Wildgrain Subscription Box Review + Coupon: Pasta, Sticky Buns, Muffins, and More!

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All the things you need to know about this bake-from-frozen delivery service

Wildgrain Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are taking the world by storm, and it is no surprise that there is a box for almost anything we need at home. There are lifestyle boxes, makeup boxes, sports boxes, kids boxes, pet care boxes, and food boxes. Eating plays a crucial part in getting the day started and making sure we have ample energy to do everyday tasks. Aside from meal delivery service, there is a particular subscription that sends bread, pasta, and pastries whenever you need them.

Wildgrain is a delivery service offering bake-from-frozen sourdough bread, artisan pastries, and hand-cut, fresh pasta. Some people consume large amounts of bread and pasta, so this brand is a great option to get clean and high-quality carbs every day instead of having to go to the grocery store.

Whether you crave pasta or bread for a snack or for dinner, you can easily prepare them at home. They do the hard work, so you don’t have to! Everything is made with clean ingredients using artisanal processes to give you a heavenly taste that’s also filling! To learn more about Wildgrain, continue reading for our full review.

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Wildgrain Benefits & Drawbacks

First off, here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of Wildgrain:

Wildgrain Benefits

  • Made from clean ingredients
  • Vegetarian, non-GMO
  • No artificial colors
  • Great source of fiber
  • Although frozen, there’s no need to thaw
  • Convenient
  • Free shipping
  • Free products with every order

Wildgrain Drawbacks

  • Pricey compared to grocery stores
  • Limited customization options
  • Everything should be kept frozen, so you need space in the freezer

Wildgrain Review




Wildgrain is a delivery service offering bake-from-frozen goodness, including bread, pasta, and pastries, all made with clean ingredients! Every month, you’ll get a box of bread, pasta, and pastries when you choose a Mixed box or just bread and pastries with a Bakery box. Delivered monthly to your door, your clean and high-quality carbs come frozen. When it’s time to cook, there’s no need to thaw! All products are ready to bake from frozen with no prep required. You can also skip, pause or cancel at anytime!


My Wildgrain Review

Wildgrain is basically our new favorite box – we LOVE it, and who could blame us? It’s a bread subscription box, and it’s amazing. Every bread item bakes from frozen in 25 minutes – with zero prep! They also have pasta and all sorts of delicious pastries to enjoy on your own or to share with your family.

Pappardelle. This large, broad, and flat pasta is similar to fettuccine, originating from the region of Tuscany. It goes well with carbonara or Pomodoro sauces!

Tonnarelli. Tonnarelli, also known as egg pasta, is thick and can hold onto sauce particularly well. It’s ideal with meat or even vegetable sauces.

My box included 1 pack of pappardelle and 1 pack of tonnarelli pasta. These noodles can be worked into a variety of pasta dishes and each container can serve up to 2 persons.

To prepare them, all you have to do is boil salted water in a pot, then gradually add the frozen pasta into the boiling water. Cook it for about 6-8 minutes, drain well, and add your preferred sauce. It’s that easy!

Maine Blueberry Biscuits. We love blueberries so this one is a nice surprise! According to the packaging, these biscuits pair perfectly with homemade jams and fresh lemonade but I think I could devour these on their own.

It’s easy to prepare as well! Simply pop it in a preheated 390F oven for about 25-30 minutes, and you’re all set. The freshly baked biscuits are very moist in the center but I love how flaky and crisp the edges are. The blueberry filling has just the right amount of sweetness, and my kids really loved it when I served them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns. I received caramel pecan sticky buns in my box again, and I’m not complaining! I love them because they are nice and sweet. When freshly baked, each piece becomes really soft and chewy. I like that it’s not overwhelming and will actually go well with a nice cup of tea.

The sticky buns are easy to prepare. Just preheat the oven to 350F and bake them for about 25-28 mins.

English Muffins. These English muffins are also a favorite in our household. My kids love to drizzle a bit of honey on top but I can enjoy them on their own. They’re nice and soft, and one piece can be very filling as well.

English muffins are great for breakfast. You can enjoy them toasted with salted butter or pair them with eggs, sausages, and even bacon. To prepare the muffins, preheat the oven to 300F and bake them for 15 minutes.

Sourdough Rolls. These sourdough rolls came in small, single-serve portions, which are great because I only have to prepare what I need and keep the rest fresh for later. My kids love sourdough bread for their grilled cheese, and these small rolls help me in making little sandwiches that they can snack on! I get these as my signup bonus – you can check out what the current signup bonus is here!

Here are more breads: Sourdough Pepperjack Bread, Sourdough Sandwich Bread, and Sourdough Sesame Bread!

Sourdough Pepperjack Bread. I love that they included this Pepperjack Bread because I like to munch on freshly baked sourdough without needing any spread or filling. This contains pepperjack cheese and diced jalapeno, which gives a good amount of heat. This is really a great snack as it’s filling and very flavorful as well!

Sourdough Sandwich Bread. Next up is a sourdough sandwich bread that’s perfect with pepperoni, ham, cheese, or fillings and spreads. This makes it easier to hold the filling properly since the sides are even with each other compared to the regular sourdough shape.

Sourdough Sesame Bread. Lastly, here’s a sesame-flavored sourdough. It’s something I’m looking forward to because I actually like sesame.

Make sure that the oven is preheated to 450F before popping the sourdough sesame bread in. Let it bake for around 18-24 minutes and allow it to rest to make sure you finish the cooking process.

Place it in a cooling rack and let it sit for 15 minutes before slicing it.

As expected, it looks good and tastes even better! I really love that the bread forms a crunchy layer on the outside and the inside remains nice and soft. I can definitely get that hint of sesame flavor with each bite. This is a great bread to dip in an olive oil-balsamic vinegar-parmesan cheese mixture!

Is Wildgrain Worth It?

Wildgrain has once again wowed us with amazing breads and pastries! This month, my favorite would have to be the blueberry biscuits. They’re perfectly flaky after baking, with just the right amount of sweetness. The sourdough breads are also great, especially the pepperjack sourdough, which delivers a good amount of heat! Of course, let’s not forget about Wildgrain’s pasta selection. They are high-quality and easy to prepare, so we can make a quick and delicious pasta dinner whenever we crave it. They work well with different kinds of sauces too. Overall, I’m really happy with everything we have received in our boxes thus far! Wildgrain makes it easy for us to enjoy good food at home, and there’s always a new product to look forward to in the box. It’s also great that they use only clean ingredients, plus the prep time is short so you can make them even when you’re busy!

All About Wildgrain

Hearty meals are good for the soul, and to help home cooks prepare delicious dinners with health benefits, Wildgrain sends a box of real sourdough bread, artisan pastries, and hand-cut fresh pasta every month!

How does Wildgrain work?

Subscribing to a box of Wildgrain is easy and straightforward. You only need to sign up and choose a box. There are two box options available – a Mixed box, which comes with bread, pasta, and pastries, or a Bakery box, which contains bread and pastries only. You can adjust how many boxes to order and the frequency of delivery – every two weeks, one month, or six weeks. Plus, you can include add-ons and take advantage of free delivery!

All that’s left to do is wait for your order to arrive and store your items in the freezer. Then, you can grab what you need to cook or bake. Each box always includes an assortment of sourdough bread and artisanal pastries, plus hand-cut pasta if you opt for the Mixed box. Every shipment varies depending on the season. The subscription also offers free products in every box for the life of your subscription.

You’ll enjoy homemade freshness while eating healthier choices, supporting a small business, and helping reduce food waste. Another notable thing about this subscription is they give back and donate six meals to The Greater Boston Food Bank for every membership purchased.

Although there are less customization options, the subscription is flexible. You can always change the delivery frequency: skip, pause or cancel the membership at any time – no strings attached!

How much does Wildgrain cost?

Wildgrain has two box options available – the Mixed box or Bakery box. Whichever you choose,  each box costs $89 per month and shipping is always free! They also offer discounts on first box orders. In this instance, you will save $30 off the first order. Get your first Wildgrain box for $59 and $89 per box thereafter.

Wildgrain also offers add-ons such as Croissants (4-pack) for $10, English muffins (4-pack) for $8, Slow Fermented Olive Oil Ciabatta for $8, Artisanal Belgian Waffles for $10, and more! If you have a promo code, you can also use it at checkout to get discounts on your bread, pastry, and pasta box.

Where can I buy Wildgrain?

You can get a bake-from-frozen goodness box through Wildgrain’s official website. Simply sign in if you already have an account or sign up to create an account. Get started by clicking which box you want. Adjust the quantity of boxes and select the delivery frequency. You can also include add-ons to your box if you wish. Then, provide your email address, shipping address, and payment details to start the subscription.

Where and how does Wildgrain ship?

Wildgrain accepts orders and delivers within the continental United States. Currently, they cannot ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Alaska. They use UPS for shipping orders, and it typically takes 1-3 business days. After the order is shipped, they’ll send an email and SMS notifications to let you know the status of your order. You can also log in to your Wildgrain account to have complete details of your order.

How is Wildgrain packaged?

The bread, pasta, and pastries are packed in an insulated cardboard box with Wildgrain branding. They ship the products with dry ice to ensure they’re maximum freshness and best condition when they arrive at your door. The package also comes with instructions on how to properly dispose of dry ice.

These goodies were par-baked, flash frozen, and then vacuum sealed. Each item is labeled and comes with baking instructions too! You can store them in your freezer as soon as they arrive.

What products does Wildgrain sell?

Wildgrain is a delivery service that offers vegetarian, ready-to-bake from frozen goodness! They only offer two box options: Mixed Box (bread, pasta, and pastry) and Bakery Box (bread and pastries only).

The products they sell are real sourdough bread, artisanal pastries, and hand-cut fresh pasta. Some past bake-from-frozen goodies they’ve sent include Sourdough Rolls, Pappardelle, Blueberry Pie Bites, Slow-Fermented Cranberry Pecan Bread, and more!

Wildgrain is a bake-from-frozen subscription box with clean carbs, which includes sourdough breads, fresh pasta, and artisanal pastries. The items in each box rotate monthly, based on the season. Everything is made with clean ingredients (everything’s listed on the package and on the Wildgrain website) and doesn’t contain any preservatives. All products are vegetarian, although it may not all be vegan. The subscription is $89 per box and shipping is always free. For every Wildgrain subscription purchased, they donate 6 meals to The Greater Boston Food Bank.

What do you think of Wildgrain’s offerings?

Visit Wildgrain to subscribe or find out more!


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