Alltrue Price Increase: Everything You Need To Know

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Alltrue has announced a price increase, beginning with the Spring 2022 billing period.

Prices will increase by $5 a season. Current members can lock in the price for an additional year for $199.80 by using a Google Form (!!) linked within the price announcement increase email. Quarterly Membership price will increase to $59.95/season and the Annual Membership price will increase to $219.80/year ($54.95/season).

Spring Season billing will take place between 02/25/22 – 03/05/22. You must lock in the price before February 18, 2022 at 11:59PM PST. 

Alltrue sent out a letter describing the change, along with other challenges they’ve faced this past year:

Dear Alltrue community,

We are so grateful for your support and your membership. Since we started Alltrue in 2014 our mission has always been to make sustainable and ethical products more accessible, and to create a happier, healthier planet — and our members make it possible to carry out this mission.

As a valued member, we want to let you know that we will be increasing the price of our membership by $5 per season, starting in Spring. We want to take a moment to share the “why” behind this pricing change. The short story is that the cost of transportation, labor, packaging, and products have increased significantly over the past few years and for us to continue curating the best ethical and sustainable products (and shipping them to you more quickly), we need to raise prices a bit. We are obsessed with making sustainable shopping more accessible, affordable, and fun, and we work tirelessly to pass on as much savings as possible to you — so this was a very difficult decision, and we didn’t make it lightly. In fact, we haven’t increased the price of our membership since we started Alltrue 8 years ago. But in order to continue curating amazing, ethically-made products and improving the membership experience for you, it’s an important and necessary step, and we hope you understand.

What is the new membership pricing? Our Quarterly Membership price will increase to $59.95/season and our Annual Membership price will increase to $219.80/year ($54.95/season). This change will take effect for Quarterly Members on their renewal/billing for the upcoming Spring Season* and for Annual Members on their next renewal/billing date.

Here is some good news: We are rewarding our loyal members for supporting us. We would like to offer you the opportunity to lock in the current pricing for an additional year by pre-enrolling at the current purchase price of $199.80, before February 18, 2022 at 11:59PM PST. Click here to extend your membership by 4 seasons in addition to any seasons still remaining on your current membership.

We’re so grateful to have you in the Alltrue community — it is (truly) making a huge difference for artisan communities, environmental impact efforts, and small businesses across the world. We are a small team with a big heart, and we are as committed as ever to building a membership that inspires you and adds value to your life every day, through sustainable products, supportive community, and enriching content.

To learn more about this change, what shipping looks like in 2022, and what we’re working on to improve the membership, we’ve included some Q&A’s below!

The Alltrue Team


*For quarterly and renewing annual memberships, Spring Season billing will take place between 02/25/22 – 03/05/22. If for any reason you need to cancel your membership to prevent renewal, you may always do so online or by emailing our community support team at [email protected] We hope to continue on this journey with you, and we’re excited for you to see what we have in store for the membership in the coming year and beyond. All prices listed above in USD; does not include taxes or shipping where applicable.

🙋‍♀️ A FEW FAQs

Why has shipping taken so long recently?
Shipping has been such a challenge this year. To be honest, we kept thinking we were through the worst of it, and it kept getting more difficult. The pandemic created all kinds of supply chain disruption (here is a helpful podcast that explains the situation). We continuously had products stuck offshore of our port in Los Angeles for upwards of a month and then stuck again onshore at the port after offloading due to labor/trucking shortages. We tried everything imaginable to get these items quicker, but it was simply a situation that we couldn’t influence. One of our top priorities as a business in the second half of 2021 was to ship your seasonal box more quickly, and it was an all hands on deck affair. We’ve spared no expense to book the earliest and most reliable shipments available for those where we have control and stepped in to support logistics efforts of many of our amazing brand partners. So it has been really demoralizing to have all of our efforts and progress offset by unprecedented supply chain challenges, (which are hard to fully explain to our community and tend to sound like excuses). We can’t express our gratitude enough for how patient you’ve been over the past year. It means the world to us to have an understanding community that genuinely cares about the mission.

What do you mean by ‘efforts and progress’ for improving shipping timelines? What have you been doing?
Brace yourself for some logistics. Before this year, your boxes were planned roughly 4 months in advance of launch. It takes time to decide on exactly which products feel right for the season, which combinations of choices will make the most members happy, and then of course it takes time to have the products made and shipped to us. For simplicity, on average it takes 1 month to curate a box, 1.5 months to make the products, and 1 month for the product to arrive to us by sea. And finally, we aim to have products in our warehouse two weeks before our target shipping times (to give ourselves a buffer in case anything goes wrong). That’s how the system is designed to work. Unfortunately the pandemic caused a lot of problems at almost every stage. Here is a general idea of how recent supply chain disruption changed things: making the products began taking 2-3 months (because of factory closures, covid related precautions, labor shortages, and more), and shipping began taking 2 months. These are huge and disruptive changes (especially when you have a seasonal product), and we quickly realized we needed to adjust our schedule. So in order to offset these delays we extended our planning timeline to 6 months. It was very hard to do this, because it meant that our merchandising team had to plan multiple boxes and markets at the same time, so we doubled the size of the team, and they came together and pulled it off (and curated some of our best boxes yet) — but all of that work was offset by even longer delays and bigger challenges in shipping and production. So again, we’ve gone back to the timeline and adjusted it even further back and we’re hopeful that we’ll finally be able to normalize shipping timelines. Of course, things continue to change and we’re reacting quickly to those changes — and we’ll communicate as we’re working through any future challenges. Hopefully that provides a sense of how seriously we’re taking this!

What exciting stuff do you have in store for next year?
Boxes are only going to get better and better and better. Our packaging has been completely reimagined (it will be more sustainable and even more beautiful). We’re working on an end-of-life guide for the products you receive from us to promote a more circular and sustainable product lifespan. We’re exploring themed markets! We are building an incredibly beautiful and impactful line of hand-crafted home goods and linens. We’re becoming more and more interested in developing content to help the Alltrue community live a more intentional life. The list really goes on and on. It’s going to be such a fun and impactful year and we can’t wait for you to see all that we have in store!

Currently Alltrue offers a “membership that matters” with a quarterly subscription box curated with full-size socially conscious products for women. In each box, you’ll receive 5-8 seasonal lifestyle products that are focused on ethical and sustainable production, donate a percentage of profits to charity, or aim to inspire and empower others. They also offer ”seasonal markets, inspiration for intentional living, and a community that cares.”

You can upgrade your subscription box to include Alltrue’s editorial print magazine All Good Things for $7.95/quarter. You can also upgrade to a carbon-neutral shipping option for $1/quarter. Annual members can make customizations on variation items and add on additional choices from the box.


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    Yet another fff copy. Why only plan 4 months ahead instead of a year ahead to add a buffer in for supply and shipping issues (separate issue from the current supply chain prob). I don’t see this box sustaining itself