Loot Crate DX October 2019 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Loot Crate DX is a deluxe monthly subscription box from Loot Crate. It’s themed with the regular Loot Crate theme, except it contains premium next level loot for discerning geeks! It’s like a special edition box from Loot Crate – every month!

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NOTE: All of Loot Crate subscription boxes are experiencing substantial delays. If you subscribe now you run the risk of never receiving boxes. Only subscribe if you are ok with that risk.

Some items are individually wrapped.

However, this box does not contain an info card. The theme for this month is DEADISH DX!

Everything in my box!

Frankenstein Enamel Pin. This month’s Loot Crate exclusive pin features the head of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster!

The hideous monster is a creation of Victor Frankenstein using chemistry and alchemy. The monster may look creepy but he is emotional and sensitive. The monster has different versions, and this pin has a greenish-yellow skin, several facial stitches, and his hair looks like a cloud of fire.

Marge Simpson Zombie Plushie. The squishy plush that I got this month features Marge Simpson. It’s not just Marge, but a zombie Marge!

She wears her usual garb but it’s noticeable that her tall blue curly beehive hair is split into two!

The reason why her hair is divided it’s that there’s a knife stabbed on top of her head!

Tobin’s Spirit Guide Book Lamp. From Ghostbusters, Tobin’s Spirit Guide is the popular book that serves as a compilation of various supernatural occurrences, entities, and facts, written by John Horace Tobin! We didn’t get the actual book though, but a lamp that looks similar!

The book helped the Ghostbusters identify the entities involved in the cases they take on. The cover of the book is well-detailed!

It really looks like a book! The spine even has the book’s title and a brief description.

It also comes with a USB connector.

Here’s the book lamp lit up, but it’s not as bright.

The white sides of the book are where the lights are really evident. This will work well as a night lamp.

Pennywise Action Figure. The action figure I got this month is none other than the one of the scariest clown, Pennywise from It!

The figure’s packaging even included a bonus backdrop display, which looks really scary!

The package does not only come with the creepy clown, they also included the iconic red balloon and the paper boat!

I don’t think I can easily display this one on my figures shelf, as this may scare people who have a phobia of clowns. I mean, it’s Pennywise!

Despite being scary, I really like how they made him really detailed. I am truly impressed!

Night of the Living Dead T-Shirt. I also got a long-sleeve black shirt, featuring the 1968 horror film, Night of the Living Dead!

Being all black helps make the print at the center look like it’s glowing in the dark!

At the back, it says “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.” Barbara is one of the siblings in the opening scene who is chased by the ghouls after killing her brother. It led her to hide inside a farmhouse.

The sleeve also has the movie’s title and the faces of some of the characters printed in neon green.

The DX box this month is not only cool but creepy too, in a good way! If only it arrived on time, it would have been the perfect box for Halloween as it includes some of the most popular horror characters like Frankenstein’s monster, Pennywise, the ghouls from the Night of the Living Dead, and even a zombified Marge Simpson! I also like Tobin’s Spirit Guide Book lamp. The cover design is awesome and it’s really perfect for display on my table. I didn’t find any dupes in this box, fingers crossed they get caught up ASAP, without any dupes again!

What did you think of Loot Crate DX this month?

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