toucanBox September 2019 Subscription Box Review + Free Box Coupon

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toucanBox is a monthly activity subscription box that encourages creativity through crafting, learning and imaginative play for children aged 3- 8. It is the box’s goal to create a safe outlet for kids to develop their curiosity and critical thinking, open their minds to new ideas and express themselves freely. It includes puzzles, games, experiments, and recipes that are of high quality and safe.

The box is personally addressed to the children with everything you need like the materials, instructions, and magazine.

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We are greeted with a uniquely laid out box that features the 2 crafting activities and its materials.

It is designed to fit the needs of the UK Royal mail – but in the cutest little flat box! You know this one is really going to grab and go!

Every box includes colorful stickers. For this month, we got stickers related to the box’s theme!

Everything in the box!

Every box also includes a magazine for kids.

This month’s magazine is summer-themed.

The Steam Team is up for a new adventure!

This month’s featured recipe is Desert Island Dessert. The booklet listed all the needed ingredients and provided step-by-step instructions.

It’s always fun to accompany the Steam Team on their adventures!

There are tons of fun activities inside the magazine for the kids!

One activity is about “digging” through a tunnel to find all car parts!

After getting all the car parts, the Steam Team was able to get out of the sand with the help of the Pinching Crab clan!

Here’s another colorful activity that involves beach balls!

There’s also an interview with the artistic director, Olivia Jacobs.

They encourage kids to join a competition by drawing a monster on the provided space, taking a photo of it and then uploading and tagging toucanBox on social media. Prizes are VIP tickets to the Gruffalo Live!

There’s a hint for the next box!

There are endless adventures hidden in the pages of books. Join the STEAM Team in a spectacular storytelling issue!

The projects for this month are Treasure Map & Parrot Partner, and Rocket Pulley.

Here are two cute stickers relating to the crafting activities!

Activity #1: Treasure Map & Parrot Partner. The first activity consists of dressing up as pirates, making a treasure map, and the accompanying pet parrot!

To make the map, we used sticker/markers, crayons, watercolor paper, and a tea bag.

For the parrot, we used a cardboard parrot cut-out, a jumbo lolly stick, feathers, glue stick, and sticky back eye.

We got a paintbrush as well!

According to the booklet, this activity needs just a bit of grown-up assistance. First step is to make the tea water by soaking the tea bag on a cup of hot water. Crumple the watercolor paper first then flatten it out on the table, then paint it with tea water and let dry. While waiting for the watercolor paper to dry, start with the parrot by coloring it and adding the sticky back eye.

Finish the parrot by sticking the feathers on it, and the map by adding the stickers, marking the spot for treasure with an “X”. After finishing both crafts, it’s time to add some gruesome features on the crew before sending them out to the sea!

Activity #2: Rocket Pulley. After conquering the sea, it’s time to go to the outer space! For the Rocket Pulley, we used rocket templates, suction cups and loops, ribbon, double stick tape, white label, cellophane, glue stick, paper ribbon, and glitter glue.

After popping out the rocket templates, we can stick them together using the double-stick tape. Now it’s time to move on to the next step and assemble the control center by placing the pieces of the tape over the rectangles on the template, then stick the tabs A underneath tab B. The next step is to cut the cellophane and ribbon and add them as design to the rocket. They will form as flames on the bottom part of the rocket, and we can also decorate the rocket using the glitter glue, and it requires overnight to dry.

Assemble the suckers by first attaching the loops on them, then stick the suckers on a glass window, one higher and the other should be lower down. Wrap a sticker around the end of the ribbon then thread it on the hole on the rocket, tie a knot on the other end to secure it to the rocket.

Thread the ribbon through the highest loop, and then to the lowest loop, then pull the ribbon to make the rocket blast off!

toucanBox activities are fun and easy to do! Each activity comes with complete instructions coupled with images that the kids can copy. They also include a meter that will tell how much adult help or participation is needed, if the project is too messy, or what else is needed before we even start. It makes all things organized. They also provide all the materials needed per project. We love how the activities this month took us out to the vast sea at first to find a treasure, then it brought us to outer space on the next one! We had the best adventures ever! It’s an all-around fun box and even develops a child’s artistic skills!

What do you think about this month’s toucanBox?

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