Miss MuscleBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – January 2020

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Miss MuscleBox is a women’s subscription box tailored for women who want to get fit, tone up and get active. Each month, you will receive new apparel (shirt, leggings, shorts, sports bra, etc.), gym equipment, snacks and other goodies to keep you motivated at the gym. A monthly workout will also be included to add some variety to your gym session. The box is $22.99 + shipping a month. The company also offers a box geared for men (MuscleBox) and the Protein Box, a box entirely focused on proteins.

DEAL: Get $10 off your first box! Use the coupon code HS10 at checkout.

This month’s items were pack in a cute light purple box.

This is the second box in a series with Koko, a personal trainer with a passion for the outdoors and bootcamps. This month’s box is themed around leg workouts with a reminder that we are invincible at the gym!

The information card only includes information about the main two items in this box: Hypr Superwoman Tee and an Ankle Strap.

Every month they included a workout guide. This month is all about sculpting the lower body.

Koko’s mission this month is to get our year started right. She wants us to right down our goal for the new year, to track them and tick them off once we achieve them.

This month’s workouts are all aboud the lower body by strengthening, toning and shredding the legs and glutes.

For those who would try to follow her workouts but are not quite sure about the techniques, you can follow her #workoutwithkoko to have a step-by-step of each exercise.

So here’s how the workouts look like. The guide gives us four workouts so you won’t get bored! Some of them will use the brand new ankle strap included in the box.

HYPR Ankle Wrap. One of the main item in this month’s box is this Ankle Wrap. It comes in it’s own mesh back so the velcro won’t get stuck on anything in your gym bag.

It features a fun white and black leopard design and two sturdy metal rings. The velcro covers almost the entirety of the back side.

I have small ankles and the wrap closed comfortably around the leg and the velcro keeps it nicely in place. The inside is soft and was fine on bare skin with no itchy places.

The rings are sturdy and can fit a wide range of attachment. I don’t have access to a cable machine, but they can be used with resistance bands as well.

HYPR Superwoman Tee. I’m always happy to get a new tee in a fitness box and I prefer them to tank tops.

This tee is oversized, and I can tie a know to keep it from looking too baggy. It’s also quite short, but not “crop top” short. It looks great with high waist leggings. I really like the simple “Super Woman” on it.

It’s made with 100% cotton and all the seams are nice and smooth. I already wore it as a warm-up tee before a dance class and it was great.

The bottom has a small slit on both sides.

Nuts’N More Salted Caramel and Birthday Cake Peanut Spread. I love nut spreads in convenient single pack. These feature 12 grams of protein in the form of peanut butter and whey protein isolate. You also get some omega 3 (from flax), for 190 calories per pack. They have 3g of fiber, but they also have Sugar Alcohol (xylitol). I pair my nut spread with a banana or other fruit for an easy on-the-go snack after a workout.

Protes Protein Popcorn – White Cheddar. Popcorn is a great low calorie snack that can be eaten anytime. These ones pack a good 10g of protein from the added Whey Protein Isolate, and they have a nice light cheesy flavor. I would need a bigger bag for my next movie night.

I really enjoyed this second box in the MissMB x Koko series. I’m always happy to get a new shirt, especially tees, and the ankle strap was a nice useful surprise to up your lower body workout. I also quite liked the treats this month, especially the protein popcorn. I’m also a fan of the monthly workout included in the box to switch up my own routine once in a while.

What do you think of this subscription?

Visit Miss Muscle Box to subscribe or find out more!


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