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Hello Fresh is a weekly meal kit subscription box with complete recipes and high-quality ingredients to make your own fresh, healthy, gourmet meals at home. The only ingredients they assume you have on hand are salt, pepper, sugar, oil, and butter.

They offer four different subscription options — Meat & Veggie, Veggie, Family Friendly, and Low Calorie. Choose 3, 4, or 5 meals for 2 people or 2-3 meals for 4 people from 20 weekly recipe options at $8.99 per serving for the basic plan. You can always pause the subscription to skip a week if you need to – this is super handy for vacations!

This is a review of the Hello Fresh Meat & Veggie Box for four people! 

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My items came protected in this recyclable box, and the packing can be placed in my curbside bin.

Everything came in its own bag (with the exception of raw meat), and the way it is sealed and marked made it easy to keep in my refrigerator, and I could quickly grab the meal I needed.

There was a divider between the fresh food and the meat packs.

There were a few ice packs sitting on top of the raw meat to keep it cold. The ice packs are reusable. Mine were still frozen solid.

I placed the raw meat in a giant zipper bag and that was a good thing because they ended up leaking.

Everything (except meat) in my box!

I found a green envelope.

There were a few promotional offers inside.

Hello Fresh has great instructions, and they are easy to follow even if you are an inexperienced cook. The front had a visual of what was in my bag. First up was Bruschetta Chicken – 960 calories per serving, 5 minute prep, 35 minutes total.

Each recipe includes several pictures so you maintain a sense of how the dish should look as you go along. The instructions are easy to follow, regardless of your skill level. Usually, you start by washing and prepping all the ingredients before cooking. Within the detailed, step-by-step instructions, ingredients are set in bold type for ease of recognition. They even use a red font to point out spicy ingredients, so you can adjust accordingly. I really like that they call out when they’ve sent more of an ingredient that is used in the recipe — when they don’t mention it (which is most of the time), the items are pre-portioned and can be tossed right in without measuring. Info panes in the sidebar list anything you’ll need from home (pans, cooking oil, etc), as well as the quantity of each provided ingredient needed for 2 and 4 person versions of the recipe.

I had a look over my items and the tomatoes were the only thing that weren’t up to par. I grabbed some from my kitchen, and even one I’d bought a couple days before had gone off so I can’t blame Hello Fresh since the tomatoes were probably fine when they packed them.

The crust was easy to make and gave the chicken such great flavor. By the way, you can keep the recipe cards and easily make the dishes again and again using stuff you buy at the store. The most difficult part of this recipe was dicing the potatoes: in other words, not difficult at all.

Here is the finished dish! I added a splash of cream and seasoning to the potatoes but other than that it was all tasty and easy to prepare. The tomato topping added some brightness and kept the dish from being to heavy.

Next up is Bulgogi Chicken Tacos – 5 minutes prep, 15 minutes total, 710 calories per serving.

This was the easiest and quickest recipe I picked, perfect for a busy weeknight.

I liked the quick pickled cucumbers and have no problem eating purple cabbage, yum!

The serving size was 3 tacos but even my husband couldn’t eat that many and two was plenty for each of us. The sriracha crema was super easy to make. I loved the bulgogi sauce on the chicken, it was sweet and salty and reminded me of my favorite Korean restaurant!

My final dish was Balsamic Fig Chicken – 10 minutes prep, 35 minutes total, 560 calories per serving.

I love how the condiments in this and the other recipes came in mini bottles.

The flavor of this dish was amazing: sweet, tart, and herbal, and so easy to make. The chicken was perfectly tender and I can never get enough roasted veggies. The lemon peel on the broccoli is something I will use in the future, it helps the broccoli pop.

I was extremely happy with my very fist Hello Fresh experience! The ingredients were fresh and wholesome, no weird items in the bunch. The step by step cards were informative and helped me turn out a picture perfect meal. The flavors were so delicious and can be easily replicated, well, if I can find fig jam at my store! (I just checked, and they carry two different kinds!) My family enjoyed the food too, which was a relief since I have picky eaters around. It is nice to come home on a busy day and just pull out a bag and get to cooking, knowing the results will be super yummy!

What can you say about the recipes in our box?

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