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WompleMail is a monthly snail-mail subscription intended for kids who love new adventures! The box costs $24.99 each month, and you can save more when you subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months, plus it comes with free shipping. Each month, a traveling pen pal sends fun letters and engaging activities about a new off-the-beaten-path place in the world. The box also encourages reading through storytelling and teaches kids about different cultures and destinations. This subscription is ideal for kids age 6-11.

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The items were wrapped in orange tissue paper.

Some of the materials were wrapped in plastic.

Everything in the box!

It’s another box full of adventure. Greece is the featured country for the month!

Digging through ancient ruins in Greece, I made a pretty shocking discovery: a hidden tunnel leading down into a gigantic underground maze! Little did I know that finding a secret door would be the least crazy thing to happen to me on this adventure. Join me and my friend Alexandra as we venture into the world of Greek mythology and meet some truly magical characters!

This part of the booklet mentions Greek myths and explains who King Alexander the Great is!

Another page features the myth about Theseus and the Minotaur. It’s a story about an evil king named King Minos and his huge labyrinth under the palace. It’s said to be a huge maze that’s home to a monster called the Minotaur!

This part of the booklet also featured Apollo, the Greek god of music, sunlight, healing, archery, and more!

My kids enjoyed learning about the Greek myths!

Next up is a list of mythical creatures from Greek mythology! It includes the Nemean Lion, Hydra, Golden Hind, Erymanthian Boar, Symphalian birds, and Cretan bull.

Keychain. This month’s featured keychain is a Minotaur! It’s a cute and kid friendly illustration of the creature.

Stickers. This sticker sheet features Greek gods and goddesses! These are meant for the activity on the map.

Here’s the included map of Greece!

It contains some interesting information about the country as well as its landmarks.

Here’s a closer look at the map!

Each pedestal has a corresponding information and clue about the Greek god that should be placed on it.

My kids were able to place the stickers correctly based on the descriptions provided.

There’s more space below the map!

This is such a fun and interactive way of learning about Greek gods and goddesses.

This map can be displayed as well.

Now, all that’s left to do is to write the name of each Greek god on the nameplate.

The next card lists more information about Greece, including the continent where it belongs, its population, the national language, the capital city, and currency.

This part discusses Greek art and how it has inspired people for thousands of years!

It also has a recipe on how to make baklava, a popular food from Greece.

Even the recipe is interesting for my kids!

For the first activity, the box included materials for making a mini labyrinth!

The first labyrinth was built by King Minos, the ancient ruler of the island of Crete, to hold a terrifying monster: the Minotaur. A half-bull, half-man creature, the Minotaur ate people!

A paper lists all the parts for the labyrinth, making it easy to check if the materials you received are complete.

At the back are kid-friendly instructions with illustrations.

My son was able to complete the labyrinth in no time. The first step is to build the outer walls of the labyrinth, then the kids can decide where the start and the finish would be.

It’s also up to them to decide if their labyrinth will have traps or dead ends.

The box includes a marble as well, which the kids can use to navigate the labyrinth.

What’s great about this DIY labyrinth is that the walls can be rearranged anytime, so the possibilities are endless!

The next activity for the kids is about making a Greek mosaic.

In Greek mythology, the winged horse Pegasus is the son of Medusa. Medusa was a Gorgon, a monster with snakes for hair who could turn people to stone if they looked into her eyes!

The box included a Pegasus template and peel and stick tiles for this activity.

The back of the sheet includes detailed and illustrated instructions for this craft.

My son started putting the tiles on the tail part of the Pegasus template.

My youngest also helped in matching the tiles to the template.

Here’s the finished product! My kids definitely enjoyed making their own Greek mosaic!

Postcard. A Mongolia postcard was also included in the box! It features a map of the country as well as its popular tourist attractions, activities, and food.

The flipside reveals that this card is actually a sneak peek for the next box!

Here’s a final look at all the finished projects this month!

It was another fun adventure, thanks to WompleMail! This month’s box is all about Greece and it included a lot of items that taught my kids about the country’s history, culture, art, architecture, and more. The reading materials are all fun to read and the activities are also kid-friendly. My kids’ favorite part is making the labyrinth because they can choose their own layout and then play with it after. This subscription is ideal for kids from age 6 to 11, and there’s always something new to look forward to because they highlight a different country for every month!

What do you think of this box?

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