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Toca Life Box is a monthly subscription box for kids focused on creative and independent play for kids! Each themed box includes DIY activities, as well as games and other rare items to help spark a child’s imagination. It’s ideal for kids ages 6-11, but can be enjoyed by imaginative kids of any age as well. A monthly subscription is $19 (+$4 for shipping + tax) every month. You can also get an annual pre-paid subscription for $180, which brings down the price of each box to $15 (+$4 for shipping each month + tax).

It features characters from Toca Boca, a fun app for kids where they can explore eight different in-game locations and interact with different characters. The box is from the same makers of Sago Mini Box – a super popular subscription for preschoolers!

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This month’s Toca Life Box is FINGER SPORTS!

This month, the items came in a noodle box!

They really made everything look like a real noodle box – and it’s super silly (which means that kids will love it!).

The box packaging is really fun and unique!

The box also includes a post card.

At the back, there is a message from Rita and it is addressed to the new team captain.

Each item inside is neatly wrapped in paper packaging so they look like blind bags.

This booklet contains all the information about this month’s activities.

There’s a list of the box contents along with cute illustrations. There are also instructions and reminders.

At the back, there’s a reminder that kids can follow the instructions or go freestyle!

Everything in the FINGER SPORTS box!

Midge Keychain. This colorful keychain is a box exclusive. It features Midge, a Toca Boca character who is known for being art-obsessed.

Midge is cute and colorful! Of course, it came with its own key ring so the kids can easily attach it anywhere they want.

Activity #1: Basketball

The first activity is all about basketball! The mini court is pretty easy to setup. Just slide the slot stand with the basketball hoop, form the net, and stick it unto the backboard. Then, fold the launcher to make a C shape and use the screw and nut to attach the launcher base to the launcher top.

Now, it’s time to peel a piece of paper from the provided notepad, crumple it, and play!

My daughter had a great time with this game!

She worked hard to get the right balance and make the ball shoot into the ring!

Activity #2: Soccer

The next featured sport is soccer! To set it up, get the net and fold the top and side tabs and attach them on both sides before folding the bottom tabs under. Next, pop out the players and slide the into the stands.

Kids can pick their favorite character and use the horizontal slit on the back of that player stand to slot them on to the goalie handle. The next step is to attach the net to the field over the goalie handle.

My son chose the sloth for his goalie.

You can even customize the field by using the stickers provided in the box. After putting the defense team in the proper position, my kids started the game!

Can he keep the ball out? This is a thrilling game to watch!

The box also provided paper that can be turned into a soccer ball by crumpling it!

Here’s the score card for the soccer game! Team Zeke wins!

Activity #3: Wrestling

The last activity is wrestling! To set up the ring, just slot the poles into the corners of the wrestling ring then wrap the rubber bands around the ring unto the poles. They have a certain slot that will make sure they are aligned properly.

Here’s what the finished ring looks like! My kids looped the wrestler masks and used a piece of tape to secure it. They also picked a wrestler mask for their chosen character and wear it like a ring on their thumb. After that, they slipped their thumb on the slot and it’s time to rumble!

This was such a nice twist to playing thumb wrestling!

1… 2… 3… Tap out!

Toca Life Box knows how to keep things fun and exciting for kids! This month’s activities are focused on sports, and it includes basketball, soccer, and wrestling. The box has the materials needed for each activity and setting up the games was also pretty easy. It requires very minimal assistance from adults! Instructions are also provided, but what’s great about this box is that they encourage kids to be as creative as they want. Among the 3 activities, my kids’ favorite is the finger wrestling. It’s not the usual finger wrestling game because it involves a mini wrestling ring setup and cute little masks! Overall, this is a great box for keeping the kids busy and creative. The games can also be reused as many times as the kids want, so it’s really worth it! Just like Sago Mini – they are way more durable than you could expect!

What do you think of Toca Life Box?

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