The Witches Box Subscription Box – September 2019

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The Witches Box is a monthly subscription box for people who want to dive deep into a new aspect of Witchcraft each month. Spells, rituals, potions, and transformative magic are the focus of each box, through beautifully crafted tools and gorgeous Book of Shadow pages. The box is $65 a month, with free shipping.

This box came in a mailer to protect it.

When you open the box, you are welcomed to a lovely golden package with a Blessed Be sticker.

Inside the box, you’ll get a greeting card with the theme and a list of the content of the box. For September, it’s all about the Cauldron. Oooooh, I’m hoping for an actual cauldron! You also have new Book of Shadows pages and a tarot card.

The Tarot Card is from the Sacred Rebels Oracle. This card is different for each subscribers.

My card is “Receiving”. This card is all about receiving and accepting love, being taken care of, and telling me that the Universe has my back. And also not feeling guilty about having needs. I receive this September box in November, but this card would have been perfect for what happened in my life since September and it’s a reminder that I needed all the love I’ve received.

On the greeting card, there’s also explanation about the theme and the content of the box. And we have a Cast Iron Cauldron!

The information card mentions a “Sigil”. This is a “Sigil of Manifestation” and it’s use to implement the intention into our subconcious.

This month, we have two new pages to add to our Book of Shadows. The first page is a ritual using everything in the box : the cauldron, the herb, the stone and the candle. It’s a ritual to set intentions that will gather the solar and lunar power over the Winter to be released in the Spring.

The second page for our BoS is about the Red Jasper Stone. I like that we have a section about how to clean and care for our Red Jasper and to which element, planet and signs it is related to.

Each page is printed on one side on a thicker paper and contains a lot of information. They are very pretty and would fit nicely in anyone’s BoS. The blank side can be used to write down your own Drawing In the Elements ritual, or to write down observations and what you felt during the ritual.

Everything is nicely packaged under a lot of purple squiggles.

Red Jasper Stone. This stone is not a simple tumbled stone.

It has a smooth dome surface and a concave one, like a worry stone. I like this shape as it’s easy to carry in a pocket and I like rubbing it with my thumb. It’s very soothing.

We received a little bag of Calendula petals that are used for Protection, Fire, and Love.

They are to be used in the Cauldron with the red jasper to create a “fertile ground” for your intention.

The ritual included in the box calls for an Orange Candle. I love the size of this pillar candle and the fact that is not scented. Orange candles are great to help creativity, achieving goals, and they bring in happy energies.

The main item in this box is this lovely cast iron cauldron.

This is a great item for any type of witch. You can burn herbs and notes in it, or you can use it to keep your small items you don’t want to lose or just papers with your intentions on them.

We also received a book to help us make the best out of our new cauldron, The Witch’s Cauldron by Laura Tempest Zakroff. From Amazon :

Explore the spellbinding history, tradition, and modern uses of the Witch’s cauldron. From blessing and using your cauldron in ritual and divination to practicing kitchen witchery with it, this easy-to-use book provides essential information for Witches of all ages and skill levels.

The Witch’s Cauldron shows you the ins and outs of one of the most iconic tools in Witchcraft. Learn about the cauldron’s role in lore and mythology, its development through the ages, and old-world witchery. Discover how to choose, personalize, and care for your cauldron, and find unconventional ones already in your home. This entertaining book also features advice and spells from well-known writers, helping you delve into the endless possibilities for using a cauldron in your practice.

This book is full of information about the Cauldron and what makes it a Cauldron.

You also have a lot of rituals from a “Welcoming a Cauldron”

To Self-Love Spell.

This was a fun box from The Witches Box. I’m really happy to have received a Cauldron as this is such a basic tool for any witch and the book is great to learn how to use it. I appreciate that we received a ritual that we can add to our BoS and it’s a nice way to get started without feeling overwhelmed. This is a great box to learn a bit more about different rituals and different Witchcraft paths and everything is easy to be used as is or to be incorporated with the tools that we already have. And the Book of Shadow pages are gorgeous and quite helpful!

What did you think of this month’s The Witches Box?

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