Stickii Club January 2022 Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the January 2022 Stickii sticker subscription clubs! Join by 5PM Pacific on the 7th!

CUTE Pack – The Coolest Party

Hello friends! Our Cute theme for January is “The Coolest Party”! Consider this an invitation for the chilliest event of the season! Get your sled and your igloo plans and let’s get ready to party! 🎣❄️

🦭 Through snow and sleet and even more snow! @taylor_ross1 ‘s Arctic post office delivers on time no matter the weather. We’ve put your coolest party invitation in the penguin post box – don’t forget to fish for your mail in the morning! See ya there!

🍧 What’s a party without treats? @tengerineart is bringing the iciest sweet treats ever; perfect for penguins, polar bears, and you.

🦑 Looks like our Arctic ocean friendos are starting to arrive! These squids and narwhals, nautiluses and jellies from @calliandco are all dressed up in their colorful best and ready to have a good time.

🛷 We love @tiny.plant ‘s snowy party games! Grab your scarf and let’s go sledding! Or make a snow cat! Or just snuggle up with a mug of hot cocoa with your best fuzzy pals.

❄️ Parties not really your jam? Maybe try floating around on an ice raft, like this polar bear and seagull duo on our memo pad from @_qingping_ ! Wave to your friends on the mainland from your socially distant slice of paradise.

🐧 Can’t get enough of that penguin postbox from @taylor_ross1? Us either! That’s why we made it into a stamp — so we never have to say goodbye.

Vintage Pack – Beauty and the Bones

“Beauty and the Bones” is our Pop theme for January! As the new year dawns, it’s time to look back on the circular nature of life, the beauty in endings, and the rebirth of beauty. (And okay, also because we love skulls and getting a little spooky all year long!) 🥀💀🌱

🌳 Explore the symmetry of life and death with @_studio_ao ‘s hauntingly beautiful designs. The circle of life is a cold embrace, but an embrace nonetheless.

💀 Sometimes spooky is also beautiful, and @daphnasebbane is giving us total afterlife chic here! Skulls covered in flowers are always a look.

🤟 There’s love and then there’s love; rare as a flower in winter, and sweet as the finest summer rose. Join @ungfio to celebrate the love that never dies, even long after physical forms have withered away.

🪴These skellies by @kimbeckerdesign hang out in their little rooms and play their little games, content in the sweet mundanities in the afterlife. Some of them have even taken to raising succulents…

🐈‍⬛ Where @behemot_crta_stvari ‘s demons, kitties and skulls are, mischief is never far behind! They’ll show you there’s more the afterlife than anyone bargained for.

🥀Flowers are beautiful, but sometimes they are also death themselves. @xxpetrichorxx ‘s faceless woman certainly knows her way around a poisonous garden. Judging by her collection of potent blooms and skulls, what was once a hobby seems to have gotten a bit out of hand.

POP Pack – Cottagecore

It’s time for another spoiler reveal! Say hello to “Cottagecore,” our Vintage pack for January! Running away to live in a cozy cottage in the woods, tending plants and baking bread is sounding better and better these days, right? Please feel free to live vicariously through these stickers – we definitely will be! 🏡

🏡 While you don’t need an actual cottage to live That Cottagecore Life, it certainly helps! @sarahhughesillustration is here to provide you with some inspo for honey cottages, jam cottages, tea cottages, and more.

☕ Cottage life is all about cosy living, and @nettleandtwig has illustrated the cosiest tools of the cosy trade: mugs of hot tea, a thick sweater, and some fox friend neighbors.

🚲 A day in the life of living cottagecore with @sunflowerwinters, complete with herb-filled pinafore, bicycle basket brimming with flowers, a little garden picnic setup. Bliss. Where do we sign up?

🐇 If you’re more into cottagecore reading materials, @alart_draws is here with a some Peter Rabbit, a little old book with worn pages and a side of tea, and journaling supplies. Pull on those wellies and take this sheet with you into the world, sit under any tree you can find and work on your creative projects!

🌳 We love a good decorative AND functional moment, so this pack also includes a set of page marker tabs, perfect for marking journal and planner pages – or your favorite book! These are decorated with beautiful village and pastoral art scenes, perfect for any cottagecore collection.

🍄 Check out this ivy-covered-wall stamp! Turn your pages into the walls of your own personal cottage or just add a touch of cottage vibes to any project.

Stickii Club is $10 per month, and has 3 subscription themes you can choose from – Cute, Pop, and Vintage!

Visit Stickii to subscribe or find out more!


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