Superpower Academy April 2020 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Superpower Academy is a monthly subscription box that sends fun activities for kids! Each box costs $33 per month, plus free shipping within the US. You can also opt for a 6-month or a 12-month prepaid subscription to save. Each month, the kids will receive a personalized “Top Secret” package which includes tons of fun hands-on maker projects, stories that inspire learning, and other surprises for the kids. The box aims to help develop the kids’ real-world skills necessary for leadership, innovation, and life-long achievement. You can also choose a product series for 5 – 7-year-olds, or 8 – 10-year-olds.

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One side of the box has a print that says it’s a “Super Secret Delivery”!

The other side of the box has the subscription name on it.

The box is full!

There’s a sticker on the inside of the top lid, and there’s a newsletter sitting on top of all the items in the box.

Everything is wrapped and protected with black tissue paper.

There’s also a card that contains a “Superpower Code”:

As a superkid, I will:

Forget all the reasons that it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will.

The sheet attached to the inside of the top lid has a message from The Coy, and on the next page are the Top Secret Flight Missions.

There’s a button that says “press here”. My kids pressed it and it played a recorded super secret message! It’s so cool!

The box also includes a sticker, which features the super symbol many superheroes use, the thunderbolt!

If you’re busy doing superhero things and don’t want to be disturbed, you can hang the sign they provided on your doorknob!

Every box also includes a newsletter. This month, it’s called The Daily Flight. It has articles and features regarding this month’s topic.

My kids loved reading it!

To help the parents with all the activities, they included a Parent Guide.

It introduces us to the box’s theme.

This kit is full of flight-themed activities designed to support perseverance and resilience through promotion of a Growth Mindset. FLIGHT was inspired by the Wright Brothers who are heroes of persistence and learning from what others would call failures. They are great examples of how to overcome setbacks and succeed.

It also includes tips so that the parents will know what to do and how to make this play/activity kit more fun and effective!

Everything in my box!

Superpower Toolkit

The Superpower Toolkit contains the materials we need to make this month’s featured craft activity.

The items are neatly arranged and packed inside the box.

It includes a tape measure intended for measuring the length that the glider has traveled later on in the activity!

Another item in the box is a washi tape featuring the Superpower Academy logo in gold foil.

There are also several stickers to decorate the glider.

These elastic bands and washers included in the box are also needed for making the glider.

Superpower Academy Comic

Comics. Before proceeding to the activity itself, my kids read the included comic book. It’s a fun and kid-friendly way to introduce this month’s activities to kids!

The story is about a kid named Freddie who wants to fly!

The graphics used are colorful and fun. They surely kept my kids interested!

The flow of the dialogue was good!

As expected, my kids had fun reading the story. They were quite amused by Freddy’s plans to achieve his dream of flying! They were also excited to make the glider!

Superpower Super Fun Activity Book

The activity book has everything from on-page activities to the instructions for this month’s featured craft project related to flight!

Included in the on-page activities are drawing prompts. These encourage kids to unleash their creativity!

Here’s my kids’ favorite drawing prompt: What do Superpower kids eat for breakfast?

To introduce the kids to the idea of failure, the booklet also includes questions that can help them understand that failure doesn’t always have a negative effect on everyone’s life and that it can also lead to something awesome!

Now, we’re onto this month’s featured craft project, building Freddie’s glider!

The booklet showed every step in making the glider, which will make it easier for the kids to do the activity by themselves. Each step is also accompanied by an illustration.

When done with the glider, the next thing to do is to throw, measure, and record the glider’s flight! They provided a space in the booklet where you can jot down the record.

Another suggested activity is about making a cyclone fuse. For this one, there’s only little text and you have to rely on the illustrations.

Of course, they provided wooden parts to make the glider and the cyclone fuse more durable.

Here are the main parts of the glider and the cyclone fuse, which you can easily tear because of the corrugated lines!

My son had the guide by his side while assembling the glider.

He added some tape and washers to add weight to the glider.

Then, he attached the tail!

My son added more washi tape for decor! He was also excited to see how these gliders will fly and how far they’ll go!

It’s time to try the glider!

The stickers look cool on the glider’s wings!

It’s pretty sturdy! The glider doesn’t fall off even my kids kept throwing it in the air.

Here’s the other side of the glider!

Our cyclone fuse also works and flies really well.

Our first box from Superpower Academy turned out to be a hit! It has a positive and encouraging message about personal development, which we liked. This month’s activities are all about flight, and my kids enjoyed everything from the story to the projects and even the on-page activities. They were also quite happy about how the glider turned out. It’s just our first box, but we’re already impressed! It has an exciting feel overall, a perfect box for the imaginative ones or just about any kid who loves trying out new things – or those that need a little help in that direction. We loved the accessible, kid-friendly approach to the growth mindset!

What do you think of the Superpower Academy box? 

Visit Superpower Academy to subscribe or find out more!


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