toucanBox August 2019 Subscription Box Review + Free Box Coupon

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toucanBox is a monthly activity subscription box that encourages creativity through crafting, learning and imaginative play for children aged 3- 8. It is the box’s goal to create a safe outlet for kids to develop their curiosity and critical thinking, open their minds to new ideas and express themselves freely. It includes puzzles, games, experiments, and recipes that are of high quality and safe.

The box is personally addressed to the children with everything you need like the materials, instructions, and magazine.

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We are greeted with a uniquely laid out box that features the 2 crafting activities and its materials.

It is designed to fit the needs of the UK Royal mail – but in the cutest little flat box! You know this one is really going to grab and go!

Every box includes colorful stickers. For this month, we got stickers related to the box’s theme!

Everything in the box!

Every box also includes a magazine for kids.

This month’s theme is Ahoy Toucanoos!

Featured on this part of the booklet are some information about the Women’s World Cup including the date, the place, and the 24 competing countries.

The STEAM team is getting ready for a new adventure, and they are currently going out for a big ocean adventure!

This part of the booklet informs us how plastic pollutes our ocean and the things that we should do to solve the problem.

Plastic is non-biodegradable and needs a thousand years before it fully decomposes. They provided us some ideas and creative ways to use less plastic, as well as some alternative materials we can use.

To give your own forecast for the World Cup series, simply put the flag stickers on the space provided.

This month’s featured recipe is a Healthy Berry Freakshake. The booklet listed all the needed ingredients and provided us with the detailed step-by-step instructions.

This activity on the booklet asks us to help TB1 to clean-up the sea by putting the arrow on the places he should go and avoid the place where the wildlife is located.

They encourage their subscribers to share their experiences and projects from toucanBox on social media using #toucanboxmag.

The projects for this month are Felt Flowers & Poinsettia Flower and Dream Catcher & Native American Headband.

Here are two cute stickers relating to the crafting activities!

Activity #1: Felt Flowers & Poinsettia Flower. For this project, we’ll be needing a felt paper, double stick tape, pipe cleaners, ribbon, and pom-poms.

According to the sheet, this project has a low level of messiness and it also doesn’t need much of grown-up assistance.

After gathering all the needed items, we started by placing three pieces of tape along the middle of the felt paper, and then cut a short slit along the open side of each. Fold the pipe cleaner and roll half of it inside the felt and lock it up by tying the ribbon on the sides. There we have our own felt flowers!

For the Poinsettia Flower project, we used a red paper, double stick tape, jewel, and a string.

The first step is to cut the red paper along the back lines and cut each strips into 3 equal pieces. Fold each piece in half and use the double stick to produce a small star shape. Then, insert the long strips into the star shape and stick the jewel into the center of the poinsettia flower.

Activity #2: Dream Catcher & Native American Headband. The next activity is all about making a dream catcher! We used the template, wool, feathers, beads, watercolor set, star stickers, stickers, and plastic needles.

According to the sheet, this activity needs moderate grown-up assistance, with a low messiness level, and a short drying time due to the use of watercolor.

You can start your project by decorating the dream catcher using the watercolor and star stickers, then thread the wool to the needle and weave it through the holes. Lastly, tie the feather on the bottom part of the template then the excess wool on top of the template so you can easily hang it to your door or windows.

For the Native American Headband, we will be needing the headband template, feathers, double stick tape, and watercolor sets.

We started by painting the headband template using the watercolor, then we placed the double-sided tapes on each end of the headband and connected them together. The last step is to add feathers to the back of the headband or in front, depending on your preference.

toucanBox always brings us fun and colorful activities, and we couldn’t be happier! Every project helps enhance my kids’ artistic and crafty side. This month’s activities are less messier than the previous projects we got, but it’s still overall fun. It’s really convenient that the box provided everything we need to perform each activity. The magazine is also a helpful addition, as it contains detailed step-by-step instructions for the projects. All in all, it’s the perfect box for learning and for a great family bonding time!

What do you think about this month’s toucanBox?

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