The Pets Table Coupon: Up To 50% Off On Personalized Dog Food!

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Are you a pet parent looking for a personalized dog food service that will keep your furry friend healthy and, in turn, make you a happier pet parent? Look no further! The Pets Table is here to cater to your pet’s unique needs with their special offer for new subscribers.

The Pets Table takes the guesswork out of pet nutrition by offering a personalized meal plan that suits your pet’s individual requirements. Getting started is as easy as taking a simple quiz about your furry companion. Once you’ve completed the quiz, The Pets Table’s expert team will work their magic to create a meal plan tailored specifically to your pet.

Get 50% off your first box and 20% off on your second box of personalized dog meal! No coupon needed, just use this link to subscribe!

Get up to 50% off at The Pets Table!

The meal plans offered by The Pets Table come in four varieties: Fresh, Air-Dried, Mixed, and Half of Fresh. These are carefully crafted to provide the perfect balance of proteins, vegetables, and superfoods, ensuring your pet’s health and happiness. Each meal is prepared with superfoods like vitamin A, designed to provide high fiber content with essential postbiotics for optimal gut health. The cost of these plans is influenced by factors such as your pet’s size and specific dietary needs. For example, for a standard 30-pound dog fed twice daily, meal prices can begin at just $1.59.

The Pets Table proudly makes its products in the USA and ensures they are complete and balanced for all life stages. Their formulations are developed with the guidance of vets and meet the AAFCO industry requirements. So, even the pickiest eaters among our furry friends can’t resist.

For those pet parents who want only the best, The Pets Table offers the Fresh Plan, a human-grade dog food that’s free from preservatives and fillers. What’s more, it’s delivered frozen, ensuring the highest level of freshness and nutritional value for your beloved pet.

Looking for an alternative to traditional kibble or the Fresh recipes? The Air-Dried Plan might be just the thing. Made from natural ingredients without any fillers, it’s shelf-stable and retains essential nutrients through a low-temperature baking process. Your pet will enjoy a balanced and tasty diet with all the benefits of air-dried goodness.

Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds? The Mixed Plan offers a 50/50 calorie split between Fresh and Air-Dried meals, ensuring your pet gets the variety they crave and the nutrition they need. It’s like a gourmet feast tailored to your furry friend’s unique preferences.

For those looking to save a little while still enjoying the benefits of the Fresh Plan, the Half of Fresh Plan is the answer. It’s a minified version of their Fresh plan, delivering 50% of your pup’s daily calories, and can be mixed with your existing dog food for an economical and nutritious meal.

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