type of person who barely goes outside and doesn’t have much time to shop. Whether it’s everyday essentials you need, a gift to someone dear to you, or if you only want to try out new products in the market, subscription boxes make the best bets! The convenience is there, and the element of surprise is peeking. Although they don’t always send something you need, the fun is still lurking within each box, plus (ehem!) savings. The longer you subscribe, the more earnings you’ll get. And there are no strings attached! You can freely choose the length of your subscription. Subscribe whenever you want to, skip a month whenever you feel so, and quit when you think it’s time.

If you do intend to subscribe, bear in mind that it won’t always come your way. There will be pros and cons. But still, the answer to this question lies to the subscribers themselves. So, we’ll leave it all up to you.

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