Confetti Grace September-October 2020 Subscription Box Review

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Confetti Grace is a craft subscription, and they now offer two kinds of boxes: the Original Confetti Grace Bi-Monthly Subscription ($28.95) and the Lil’ Grace Monthly Box ($14.95). The bi-monthly box will still include 2 DIY projects , while the monthly boxes contain DIY projects in smaller in sizes but in the same quality. The idea behind here is to get to give one and keep one so you will be able to spread some happiness around you.

This is the review of the Confetti Grace Bi-Monthly!

Throw kindness around like confetti.

The box always includes 2 DIY projects so you can keep one, and give the other. There’s an info sheet sitting on top of the items in the box.

All the items were wrapped in a brown tissue paper! They were also cushioned with white squiggles!

Included in the box is a guide in making crafts. For this month, the crafts are wooden signs!

Everything in my box!

The box includes a silver pumpkin pendant.

Here are 2 brown bags and a wrapping paper which we can use in case we want to gift the finished products!

For our pumpkin greeting cards, we used glue, plaid paper, green paper, white paper, orange paper cutouts, sandpaper, and strings.

For the wooden sign, we used a wooden base, wooden letters, wooden beads, plaid fabrics, sandpaper, strings, hooks, mod podge, apple barrel acrylic paint, tacky glue, and a foam brush.

Let’s get started!

First, we put the mod podge around the plaid fabric.

We scattered the glue all over the fabric’s border and let it dry before adding it to the wood. This procedure will turn the fabric a bit crisp, making it easier to cut, just like paper.

The next step is painting the wooden beads. For that, we grabbed 2 packs of wooden beads and matte acrylic paints.

To avoid getting our hand painted, we took a stick, poked it through the beads, and then painted it all over.

We placed the wet beads on the box and let it dry.

We poked another bead, and repeated the same procedure for the rest of the wooden beads.

This part of the activity is a bit messy, make sure to place a newspaper or paper in your work area beforehand, and avoid working near your furniture.

Now, it’s time to design our wooden words.

We put glue on one side of each letter and stuck them on the plaid fabric.

Then, we let the glue dry.

For the next procedure, we needed a jute twine and hook.

We put the hook on the edge of the wooden piece, tied one end of the jute twine, and placed the beads on it.

Once the plaid fabric is dried, stick it to the wooden base, and tie the other end of the jute twine on the hook.

Here’s how our finished wooden sign looks like!

For our pumpkin greeting cards, we stuck the plaid fabric on top of the white paper.

Then, we arranged the orange cut out to form a pumpkin shape and stuck it on top of the green paper. Finally, we layered the green paper and stuck it to the plaid fabric.

Check-out our homemade Halloween-themed pumpkin greeting cards!

Here are all the projects we did this month!

This Confetti Grace box includes two wonderful projects! We were able to make our own wooden door signs and create beautiful greeting cards using the materials they provided. As always, all we just needed to do is prepare our workspace, grab the materials, and carefully follow the instructions. I really like the idea of creating two projects each, so we can share our craft with our loved ones. They even provided us with brown paper bags with tags so that we can easily send them out as gifts!

What do you think of this month’s Confetti Grace box?

Visit Confetti Grace to subscribe or find out more!


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