Loot Anime February 2020 Subscription Box Review & Coupons – ALL-STARS

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Loot Anime is a monthly subscription box from Loot Crate, just for Anime and Manga fans! Every month you’ll get $60 worth of anime figures, collectibles, manga, apparel, accessories and more.

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There are no fillers inside the box!

We’re excited to see what’s inside!

There’s a card that contains a QR code that will take you to the virtual copy of your box insert! The February 2020 theme is ALL-STARS!

Everything in my February 2020 crate!

Pac-Man T-Shirt. This month’s wearable is a blue shirt that features one of the best and most enjoyable classic video games, Pac-man! It’s made with soft and comfy fabric, making it great for everyday wear.

The print features Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde chasing Pac-man. Under the protagonist’s image are Japanese characters that read “Pakkuman”.

Dragon Ball Super Playing Cards. You can get either a My Hero Academia note pad or a set of playing cards. I got the latter and it features Dragon Ball Super!

The back of the cards has the popular Dragon Ball logo!

Each card features the different characters of the series.

The cards with the same numbers also have the same characters on them, like for the aces, all of them have Son Goku!

There’s also Gohan, Goten, and Trunks! For these cards, they all come in 2 designs but still with the same character.

The joker cards have Frieza on both of them!

Attack On Titan Blind Box. Attack on the Titan is another anime that I can definitely include in the all-star list, and I’m glad that Loot Anime thinks so too! I got a blind box featuring this amazing series! Subscribers will get 1 out of the 10 available figures!

The box has photos of different figures that you can get from the series.

This works like a blind pack, and I’m excited to see who among the characters I got!

I got Eren Jaeger (Yeager) in his Survey Corps uniform!

Eren is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, and he’s a former member of the Survey Corps. He even saw a Titan eat his mother during the fall of Wall Maria, and it causes his intense hatred towards the Titans, making him want to wipe all of them off the face of the Earth.

You can easily move the figure’s arms and legs to make it do different poses!

Sailormoon Tamashii Buddy. There’s another figure, and this time, it features the pretty Sailor Soldiers. I got the Pretty Guardian Sailor Neptune!

You can also get Sailor Uranus from this collection.

Aside from the base, there are also posts included connecting this one with other figures. The instructions on how to set it up is also indicated on the box.

What really sets Sailor Neptune apart from the other girls is her pretty green wavy hair!

She also wears a sailor fuku (uniform) with a color that is similar to her hair. Another unique thing about each Sailor Soldier is the style of shoes they wear along with their Sailor costume. Sailor Neptune wears shoes that look like ballet shoes, but with heels!

Here’s how the set-up looks with the posts in place. All you need to do is connect them to the base of the other figure.

Also, the figure comes with a background that has the planet’s symbol.

I really like this background inclusion. I wish to get more Sailor Moon figures like this, or even get the complete set!

This box definitely featured some of the best animes ever, like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, and Pac-Man! It would have been a perfect box except that I’m still disappointed that the Dragon Ball Super Action Figure, as what is listed on the virtual insert, is not included in my box. The box usually has an item missing so I just hope that I will still get all of those items. I’m also crossing my fingers to get the other Sailor Moon figures so I can build them just like what is in the box, I bet it will look cool as a display! I also hope they continue to improve the contents and catch up with shipping as it will truly be a delight to anime fans who are also looking out for this box!

What’s your favorite item from this month’s Loot Anime?

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