Papirmass August 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Papirmass is a monthly art print subscription. Each month, you’ll get an art print to satisfy your art and cultural curiosity – delivered right to your doorstep. You’ll never have trouble adding a new art print for your collection since Papirmass is the perfect way to discover new and upcoming great artists. It ships worldwide (with free shipping!) from Canada.

The prints are wrapped in custom-printed rigid mailers to protect the print.

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It was perfectly sealed when it arrived from the mail.


Every print arrives with a mini-interview of the artist. This month, we have Corey J. Isenor, a photographer from Halifax, NS.

It gives us a glimpse of the artist’s creative process.

Everything in my pack!

“Buoy Oh Buoy” Photograph. There is something odd yet beautiful with this photo, maybe the colors, maybe the main subject that is floating in the middle of the water, or maybe something else. I like the mystery surrounding it, though.

The back of the artwork gives us more information about the art piece, like the print method used, display suggestions, and more! To appreciate the photograph more, there are some questions that you can consider as well.

Postcard. I find Corey’s photographs having a single object in the middle, and a vast interesting background, like this photo that’s called “Tip of the Island.”

The back of the postcards in this box shares the art style used by the artists. For this one, there are some inspiring words from Corey:

Becoming patient sooner than later will make the pace of everything else much more tolerable.

Papirmass Creative Card. This month’s creative card features a beautiful quote from John A. Shedd.

A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.

At the back, there is a nice image that you can color. They also encourage you to share the finished project on Instagram.

A picture paints a thousand words, and they tell a lot of stories, and I understand the fascination that this month’s artist has for photographs. You can share feelings and emotions, happenings, tales, and a lot more with photos and that’s what photographers capture, the exact feeling at the moment that the picture was shot. The photos that the artist presented this month have underlying messages on them, a deeper meaning than what we are seeing on the surface. I commend this great artist for doing a great job in sharing his masterpieces, and I am excited to know other promising artists in the coming months!

What did you think of this month’s prints from Papirmass?

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