Vegancuts Snack Box June 2023 Review: Summer Sweet n’ Spicy Snacks

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June 2023 Vegancuts Snack Box was themed “Summer Sweet n’ Spicy Snacks”. I received 10 items and was excited to try some that looked new-to-me! Read on to see what I received!

DEAL: Use the coupon code hellosub to get $5 off your first box on any Vegancuts subscription!   It can only be used once per customer, but it can be used on multiple subscriptions at once so long as they are in the same transaction.

Proceeds from this box helps support animal sanctuaries. The back of this card lists the snacks inside the box.

Craize Sweet Corn Toasted Snack Crackers ($4) This is little like a chip, a cracker, and a cookie, maybe like a fortune cookie? They’re thin, crispy, slightly sweet, not very salty. It says to try them with salsa and guac but I think that I prefer them straight out of the bag, all by themselves.

Agua Bonita Agua Fresca This is a watery blend that includes hibiscus, which is also know as jamaica in Spanish, and apple juice, with some beta carotene for color. It has a mild flavor and is pretty much what you would expect, not as sweet as fruit punch but minus the dyes and extra sugar too.

Rhythm Organic Carrot Sticks ($5) I ate several of these and didn’t think they had any ranch flavor at all, but I still liked them. The bag was large and contained a single serving. These dehydrated carrot slices have 10 grams of fiber, 15% of the daily value of vitamin A, and 20% of potassium requirements, which is very nice indeed. They’re not very salty and reminded me of sweet potato chips. I couldn’t eat them all at once so this turned into several servings for me.

Chipoys Chile Limon I think these are supposed to be a vegan version of Takis, but after reading the ingredients list for both, they are almost identical (and Takis Fuego are vegan anyways). I was disappointed to see that this has red dye #40, something I try to avoid, as with most dyes in general. I tried them but can’t compare to Takis as I don’t eat those (um, dye) but my daughter has and she says they are similar.

Spark Bites Cinnamon Crunch ($1.77) I keep reading these as “SHark Bites” for some reason, but then again, they do have cayenne so I sometimes experienced a bit of spicy heat in my mouth. These are soft-baked cookie bites that are made with rice flour, pineapple, craisins, pumpkin seeds, oats, chickpea flour, and more. There’s some texture thanks to millet and chia, and it’s very sweet. I liked them!

House of Macadamia Dry Roasted Macadamias ($2.92) Please note that this small bag has almost as many calories as a meal — I decided to turn it into snacks on two different days. I must say, I don’t think you can improve upon a simple dry roasted, lightly salted macadamia nut. These are coated with onion and garlic powder so the effect is similar to flavored potato chips, and the actual macadamia flavor is lost. It’s not bad, and if you really like onion and garlic flavor, then this is your snack.

Nairn’s Chocolate Chip Oat Grahams These cookies come from Scotland and would pair nicely with tea or coffee, and I suppose with the milk type of your choice. It’s a pack of oaty graham crackers with a few chocolate chips in for good measure. I think they make for a nice afternoon snack and are tastier than regular graham crackers.

Rule Breaker Gingerbread Junior I wasn’t expecting gingerbread at this time of year but this was a winner. It’s a soft baked cookie and the first ingredient is chickpeas but you wouldn’t know from the taste. It also has vegan white chocolate chips, is very sweet, and has a good amount of spice, my mouth could taste the heat. My only complaint is that the brand’s website is down and the nutrition facts and ingredients weren’t listed. I found the ingredients on Amazon, but again, not the nutrition facts so I’m not sure how much carbs, fiber, sugar, or anything else is in this perfectly proportioned snack.

GoMacro Macrobar ($3.21) Yum, I ate this as a breakfast bar and of course it tasted like dessert. Of course the first ingredient is brown rice syrup so no wonder but there’s also oats, sun butter, pea and brown rice protein, and crispy brown rice. The first few bites tasted like coffee to me (which I don’t drink so I can’t explain it) but otherwise it was sweet, chewy, and dense and enjoyable.

Explore Cuisine Organic Black Bean Spaghetti ($4.67) Subscribers received one of three different pasta-bilities here. At first I thought, how cool that this pasta is made from black beans, but then I learned that they are made from black SOY beans so I plan on turning it into an Asian dish with sauce and veggies. They’re an excellent source of fiber and there’s only one ingredient so it’s kind of a blank canvas!

I’m always excited to try new snacks and this June collection from Vegancuts was a fun experience for me! The agua fresca was a refreshing drink to have on a summer afternoon, while the gingerbread cookie reminded me that there is hope for cooler weather, even if it’s several months away. I am a sucker for macadamia nuts and they were tasty, and while the carrot sticks didn’t exactly taste like ranch, they were still yummy and something I’ve never tried before. I’m not sure that I can pick a favorite this month, but the GoMacro bar made breakfast feel like a decadent treat. The only snack I haven’t tried yet is the pasta, but I’m looking forward to trying it soon!

Vegancuts Snack Box is a monthly vegan food subscription that delivers 10 or more organic and vegan treats each month. Snacks can include a pantry item or drink and most snacks are gluten-free. Each subscription box costs $24.95 monthly, or save a bit with a longer pre-paid term.


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