The Detox Box January 2020 Subscription Box Review

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The Detox Box is a monthly green and natural beauty subscription box from The Detox Market. For $49.95 each month, you’ll get a box featuring one or more green beauty products with a value of at least $90. The price decreases by $10 per month on a 6-month plan!

As you open the box, you will find feel-good messages from The Detox Box.

All the items are covered with a white wrapping paper and sealed with a sticker.

The products are cushioned with white squiggles.

This month’s featured brand is AYUNA!

The info card explains the reason for choosing the featured product in the curation. There’s even an expert tip on how to use the item.

There is a dedicated page for the makers behind the featured brand, Ayuna.

The Detox Market had a little Q and A with the brand to help us get to know them more!

Everything in my box!

Ayuna Cellular Oil Skin Revival Serum ($185) Ayuna believes that skin cells need energy in order to achieve luminosity, vitality, firmness, and suppleness, and that is exactly what this cellular oil provides. Said to be a breakthrough in the field of cosmetics, the oil is extracted from the stem cells of the Acebuche, the millennium wild olive tree.

It’s a skin revival serum that provides extraordinary benefits vital in renewing the skin’s appearance and triggering its energy rejuvenation cycles.

It has a carton label attached to the box. Other key ingredients are sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, and hazel seed oil.

Its viscous liquid formula enhances easy skin absorption and removes the icky feeling after application, unlike other serums. The dropper cover makes application swift and easy and saves the product, too.

I love this innovative and unique skincare product that Ayuna introduced to the market! The serum provides great comfort to the face when applied. It has a velvet-like softness that makes my skin feel firm and well-hydrated. It’s recommended to be used twice a day for best results. The Detox Box is one of the best subscriptions that focus on natural skincare products, and once again, they didn’t disappoint. I would never drop this much on a serum and I’m thrilled to try it in this month’s box! I’m really happy with the amazing product that I got and I’m looking forward to discovering more awesome green beauty brands through this subscription!

What do you think of this month’s featured products?

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