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Ivy Kids is a monthly educational subscription box for children ages 3-8. The box costs $39.95 each month, and you also have an option to get the 3-month or 6-month plan and save up to $54. Shipping is free in the US. Designed by early childhood educators, each box contains tons of fun, thematically-focused activities that reinforce children’s math, literacy, and science skills. Each month, your kit will contain a classic children’s book, 10 activities related to the book of the month, detailed instructions, and a personalized item for your child.

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If you have multiple kids, you can choose the sibling add-on at sign-up for $5.95 a month and they will send you extra consumable materials (paints, brushes, craft projects, etc.) for a sibling to be able to fully participate in all the projects and activities in the kit. However,  sibling add-ons don’t automatically mean they will double everything in the kit because there are items and activities designed to be shared.

This is a review of a single child box!

There’s a sheet attached to the inner part of the lid and it lists all the activities in this month’s box, including the featured book by Phyllis Root, Looking For A Moose.

The box is full!

Everything in my box!

All the activities include a guide sheet that lists all the materials needed and details all the instructions as well.

Bookmark. The featured book is always accompanied by a bookmark. It has reading tips and questions to encourage and develop the reading comprehension skills of the kids.

Paint and Paintbrush. Here’s a set of paint plus a paintbrush which are needed for most of the activities in this box!

Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root ($5.58)

An ear-tickling, eye-teasing romp for little listeners, led by an award-winning author and illustrator.

Do you really, really want to see a moose — a long-leggy moose — a branchy-antler, dinner-diving, bulgy-nose moose? Spurred by Phyllis Root’s sing-songy text and Randy Cecil’s buoyant illustrations, this hunt for an elusive moose through woods, swamps, bushes, and hills is just as fun as the final surprise discovery of moose en masse. Children will laugh at the running visual joke — what is that little dog looking at? — and ask for repeated reads of this satisfying tale.

The book is about looking for a moose with long legs and a branchy antler!

You will notice that the lines of the story are sing-songy and rhyming, which is great for read-aloud sessions with kids who are just beginning to read.

The full-page illustrations are so pretty!

Also, the pages are glossy and they don’t easily tear.

My kids also enjoyed following the story, especially when they found lots of moose at the end! The journey really paid off!

Activity: All About Moose. For the next activity, my kids identified a moose’s body parts and also filled out the moose fact board.

The box provided the sheets. From home, all we needed was a pair of scissors.

It’s always smart to read the fact board first before labeling the body parts in the body part identification board.

My kids attached the label to the space provided for each body part.

Activity: I Went Looking for a Moose. The next activity is to create a moose antler using handprints. This one is quite messy as the kids will need to dip their palms on paint to make them. It aids in developing the kids’ writing and painting skills.

The box provided the sheet with the moose’s head, a set of watercolor, and a paintbrush. The kids just need to decorate the head using the paint, then use their handprint to make the moose’s antlers!

Activity: Looking for a Moose Board Game. We received a board game that we can enjoy for hours! The goal of the game is to be the first moose to reach the end of the path.

Everything that we need was placed inside a plastic bag.

The pack contains a die, boardgame, and moose pawns.

Activity: Tromp Stomp Tromp Stomp Rhyming Game. Another board game is the Tromp Stomp Tromp Stomp Rhyming Game. For this one, we need to find the nearest space that rhymes with the word that we rolled.

We received a separate board fo this one, a die, and 2 moose pawns.

Activity: How Many Points on the Antlers? For this activity, the kids are challenged to solve more complicated addition and subtraction problems.

We have two working sheets! All the kids need to finish the activity is a pencil and knowledge about addition and subtraction.

Activity: Looking for a Moose. This part is fun! The activity helps build the kids’ vocabulary using descriptive words. It also teaches them about positional words like above, under, and more.

For this fun activity, we used the Plush Moose and a card that lists positional words with illustrations.

The moose plush is really adorable! After playing the game, it can be the kids’ newest cuddle buddy too!

Activity: Moose Ornament. The next activity is about making a moose ornament. This helps develop the kids’ artistic skills!

For this, we used a set of paint, paintbrush, wooden tree, metal moose, pipe cleaner, and glue dots.

My kids painted the wooden tree first. My daughter chose yellow for her tree!

Using the glue dots, we attached the moose on the tree and inserted the pipe cleaner on the slot located at the top of the tree to serve as the hanging loop.

Activity: Looking for a Moose Frame. Another ornament we made is the Moose Frame! It’s another chance to develop the kids’ artistic skills.

The box provided a wooden frame, decorating stickers, magnet, and another metal moose. We also used the paint and paintbrush from the previous activities!

It’s my son’s turn to paint the frame and he used green one at the bottom part.

He added some red paint just on top of the green part. To avoid staining his shirt, he wore an apron.

He also used black paint on the spaces that weren’t painted yet, creating a nice mix of colors.

Using the glue dots, he attached the metal moose at the bottom part of the frame and stuck the leaves near the corners.

We also have some leaves to make as ornaments!

It works like a magic slate, so the kids just needed to trace some patterns. As the surface gets scratched, it reveals different colors beneath it.

It’s really fun!

We attached strings on the holes of the leaves’ tips so that they can be easily hung.

Activity: Moose Craft. Here’s another ornament-making activity and this time it’s a moose head ornament!

The box provided us a complete Moose Craft kit that includes a moose head template, parts of the moose’s head, a string, and even the antlers!

We just used the glue dots and adhesive strips to attach the different components of the moose’s head.

To make sure that they are putting the parts in the right places, they kept the guide sheet near them.

Here’s the finished Moose Craft! We’re ready to use it for display!

Activity: Moose Headband. Next up is decorating a moose headband!

The headband is made with paper. We just need to use crayons or markers to add colors on this!

Activity: Moose Guessing Game. They also encourage us to use the headband to play a guessing game!

The box provided some guessing cards and a self-adhesive plastic envelope.

After decorating, my kids took turns in wearing the headband and started playing the Moose guessing game! What an exciting game!

Activity: Moose Ring Toss. We also received some inflatables to play the Moose Ring Toss game!

The box provided us with a score sheet.

There are also inflatable antlers, which will work as our target and some inflatable rings.

After inflating everything, we started to toss the rings on the antlers!

My kids also tried to fit the plush inside the rings!

Instead of a box, they used the rings to illustrate the different positional words!

I love how my kids got creative on this one!

Ivy Kids is a fun activity box that can keep my kids busy for hours because there are so many activities to do! They also provide most of the materials so it will be easier to jump right into each of them. The book is also a nice inclusion as it features the main character for the box, which is a Moose, and it inspires all the included activities as well. My kids really enjoyed being creative in some of the activities, like making the ornaments. The games are also fun! The activities are not just enjoyable but they also help in developing the kids’ skills. There’s also a sibling add-on option which we really like about this suscription, it makes it the perfect box for a family bonding, and a useful tool for homeschooling!

Tell us what you think about Ivy Kids!

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