Good Ranchers Meat Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Good Ranchers is a subscription box that sends high-quality meat directly to your door. Their mission is to “provide families all over the country with affordable, tasty, high-quality meat you can trust”. They offer four different boxes of premium meat from local American farms straight to your door. Order one time or subscribe and save 20%. Prices vary depending on the box selected. Good Ranchers ships to the Continental USA except for Montana, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Embracing our obligation to sustain the land, we look for ranches and farms that use the newest innovations in farming to minimize negative impact on the environment.

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I received a large cardboard box that was lined inside, like a DIY styrofoam cooler!

Inside I found a smaller box that was surrounded by dry ice. All of the items were frozen solid so I just had to place them in my freezer until ready to use. It’s best to let whichever cut you want to cook defrost in the fridge for about 2 days.

Good Ranchers was founded on the core value of giving back. Through our Good Ranchers Food Drive, we have been able to donate over 300,000 meals to those who need it most since 2018.

Five boxes were inside, and each one had a different cut of meat. Good Ranchers is located in Houston but they have pop ups all over the country, and they cut out the middleman to keep the price reasonable. The meat comes from the USA and is grass fed and grain finished. It is inspected and graded by the USDA and they only send the top two grades, Prime and Choice.

The individual boxes were helpful because I placed them into my deep freeze and it was easy to grab what I wanted, since the cut was listed on the box! I am reviewing The Cattleman, which includes 2 lbs of Bone in Steaks (Ribeyes, T-Bones, or NY Strips), 1.5 – 2 lbs Hand Trimmed Filets, 2 lbs Top Sirloin Steaks, 2 lbs of Tenderloin Steak Tips, and 2 lbs Gourmet Steak Burgers. This is $199 for a one-time purchase or $160 for a reoccurring subscription and comes with 9.5-11 pounds of beef. You can set it up to be delivered every 4, 6, or 8 weeks. The other box options include chicken only, chicken and beef, or a larger family feast box of chicken and beef.

The weight and nutrition breakdown was listed on the box too.

USDA Choice Boneless Beef Sirloin Strip Steaks Strip steaks are pretty tender and great for grilling. They tend to have a good amount of marbling which gives good flavor and keeps it juicy. We received 5 strip steaks.

USDA Choice Bone-In Beef Ribeye Steaks We received 2 huge ribeyes which was more than enough for my family of four. Ribeye is our favorite grilling cut as the heavy marbling gives it such great flavor.

USDA Choice Chopped Beef Steaks Chopped beef steaks is another word for burger, but it is made of sirloin rather than regular ground beef and has a heartier, steak-like flavor.

The next box was missing its label, so here is a shot of the other side of the box, which has standard food handling and safety instructions.

I believe this is Tenderloin Steak Tips, and there should be 2 pounds worth.

USDA Choice Beef Filets, Thick Cut Beef filets are also called Filet Mignon, so fancy! They can be grilled or cooked stove top. My mom usually wrapped them with bacon before cooking. There are 8 individual steaks here.

Alright, here’s a couple of dishes that I made with these amazing cuts!

Here are those beautiful ribeyes! The marbling is amazing, I know these are going to be moist.

I marinated them with a bit of Worcestershire and a sprinkling of steak seasoning.

Look at all that juicy goodness.

My hubby grilled them to medium and we let them sit for 5 minutes so the juices would redistribute throughout the steaks. Some spicy roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus completed the meal. The steak was super tender and also wonderfully flavored. We even had leftovers, which I usually slice cold and place on a tossed salad. Please note that is only part of one steak in the picture, there is no way I could eat a whole one, they were 1 pound each!

Sometimes I cook steaks in stovetop recipes instead of on the grill. Here are a few of the tenderloin steaks, which were pretty thick. I wasn’t too familiar with this cut but I know it’s supposed to be pink in the middle for tenderness. I patted the steaks dry with paper towels so I would get a good crust on the outside.

I found a recipe that had me cook them for 5-6 minutes on each side. I used the drippings to make a mushroom gravy.

The steaks rested while I made the gravy so they were juicy and cooked quite a bit throughout. There was a lot of red juice but the middle wasn’t super rare. These were so good and they were indeed tender. My family said the recipe was a keeper. I am glad I didn’t fail at my first attempt at making filet mignon!

I was very impressed with my experience with Good Ranchers! I liked the way it was packed, everything was in perfect condition and frozen solid. I liked the boxes, it helped cut down on search time when looking for meat in my chest freezer. I appreciated that there was an option to choose chicken only or a mix of chicken and beef or only beef. I was pleased with the quality of the meats and the flavor. Best of all, it was delivered right to my front door! Check out Good Ranchers and get ready to make some tasty meals, either on the grill or on the stove!

What do you think of Good Ranchers?

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