Owl Post Books Imagination Box February 2020 Subscription Box Review

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Owl Post Books is a fun and interactive monthly book subscription for kids. Each month, subscribers will receive an Imagination Box with 3 books that fit into their age range and fits into a fun monthly theme, and includes a unique themed toy and a theme card!

Owl Post Books has Imagination boxes for ages 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12. This is the Imagination Box for 4-7 years old. 

The items were wrapped with tissue paper.

The paper was also sealed with a sticker.

Included in the box is a card that wishes us to enjoy the February 2020 box.

Everything in my box!

Each box from this book subscription includes a toy or item in line with the book’s theme.

This month, there’s a pack contains several parts of what looks like a puzzle.

You just have to assembled it to make a Valentine-themed bear frame!

How To Eat An Airplane by Peter Pearson ($11.38)

The first book in the Bad Ideas Book Club, aptly named How to Eat an Airplane, explains: If you want to eat an airplane, there are a few things you should know. The truth is, most airplanes are too large to eat by yourself, so if you want to eat an airplane, you should have a party. It’s fact-based picture book fiction at its most absurd!

By crossing two unrelated topics—dinner etiquette and jet plane mechanics—How to Eat an Airplane creates an unexpected and absurdly funny experience for young readers. Inspired by the true story of Michel Lotito, who from 1978 to 1980 ate an entire Cessna 150 airplane and holds the Guinness World Record for Strangest Diet, the book covers everything from setting the table with forklifts and toasting with engine oil to fastening your seat belts at the table and taking a nice stretch in between courses—preferably on the airplane’s wings.

There’s a disclaimer included for anyone who believes the book is an actual guide—as well as four pages of fascinating and relevant airplane facts. Perfect for precocious readers and airplane lovers as well as teachers and parents looking to enjoy something unique and fun.

The Bad Ideas Book Club: Where the best ideas are bad ideas.

Upon seeing the cover, my kids got easily interested with the box. However, there’s a random sticker on the book cover, which is really not supposed to be there.

The back of the book only says “do not step beyond the line,” unlike others that have the synopsis or brief reviews about the story.

Eat a what? Eat an airplane. How do you do that? Have a dinner party, of course.

The dust jacket of the book also lists the other upcoming titles in the Bad Ideas Book Club.

The illustrations are colorful, and the story is unique as it presents eccentric ideas that appeal to the kids!

It’s also based on the true story of Michel Lolito, a French entertainer who holds the Guinness World Record for the Strangest Diet.

The Nose That Knows by Malachy Doyle And Barroux ($4.95)

When Milo’s knowing nose finds a scent it likes, nothing will stop it. Nose to the ground, Milo is led anywhere and everywhere- out the door, through the park, up a skyscraper, and even to outer space! But will Milo’s nose ever lead him home? Follow Milo the dog as he follows his NOSE in this funny yet sweet rhyme illustrated by artist Barroux.

We’re loving the cover of this book! The dog illustration extends from the front to the back!

The flap of the dust jacket also presents other books by the author Malachy Doyle which is Peek-A-Book, and another book that Barroux illustrates which is I Love You When… by Annie Baker.

The story is about a dog named Milo! His nose leads him to anywhere because when he smells something he likes, he follows it, even in outer space!

It’s a cute story with rhymes that are great for kids who love to read aloud. The story is sweet and funny!

Kick! Jump! Chop! by Heather Ayris Burnell ($18.72)

CRUNCH! CRUMBLE! CRACK! Cookie attack!
Get ready to crumble! Filled with high-spirited hijinks, Kick! Chop! Jump! brings a whole new spice level to the fun, familiar tale of the “Gingerbread Man.” When sparring in his dojo gets stale, Sensei bakes the ultimate fighting partner: the Ninjabread Man! One by one, all the masters battle the Ninjabread Man to see who can gobble him up. But when Fox snatches the crafty cookie, who can save him then? With its punny text and gorgeous cut-paper art, this tasty tale is perfect for kids who love action, adventure, and cookies!

The back of the book shows the Ninjabread Man in action!

This story is perfect for kids who love action, adventure, and most of all, cookies!

When the sparring on Sensei’s dojo became stale, he baked the ultimate fighting partner, Ninjabread Man to see who can gobble him up.

However, the Fox snatches the crafty cookie, so who will save him then? Just by looking at this page, it seems like the Ninjabread Man is fighting his way out by trying to defeat the Fox! It’s a nice read full of puns and fun, and the cut-paper art is adorable too!

Owl Post Books sent us amazing and colorful books for this month, and we enjoyed reading everything together! Each book features a fun and somehow relatable protagonist that had my kids giggling. Among the three, they really enjoyed the Ninjabread Man, because they love adventure, action, and yummy cookies! Of course, they cheered for the Ninjabread Man during his fight with the Fox! Overall, we’re happy with the book selections this month, and we’re definitely looking forward to the next box!

What do you think of this month’s box? Let us know your comments!

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