Love With Food November 2019 Deluxe Box Review + Coupon!

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Love with Food Deluxe Box sends 15+ surprise snacks from various healthy snack brands each month. It’s an ideal snack box for sharing at home or if you are a heavy snacker. This particular plan promises to include plenty of snacks for everyone and a few duplicates. Also, the snack box only includes snacks made with real ingredients and no added chemicals. The Deluxe Box is $19.95 a month. Love with Food also offers other snack boxes such as the classic Tasting box and the Gluten-free box.

Our team scours hundreds of brands every month and chooses the best tasting, feel good options for your box.

  • No chemicals, artificial flavoring, MSG or high fructose corn syrup
  • Clean and delicious snacks made with real ingredients
  • Every snack passes our 73 Banned Ingredients List
  • Expertly sourced, vetted and curated

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Packed to the top!

I found a card with the theme listed: I’m Thankful For…

There’s not a traditional product info card in this box, but you can find all of the items sampled each month on the Love With Food website. For every box sent to subscribers, Love With Food donates a meal to families in need. Don’t forget to review your snacks so you can earn points for even more snacks!

There were some inserts related to some of the products in the box. I found a coupon and some discount offers.

Everything in my box!

PopChips Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips went in my daughter’s lunch. She likes these popped chips and that is one of her favorite flavors.

Lesser Evil Himalayan Gold Organic Popcorn I really enjoyed this vegan “buttery” popcorn! The flavor was really good!

Bare Baked Crunchy Toasted Coconut Chips Toasted coconut chips are like a delicacy to me – strips of coconut are toasted and have a wonderful sweet and salty flavor combo.

Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps I’ve bought something like this from the store so having an individual size bag was a nice treat for me.

I brought them with me to work and they really did taste like cornbread! The serving size was small, but then 100 calories doesn’t go very far when eating a snack food.

Tipson Turmeric Vanilla & Cinnamon Tea I haven’t sampled this tea yet but look forward to trying it, especially as turmeric is considered anti-inflammatory and is something I am wanting to consume more of in the near future. Here the turmeric is combined with vanilla, cinnamon, chamomile, and lemongrass.

Welch’s Strawberry Fruit Rolls go straight to my daughter, the eater of all gummies. Of course this one in on a strip, but it’s still a gummy.

Pirouline Dark Chocolate are very thin wafer cookies wrapped around a chocolaty filling. Very tasty and I’m surprised they arrived in one piece!

The Smart Tart Cinnamon Twist I haven’t tried these yet. I’m not a toaster pastry person, and nobody in my family eats this type of item. If you are looking for an alternative to Pop Tarts then you could try this but it still has a white flour base like the classic with the pink frosting.

Mr. Nature Cranberry Trail Mix Trail mix is my favorite type of snack! This one was low in sodium and I like that they had golden raisins in addition to regular raisins and craisins, plus nuts and seeds.

Clif Whole Lotta Salted Dark Chocolate Bar has a date base plus lots of nuts, seeds, and even pea protein. I decided to eat it as a meal replacement and I liked the chunks of almonds inside plus it wasn’t as dense as some pea protein bars. It was a little too salty though but overall I really liked it.

Drizzilicious Birthday Cake Bites I would normally pass rice cakes on to my daughter, but she doesn’t like white chocolate so I tried these myself. Oh my goodness, they were so tasty! Besides the popped rice, they also had popped chia, quinoa, and flax.

180 Degree Snacks Almond Rice Pops With Cranberries My daughter asked if she could eat this and I gave it to her but went ahead and tried one square. They are sweetened popped rice squares that have berry flavors, although they tasted overly berry, like berry gum or candy. I liked the crunchy bits of almonds.

Here are the Birthday Cake bites. I love white chocolate, plus the sprinkles made it festive. I bought the full-sized bag at my grocery store today and opened it up before I left the lot!

Ekoa Pure Coconut Fruit Bar My daughter grabbed this bar to eat on the way out the door. I asked her for a bite so I could do the review. As I was chewing she says from the backseat that it tastes weird and right at that moment the rancidity of the bar hit me and for the first time ever I spit something out the car window. I like that it only has three ingredients (coconut, dates, and bananas) but I can’t eat something that’s gone bad.

Health Warrior Caramel Sea Salt Chia Bar The base of this bar is white chia seeds. The texture is very chewy and I liked the bits of seed, but the flavor wasn’t at all like the name.

Gutsii Mint Chocolate I don’t know that I would have ever called unsweetened chocolate sexy but here we are. Have you ever tried a bite of one of those unsweetened chocolate bars that you use to make brownies and stuff? It tastes like that, but with a hint of mint and some crispy rice pieces. I’m not into bitter so this isn’t my thing and believe me I tried. Other people (like those who like black coffee) might like this type of candy.

Here is the Health Warrior Caramel Sea Salt Chia Bar. Very dense as you can see.

Kids Luv Flying Fla-Mango Juice Infused Water Love With Food sends stuff for kids, and my youngest is 16 so I will pass this along to someone else. It has a water and coconut water base plus some other ingredients. I think it’s supposed to be watery yet provides vitamins without added sugar.

Love With Food is a good family-friendly snack subscription box. We get things like gummy fruits and drinks marketed to young kids but of course anyone can enjoy these treats. I like that the snacks are pre-portioned so they won’t sit on my pantry going stale. I also love that it is easy to grab a snack and go and I don’t have to look for a baggie, it can sit on my work bag for a week or month and won’t go bad. It’s also cheaper than hitting up the vending machine!

What’s your favorite snack from the Love With Food Deluxe Box this month?

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