Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate June 2020 Review

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Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is a super-upgraded version of Ipsy’s monthly glam bag! The Glam Bag Ultimate is $50 per month, and will have 12 products: 8 full-size and 4 deluxe samples, plus a makeup bag every month. Ipsy promises a value of $250+ each month. Here’s what you can expect:

  • No identical products if you subscribe to more than one Glam Bag.

  • Each and every bag will have 8 full size and 4 deluxe samples worth at least $250—no exceptions.

  • High-quality products from a mix of beloved and emerging brands, along with Ipster cult favorites, so you can continue to explore and discover new go-to’s.

  • One large, super stylish makeup bag to stash all of your new goods.

See our Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate explainer for all the details on how this subscription works!

My items were cushioned with egg crate foam. The bag was on top and folded flat.

Everything arrived in perfect condition!

I received a brochure from Ipsy. The theme for June is Make Waves!

I received tips on how to protect skin with SPF. You can find info on all of your Ipsy products, including ingredients, under your account on the Ipsy website or app.

The back of the card listed the next Choice Day (6/24). That is the day when every subscriber can choose a product for their next bag!

Here’s everything in our box this month!

Ipsy Glambag Ultimate Bag Ipsy sends a different bag for all three of their subscription levels, and the Ultimate is the largest of the three. It is about 5.25″ x 7.5″ x 3″.

The zipper pull is green and says “Ipsy”.

The inside is lined with yellow polyester fabric. I like the sunny colors!

Laura Geller Spackle Mist Restore Coconut Water (Full size, $32) is a post-makeup setting spray that can also be used as a primer or as a midday touch up. Coconut water is supposed to plump up fine lines and the product is supposed to help prolong makeup. The spray comes out in a fine mist and it has a perfumed coconut scent. I’m not crazy about the second ingredient, which is alcohol, but then again, it dried quickly without messing up my makeup.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer (Full size, $38) is a primer that can be used as a base if you have nice skin that doesn’t need much makeup. I need lots of help so this gives it a glowy look. I wasn’t expecting it to look like foundation, and it has a pink, pearlized shimmer, like a superfine glitter for the face. It has a pleasant scent and didn’t make me feel greasy.

Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Acne Treatment Face Oil (Deluxe sample, $13.33) is a spot treatment for spots –  to be applied to acne, blackheads, and clogged pores.

Acne isn’t a concern for me at this point in my life so I will pass it along to my daughter. The oil is green and smells herbaceous, like the tea tree and black cumin seed oil it contains. Salicylic acid is supposed to help clear the pores so that spot can vanish quickly. It is supposed to dry quickly but it left behind an oily feel that wasn’t quickly absorbed.

Biorace Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask (Deluxe sample, $4) I have dry skin so a pore-clearing, oil-removing clay mask isn’t for me. I pass items like this on to my daughters, they worry very much about their pores for some reason. The mask contains pearl extract and kaolin and you rub it on clean skin, then let dry for 10 minutes or so and rinse off. It is a light greige color and there wasn’t much scent to be detected by my nose.

Huda Beauty Basic B Sponge (Full size, $17) The next item came in a sealed bag.

It’s from Huda and it’s a sponge applicator, similar to a beauty blender I have tried in the past.

It is kind of shaped like an egg and has a pointy tip on one end to get into the corners of the eyes and nose.

It also has a flat edge and I wasn’t sure what that was for so I watched a short video on the Ipsy website for tips. The sponge can be used to apply foundation, creamy products like blush and contour, and finishing powder. I thought it worked similar to the popular pink sponge that’s been around for a while. I didn’t think it was good for applying my powder foundation but I used it for everything else and it worked well.

Céla Creme Rose – The Very Best Crème Rose (Full size, $37.84) is one of the best smelling lotions I’ve ever tried, I love this! I was worried when I saw “rose” in the name, because I’m not a fan of rose scents, but I feel like it was misnamed. I smells like a fruity floral woodsy scent and is made with shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. It felt so nice going on, not greasy and my skin absorbed it quickly. The scent lasted for a couple of hours but wasn’t overwhelming, it was perfect for me.

Minetan Coffee Scrub (Deluxe sample, about $1.86) comes from a company that also sells self tanner and I know that they suggest exfoliating beforehand to help self tanner go on correctly.

Of course anyone who wants softer skin can exfoliate, and this was perfect for some good dirty fun. It has a base of ground coffee plus sweet almond oil, salt, and brown sugar. The scent was invigorating, nothing like the smell of coffee to get my motor running. I applied the product to my arms and legs and it was gently scrubby without being too harsh. It left my skin lightly moisturized, no need for a separate body lotion afterwards.

Ciate London Dewy Stix Luminous Highlighting Balm in Glow (Full size, $26) I received this highlighting balm in the shade Glow, which is a “natural transparent” shade that is supposed to make skin look wet for whatever reason, maybe to help achieve the look called glass skin?

It doesn’t really have any color to speak of and it makes skin glisten but doesn’t look glittery. I’m not really blown away by it but I was inspired by a Huda palette I received last month, which talked about how Huda mixed oil and powder to create highlighter so I will try mixing this with some of my powders to see if I can’t get a glowy look as opposed to a greasy look. It smells like vanilla. Swatched below.

Bella Pierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder in Medium (Full size, $35) I wear a powder foundation (which has helped my rosacea) so powder setting powders are not something I use. The yellow tones of this powder are supposed to help conceal redness and under eye darkness.

Ingredients were listed on the bottom of the container.

There is a sifter so you can tap however much you need into the lid and then dip and tap your brush (or makeup sponge) in to pick up the amount you need. Belle Pierre offers two shades of banana powder, original and medium, and this medium shade looked too dark for my skin tone. I did use it under my eyes and luckily it worked fine for me, not too dark at all. There is the slightest hint of sparkle. Swatched below.

Il Makiage Infinity Long-Wear Matte Lip Cream in Geisha (Full size, $22) I love the container this lipstick is in, but be careful. It’s made of glass and feels pretty heavy. Of course I dropped it on my tile floor but luckily it survived!

I don’t think I’ve ever tried a product from this brand before but this was a seriously nice lipstick. I was worried about this bright red color, I tend to wear a less intense color on my lips, but it is a classic red, and I was able to apply it without a heavy hand and it was perfect.

I dabbed it on my lips and then spread it out with a lipstick brush and it dried quickly and fully, and didn’t leave my lips feeling weird. It lasted until lunchtime, when it wiped off easily after a bite of food. Swatched below.

Swatched from top: banana powder, glow stick, and lipstick.

Doucce Freematic Limited Edition Smokey Pro Palette ($65) If you go to the Doucce website from my link, make sure to click on the 3rd option, Limited Edition, to find this exact palette.

The colors are listed on the back of the box and on the back of the palette itself.

The Freematic system allows you to create your own personalized palette using the colors available on the Doucce website. Each of these colors has a magnetic pan that can be removed from the palette and replaced with another color. The largest of the pans is a highlighter. You can mix and match brow powder, highlighter, eye shadows, and blushes to your heart’s content. The four colors on the left of this palette are mattes while the four on the right are shimmers.

Here is the highlighter swatched on top followed by Amanda, Kinsley, Hannah, and Hillary, the mattes.

I swatched the shimmers on a cloudy day but believe me, they sparkle in just the right amount for my tastes. Swatched from top are Mila, Courtney, Gigi, and Tenley. I used Amanda as a base for my whole lid then mixed Gigi and Tenley and used it in the crease. I had fallout with Amanda and no problems with the shimmers, and in fact, I was surprised when I looked at my makeup in the afternoon and it wasn’t creased at all. I didn’t have to worry about it fading, even in the summer heat.

TheBalm Cosmetics Auto Balm Grl Pwdr (Full size, $26.50) I’m always happy to get The Balm in a box!

I appreciate that they don’t use talc in their powder products.

The colors are named after famous streets. The case is made of metal and see the little piece of ribbon on the right? When you get through with the makeup you can remove the pans and use the case to hold things.

Three of the powders are matte and the fourth (or um, Fifth) is shimmery and can be used as a highlighter.

Swatched from top: Houston, Bourbon, Bleeker, and Fifth. Bleeker is a bronzer for my skin tone and all of the shades were picked up easily on my brush which means use caution or you will get clown streaks. Luckily they are easy to blend too.

My June Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate was a hit with me! I received some solid performers and almost everything fit my profile accurately. I can’t believe I received two palettes, so cool! The Cela moisturizer smells and feels amazing and the Il Makiage liquid lipstick was beautiful, both in color and performance. I think Ipsy does a good job with sending a variety of items in the Ultimate, it’s not too heavy in any one area. The value for my June collection was around $318.50, which blows me away! I also liked that several of the items I received are sold in Sephora so they are doing a good job of sending name brands along with lesser known vendors.

What do you think of the Ipsy Glambag Ultimate? Tell me your thoughts! 


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    Really great review, Deb! Very thorough and I appreciate all of the swatches. Job well done!

    • Deb

      Thank you so much Snow, and I’m glad you visited!