Dental Care Done Right With The 9 Best Oral Care Subscriptions of 2024

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Taking care of our oral health is of utmost importance. Fortunately, there are subscription services specifically designed to help us stay consistent with our dental care routine. These subscriptions cater to a wide range of needs, offering everything from everyday essentials like toothbrushes and toothpaste to specialized orthodontic devices such as teeth aligners and night guards. By subscribing to these services, you can ensure a consistent supply of dental essentials conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

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Establishing a regular oral care routine is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. With the help of these subscriptions, you can effortlessly stay stocked with the necessary products to support your dental hygiene practices. Regular deliveries eliminate the worry of running out of toothpaste or forgetting to replace your toothbrush, empowering you to stay committed to your oral care regimen. By prioritizing preventive care and consistent oral hygiene, you can effectively reduce the risk of common dental issues and promote long-term oral health.

Our curated selection features the best oral care subscriptions, handpicked to meet the diverse needs of individuals seeking optimal oral health. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of these services, and make your oral care routine a seamless and enjoyable part of your daily life. Your smile deserves nothing less!

All The Best Subscriptions For Oral Care!

1. quip

Image from: quip

What You Get: Keeping your mouth healthy is much easier with quip, as they’ve made better oral care as simple as it can get! They offer quality oral care products such as electric brushes, refillable floss, gum, toothpaste, and more for the whole family. Their sleek toothbrushes are created by dentists and designers with guiding features the teeth need. They have customizable bundles and starter kits to help you get a head start towards your journey to healthier teeth. You can get the starter set that includes a timed sonic vibrating electric toothbrush, a handy holder that can also stand, suctions that you can easily attach to the wall, and optional anti-cavity mint toothpaste. Build your own bundle is also an option to save more bucks. You can also get the refill plan that ships every quarter, keeping you loaded with the best products for a good oral care habit!

2. Nudge

Image from: our review

What You Get: Nudge is an oral care subscription that seeks to give everyone the brightest smile possible! They provide sustainable and natural oral care solutions to assist everyone in developing excellent oral hygiene practices. Each product they send out contains natural formulas that are tested by dentists. Grab their Oral Care package and receive fluoride-free naturally whitening toothpaste, alcohol-free and fresh concentrated mouthwash, two sustainably sourced bamboo toothbrushes, and 100% biodegradable floss, plus a free toilet pouch! Refills are supplied every two months, so all you have to worry about is maintaining optimal oral health.

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3. Cocofloss

Image from: Cocofloss

What You Get: With Cocofloss, you can toss away the bad bacteria! Keep your mouth and your gum clean as you remove plaques and grime entirely. And because brushing is not enough, this floss will help you keep your smile sparkle with 500 interwoven filaments that glide gently over plaques, preventing cavity-causing bacteria to multiply. What’s even better is that these flosses are scented with fine and fresh fragrances you’ll love – Strawberry, Coconut, Mint, Orange, Peppermint, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Passion Fruit, and Watermelon! Build your own box and choose your fave fragrances. You can also add Cocobrush (toothbrush) if you want to! Receive 3 spools of floss every 6 months and bless your whole mouth with the best products that your smile will thank you for later on!

4. Candid

Image from: Candid

What You Get: If you’re up for a change and pledge to better oral care, Candid is a subscription to go for! They want you to have the prettiest smiles to flash by offering clear aligners to keep your teeth straight and bright. Get started with a starter kit that will let you take photos and impressions of your teeth. Their team will assess your case, and they’ll send a package curated on it. You’ll receive a teeth straightening kit that includes a full set of aligners and everything you need to keep track of your progress. You’ll now achieve that kind of smile that you wanted with their high-quality clear aligners, so no more finding the right reason to smile! With this subscription, the best smiles are candid!


Image from: BURST

What You Get: Keeping your teeth clean and healthy has been made easy, and that’s thanks to BURST! It is an oral care brand sending just what you need for cleaning and maintaining one’s oral health. The sonic toothbrush has charcoal bristles, specifically designed to remove stains on teeth, giving it a much deeper clean to make teeth whiter, with two-minute time support! It has three brushing modes – whitening, sensitive, and massage, clinically backed to reduce gum bleeding. Each starter pack comes with the toothbrush in your chosen color (white, rose gold, black), replacement toothbrush head, USB charging base, and a USB wall adapter, together with a free travel case, expanding fills, whitening strips, and toothpaste. Afterward, you’ll receive brush head refills every 12 weeks, so no more excuses for not caring about your oral health!

6. hum by Colgate

Image from: hum by Colgate

What You Get: Cleaning one’s teeth and mouth requires brushing, and hum by Colgate is here to help with that. This smart electric toothbrush is your personal assistant when it comes to better oral care. It is designed with powerful vibrations in different modes, so you can choose which best suits your brushing style. You can also connect this to an app, where you can see all the details – tracks frequency, duration, and coverage of your unique brushing style to help you brush well! You can choose to receive the rechargeable electric ones or the battery-powered electric toothbrush, available in green, blue, and purple. Replacement heads refill plan send one head every 3 months. So get into the rhythm and brush your way towards a cleaner and whiter smile!

7. Better & Better

Image from: Better & Better

What You Get: Better & Better is a quarterly subscription that’s not just better for one’s personal oral health care but the planet as well! This brand reinvents oral care products into something that won’t harm the planet. Their toothpaste is all-natural, vegan, and organic with no parabens, no artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives of any kind! These are also packaged in pouches that use 45% less plastics than the unfriendly tubes we’re used to, resulting in an 84% reduction in landfill waste. Choose between Remarkably Pure or Fully Charged – infused with vitamin B12 and D3 for superior oral health, and brush safely and gently for better smiles and better tomorrow!

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8. Boka

Image from: Boka

What You Get: Boka makes tooth brushing fun and easy! This oral care brand brings you everything you need for total oral health care, preventing odor-causing bacteria and bad breath. They combine the best ingredients and the power of science to give anyone the oral care they should have. Their waterproof electric toothbrush has charcoal bristles for a deeply cleaned brush, with a 2-minute timer for that fresh cleaning your mouth and teeth deserves. They have two kit offerings: Starter Kit with a classic toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and tongue cleaner or the Boka Kit with a sonic powered electric brush, brush heads, toothpaste, and floss. Their refill subscription for the Boka kit will ship in your desired delivery frequency – every month, every two months, or every quarter. You can now proudly smile with your teeth out because why not? Boka does the magic!

9. Bristle

Image from: Bristle

What You Get: Bristle is here to keep your dental health at its peak! The goal of this subscription service is to determine the amount of good and bad bacteria in your mouth. They’ll send you a kit to test overall oral health, including risk factors for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Then, they’ll analyze the results and provide you with personal insights to improve and maintain oral health, aside from brushing and flossing. Not only will you learn the root cause for oral concerns, but you’ll also prevent other issues from happening!

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And there you have it, our list of the best oral care subscriptions!

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