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Equip by Loot Gaming is a bi-monthly gaming lifestyle subscription box. Each box costs $39.99 plus shipping. You will get premium video game lifestyle gear featuring retro classic and new AAA titles every 2 months, with a $60 value in every crate. Each box contains licensed and exclusive collectible, apparel, figures, drinkware, office accessories, and more!

The box is quite full.

I can see some gaming wearables like a shirt and a snapback hat! I’m so excited!

There’s a card with a QR code that we can use to learn more about this crate. The theme for February 2020 is CELESTIAL!

Everything in my box!

Enamel Pin. This month’s featured collectible enamel pin resembles a classic gaming console controller!

I think this best resembles the wireless Xbox controller. This looks great whether displayed as a part of your pin collection or attached to your tote bag or your cap.

DigDug Enamel Pins. There’s another set of pins and this time it features DigDug, a maze arcade game developed and published by Namco. The gameplay takes the character Dig Dug to go underground to kill monsters.

The pins feature the characters Pooka and Taizo Hori (also given the name DigDug). Pooka is the red and yellow guy who is an enemy in this series, but a supporting character in the Pac-Man world. The blue guy is the protagonist of the game, Taizo Hori.

PREY TranStar Snapback Hat. PREY is a first-person shooter game where the player controls the character Morgan Yu while exploring the space station Talos I, where they are researching a hostile alien species called the Typhon. It’s featured on this cool snapback hat!

The TranStar’s symbol is embroidered on the front part of the cap. TranStar Corporation is the one that hired Morgan Yu to join their research team in Talos I.

The snapback hat is one of the most easily adjustable caps there is. Above the snaps is the game’s logo.

Katamari Damacy Prince Magnetic Figure. I have the same figure from the June 2019 Loot Gaming box. Since Katamari Damacy is a puzzle game, this figure works as a puzzle as well.

The King of All Cosmos broke the heavens. Yes, He was naughty. Completely naughty. So, so very sorry. But just between you and Him, it felt quite good. Stick metal objects to this magnetic Katamari to replace the stars!

The Katamari in this figure works as a magnetic ball, and beside it is the Prince that also easily sticks to it. The ball easily attracts metallic items, the Prince will definitely able to collect small metal objects that he can use to rebuild the destroyed heavenly bodies. The colorful ball functions as an item holder on my desk!

Perfect Dark Long Sleeve T-shirt. Another first-person shooter game featured in the box is Perfect Dark! In this game, players need to complete levels to unlock content and progress through the storyline.

The shirt features Joana Dark, the main protagonist of the game, who is a top agent employed by the Carrington Institute, specializing in combat, espionage, and undercover operations.

Gears of War: Judgment: Kilo Squad: The Survivor’s Log by Rob Auten ($17.98)

Written as a collection of notes in Damon Baird’s journal, The Survivor’s Log expands on declassified testimony and other facets of the game and serves as an in-universe artifact within the timeline of the series. This firsthand account chronicles the soldier’s experience in a riveting and beautifully illustrated oral history — the events he witnessed and the deterioration of COG society, his decision to take his unit rogue, and stories from the other members of his cohort. Divided into sections on COG society, Kilo Squad, and E-Day, the book underscores the perseverance of Baird and Kilo Squad and highlights key details on Locust forces. The Survivor’s Log is a genuine treat for fans of the game that USA Today heralded as “an intense prequel,” as well as “an exhilarating expansion and another worthwhile reason to rev up the chainsaws.”

The back of the book tells introduced us to the character of Damon Baird.

The book cover has amazing artwork as well!

Some pages come with scary illustrations.

It’s a collection of notes from Damon Baird’s journal, which will be really helpful when you play the game.

There are even dedicated pages on how to identify Cog Locust!

Aside from notes, there’s also a certificate from the Military Coalition for Sofia Hendrik. Also, it looks realistic especially with the creepy traces of blood on some pages!

There’s no such thing as too much gaming merchandise! I like this new Equip by Loot Gaming box and that it features retro games along with current and new ones, making it a great box not just for gamers but also for collectors! I really like the wearables in this box. The shirt is really high-quality and comfy, and the print is also eye-catching. Aside from the dupe item from a past Loot Gaming box, this is a good curation overall. I’m excited about the upcoming boxes from this new subscription!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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