Kencko Bowls Review: A Healthy, Hearty Lunch Without Limits

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Kencko expands beyond their blender-free, delicious and nutritious smoothies and now offers real food (faster)! Kencko Bowls allow anyone to have a limitless number of healthy lunches! Kencko Bowls promise to provide you with real meals that you can enjoy while still meeting 4 out of 5 of your daily veggie needs despite busy schedules. They reinvent plant-based meals so you can eat more and waste less. All of their meals are made with zero additives or refined sugars!

Kencko bowls start at $6.90/meal. To date, they offer seven flavors: Mush-Vroom (Wild Mushroom Cousotto), Souper-Fast (Minestrone), Easy Chickpeasy (Meditteranean Couscous), Speed Dhal (Lentil Dhal), Beet That (Beetroot Soup), Curry Up (Golden Curry), and Chili Non Carne (Lentil and Bean Chili). Other Kencko offerings include Kencko Smoothies and Kencko Gumdrops. Another subscriber perk is that you can get nutrition advice from their dietitians via call, text, or email.

We received five flavors from their menu to review. All in all, there are 12 packs in the box. Two of Easy Chickpeasy, Beet That, and Speed Dhal, and three of Mush-Vroom & Souper-Fast.

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First up is the Souper Fast Minestrone Bowl. This thick soup is of Italian origin, made with a vegetable medley. It has a tangy and tomatoey flavor that’s quite addicting! It’s loaded with gut-friendly fibers and half your daily dose of vitamins A and C, coming from the tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, and spinach. Add 350 ml of water to the mix for a soupy bowl to enjoy!

This minestrone bowl is also high in complex carbs, which are slowly digested and absorbed by the body and provide sustained energy the whole day. It doesn’t just taste satisfying, but it’s also nourishing! To garnish, dust it with freshly chopped parsley and a crack or two of black pepper. A freshly baked bread will complement this dish perfectly!

The next flavor to taste is Mush-Vroom Wild Mushroom Cousotto Bowl. It’s chocked full of complex carbs for sustained energy, enhanced with vitamin C from veggies. Ingredients include corn and rice couscous, boletus and button mushrooms (yum!), sweet potato, garlic, and nutritional yeast. Add 300 ml water to the mix for a rich and earthy flavor. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and enjoy with some garlic bread. Also, the couscous they used for this recipe is wheat-free!

Filled with Indian spices, the Speed Dhal Lentil Dhal Bowl‘s aroma alone stimulated my appetite! The dish includes red lentils that help rebuild muscles and spinach that relieves fatigue. In addition, the lentils gave the meal some texture. It supplies 15g of proteins, 30% of your daily iron needs, and 70% of vitamin C. It also contains ten herbs and spices, including turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, and chili. Add contents to 250 ml hot water to enjoy the fragrant Indian flavors. The dish calls for a squeeze of lemon or chopped cilantro on top, but I decided to add Greek yogurt as a garnish. It’s delicious and goes well with naan bread or brown rice.

We also tried the Easy Chickpeasy Mediterranean Couscous Bowl. Like the lentil dhal, this dish helps muscles to recover and rebuild. It has chickpeas, red lentils, cashews, and sweet potato that all added great texture to the meal. With seven herbs and spices, the flavor leveled up! The pack suggested adding 100 ml of water. It looked dry to me, so I upped it to 120 ml. Even after that, I still thought it wasn’t enough. The flavor is there, but it feels dry to eat alone. I added a dash of olive oil to amp it up, as they suggested, and that made it better!

Similar to the Kencko Smoothie subscription, Kencko Bowls sent a free reusable bowl with the first order so you can easily mix up your lunch. It has measurement markers on the inside for convenient water measurement. But because it’s so difficult to see the lines inside, I ended up measuring the water using a measuring cup. The bowl also comes with a lid, a spork, and a rubber strap to secure it, making it convenient to carry on the go!

Each box also includes a booklet with all kinds of information for each lunch mix, including nutritional contents and ways to garnish and complement your meal. Look here:

I’m so impressed by Kencko Bowls! Each flavor has a different serving size and gives different health benefits to the body. Recipes are designed by chefs and approved by registered dieticians, so it’s one of the best lunch choices. Each bowl comes packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and protein. No refined sugars and no artificial additives! The ingredients they use are fresh from the farm, then flash-frozen to retain the nutrients, and slow-dried to remove water content and make it shelf-stable.

This subscription aims to provide real meals and delivers 4 out of 5 of your daily vegetable needs despite having even the busiest schedule. They are really easy to prepare! You just have to stir into hot water for a meal in 5-10 minutes, and your lunch is ready. Kencko Bowls are perfect for someone who’s always on the go but still wants to prioritize healthy eating. It’s the ideal go-to subscription to switch up lunchtime routines. Their packaging is even compostable, and they use carbon-neutral shipping!

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