Animal Jam Box Winter 2019 Review

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Animal Jam Box is a subscription box for Animal Jam fans that brings an assortment of curated products like clothing, electronics, toys, accessories, stationery and more! It’s $25 per quarter + $6 shipping with over $60 worth of Animal Jam merchandise!

My kids love playing Animal Jam and they are all excited whenever this box arrives!

The box is full!

Included in the box is an Animal Jam information card.

The back of the card provides a list of all the goodies for this quarter!

Everything in the Winter 2019 box!

Glitched Pet Seal Sticker. The Pet Magenta Seal is a non-member land and underwater pet that has the same customization and accessory options as the Pet Seal, but with the exception of the colors. This adorable pet sticker will look amazing as an added decoration to any flat surfaces like a notebook cover, or a laptop.

Magenta Spike Charm. This quarter’s cute charm is a Magenta rare item, and it’s a Spike. Magenta items are believed to be obtained by hacking, making them really rare.

Each charm from this box comes with a mini trigger snap so you can easily attach it to your bag, purse, or a charm bracelet!

Magenta Spiked Wristband. This spiked wristband is such a cool accessory! We like that instead of the usual black spiked wristbands, we got it with the game’s rare magenta color!

The wristband comes with automatic snap buttons, so you can easily wear them.

No worries because the spikes aren’t harmful. They’re just there to give the accessory a gothic and punk touch!

Glitched Striped Socks. We’re loving the magenta theme of the box so far! Here’s another chic wearable that comes in the game’s rare color, a pair of striped socks!

It’s a one size fits all sock, made with 79% polyester, 11% cotton, and 10% elastane.

I really like the color combination on these socks. Of course, the base color is magenta, and the stripes appear like a red-violet color, so as the toe and heel parts.

In contrast to the stripes and base color, the AJ symbol comes in a lighter shade.

Magenta Hamster Plushie. The soft and squishy plush toy that we got this quarter is the pet hamster, but it’s not just a simple pet hamster, but a magenta one!

The Pet Hamster is a non-member land pet. It was first hinted at in the Jamaa Journal on August 9, 2011, and it was later released on August 17, 2011. It was originally only available to members but became available to all Jammers on June 6, 2013. They can be purchased directly from their adoption icon in Claws ‘N Paws as well as through the Change Your Look Pets menu.

We love the hamster’s big eyes!

The hanging pink ears are adorable as well!

At the bottom, you can see the hamster’s tiny feet. It’s so fluffy and furry, and we can’t help but squish it!

In-Game Item Code. We also received a magenta card that contains a code for a free in-game item!

You just have to scratch the card to reveal the code.

Best Dressed Hooded Teeshirt. When you do wear this magenta hoodie, you truly live up to what’s written on the tee-shirt: “BEST DRESSED”!

Aside from the beautiful color, the print also looks posh and sparkly!

There’s an Animal Jam logo stitched at the shirt’s hem.

Animal Jam fans should really get this box so that they can marvel at all the amazing items and in-game replicas that they can actually touch! The items on each box are always fun and perfect for the season. This quarter, everything is magenta-themed, making it a really special one! We love the hamster plushie, it’s so cute and we love its vivid color. The hoodie is great and it would be a nice layering piece as well. It’s another amazing quarter for Animal Jam Box, and there’s no doubt about it. We’re looking forward to the next box already!

What did you think about Animal Jam Box?

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