Annie’s Young Woodworkers Subscription Box Review + Coupon – HELICOPTER

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Annie’s Young Woodworkers Club is a monthly subscription that provides woodworking craft kits for kids 7-12 years old. For $19.99 each month plus $5.95 shipping ($6.95 in Canada), you will receive a kit that contains materials and instructions for making home accessories, jewelry, or even holiday treasures. Aside from creating a useful item, kids will also learn and master real-world building skills that they can use until they grow into adults. They will learn woodworking skills like using screws and nails, using sandpaper to round off edges, handling a hammer, learning the importance of making careful measurements, and more! The first three kits will include 5 kid-sized, high-quality tools that they will use again for the upcoming boxes/projects, and that includes a tape measure, screwdriver, jeweler’s screwdriver, carpenter’s square, and hammer.

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The package came in a padded mailer.

The tools came in a separate plastic packaging. There’s also a paper inside that indicates the type of tools.

We’re using a Phillips screwdriver and a tape measure for this project.

This month’s woodwork is a Helicopter!

Inside is a leaflet to guide us with the activity. There’s also a photo of how our helicopter should look like once we are done with the activity.

There’s a list of the materials that we have, assembly tips, and a few safety reminders.

It also contains instructions and illustrations on how to assemble the parts of our wooden helicopter.

I like that every step is detailed and the illustrations are easy to recognize too!

Here are the wooden parts for our wood project!

We need this sandpaper to smoothen the wood’s edges. Of course, there are also nails and flat washers to secure the wood in place.

Using the paintbrush and paint provided, we can color our helicopter any way we want it!

To finish the design, we have these stickers to make the helicopter look cool and more appealing!

Everything in my box!

After securing the back of the cockpit using glue, my son placed the nails through the 4 pilot holes.

Let the hammering begin!

Everybody got the chance to hammer down those nails. Here’s my younger son, aiming good and getting the job done!

Then, my older son attached the engine cover. It’s nice that there are already pilot holes to make it easier for the kids!

The landing bar supports are also secured using glue. My kids made sure that everything is dry before proceeding with the next steps.

Lastly, the blades are installed on the body. The flat washer is also used to let the rotor housing move freely.

With every part secured and in place, they can now paint their work!

My son started with the cockpit using the green paint!

After waiting for the paint to dry, they chose orange for its engine cover.

The tail has a black and orange accent while the gray color is left for the blades.

Once the paint has all dried up, it’s time to put the stickers!

The helicopter is looking good already!

My kids have attached all the stickers in their proper places and the outcome looks great!

Here’s a view from its side with the paint and all stickers in place.

The blades rotate smoothly, it’s a good thing we didn’t forget to add the flat washer on it!

The tail’s paint was not yet fully dried when we placed the tail rotor so it smudged, but overall the helicopter still looks great!

It looks colorful and fun!

Overall, my kids REALLY enjoyed this activity and the end result!

Our second wooden project from Annie’s Young Woodworkers is a success! They provided all the materials for this helicopter project, from the wooden pieces for the base to the paint and stickers for the finishing touch. All the kids had to do was follow the instructions! Making this project together was a great bonding activity, and it also helps enhance children’s problem-solving skills. This subscription is also a great way to introduce and mold our children’s skills and appreciation for making, creating, and engineering!

What do you think of this month’s box?

Visit Young Woodworkers to subscribe or find out more!


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