Loot Crate Limited Edition Lord Of The Rings Crate Review – Box 1

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The Loot Crate Limited Edition Lord Of The Rings Crate is part of a limited edition trilogy of boxes from Loot Crate featuring exclusive The Lord of the Rings collectibles, apparel & more. This one-time box from Loot Crate is now SOLD OUT and cost $49.99 plus shipping & handling.

Loot Crate has filed for bankruptcy:

NOTE: All of Loot Crate subscription boxes are experiencing substantial delays. If you subscribe now you run the risk of never receiving boxes. Only subscribe if you are ok with that risk. 

We’re excited about this limited edition box!

The box was secured with a clear sticker. On the side, there’s a text that says “One Crate To Unite Them All.”

The box is cool as its interiors came with images related to the box’s theme.

Some of the items are individually packaged in a box or a polybag.

You can turn the box inside out. This scene features Gandalf giving the ring to Frodo.

Here’s a mini booklet that lists the contents of the box!

It also includes brief item descriptions. I love how they presented the mini-booklet, LOTR-style!

Team Loot Crate also has a note for the subscribers about the delay.

Everything in the box!

Artprint. The art print features the Barad-dûr or known as the Dark Tower, which is the fortress of the Dark Lord. You can also see Frodo Merry & Pippin standing on top of Treebeard the an Ent, a tree-like creature in the middle of Mordor. I also commend how they captured the “dark” appearance of the place, it’s chillingly accurate! (Also my eyeballs are not, thanks for the assist Brian!)

The back has the LOTR logo. There’s enough space to write on if you want to include a note or a message.

Middle Earth Patch Set. Middle-Earth is a human-inhabited place in the series, and it’s equivalent in Norse Mythology is the Midgard. As Frodo brought the ring to Mordor, here are some things that we’ll definitely remind us of his journey, and it’s a patch set!

It contains 3 patches that feature The Shire, Moria, and Mordor.

Located at the northwestern portion of Middle-Earth is the Shire, which is the homeland of the majority of the Hobbits. Moria or the Dwarroedelf, or also known as Khazad-dûm, was an underground kingdom just beneath the Misty Mountains, and it is known as the ancient realm of Dwarves and known as the greatest kingdom ever built by them. And of course, we also have Mordor, a black, volcanic plain located at the East of Gondor, Ithilien, and the great river Anduin, and known as Sauron’s realm. enemies.

I love that even the patches seem small, each of them is pretty detailed.

One Rings Keychain. I got Middle-Earth’s greatest artifact, in keychain form, which I preferred than having it as a piece of jewelry or accessory.

Of course, it comes with the inscription in Elvish Runes. The One Ring is believed to control the other rings, and it cannot be easily destroyed. It also comes with a trigger snap with the same golden color as the ring.

Gandalf Socks. I love getting wearables from Loot boxes and I’m glad that this box did not disappoint, as I got a fresh pair of socks! The tag has the familiar branding, of course, and it also indicates that the pair can fit sizes 6-12.

The socks are made with polyester and spandex. The tag also comes with care instructions so your new pair won’t easily wear off.

It’s an eccentric pair as it features two sides of Gandalf, one in all white and the other one in gray. Gandalf was originally a Grey wizard before he turned white as the current white wizard at that time, Saruman, had turned his back on what the Maia was meant to be doing in Middle Earth. He also joined Sauron in dominating the Middle-Earth.

Despite the color differences, we can see that his eyes are of bright blue color. I also like the gray one which smokes a pipe.

Even the back of the socks are well detailed.

Frodo Secrets Tee. Another wearable in the box is a black tee, and it’s an exclusive!

Of course, it has Frodo as the main design, with the Elven Rune inscriptions on the One Ring.

The image is like an old cinematic poster that was hand-painted, which is quite nice, as opposed to a design that looks more like a printed photo.

Prancing Pony Stein. The mug arrived in a cool box featuring the map of the Middle-Earth!

It’s another Loot Crate exclusive!

The cool mug features the Inn of the Prancing Pony’s emblem.

This tall mug is great for beer!

I like the rusty feel on the upper part of the mug. This design extends to the interior of the mug.

Ours had a glue error, and this won’t come off. It’s a real bummer. Loot Crate confirmed they’ll ship us a replacement – anyone’s guess if that will happen!

This mug reminds me of Frodo’s stay while traveling to Rivendell.

Balrog Travel Mat. The last item in my box features a Balrog, which are fiery Maiar that were corrupted by Melkor to be his servants.

The mat looks awesome, and it’s made with a high-quality and soft material.

I really love the mat’s fiery design. It proves how ferocious the creature is!

I think this figure here is Saruman the white wizard, facing off the Balrog.

It’s a nice mat to stash in our picnic basket and it can even be used when we play the game “the Floor is Lava,” right? We successfully (and easily) removed the straps from the blanket – they were a cute touch but kind of cheap, and got in the way.

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most successful franchises based on fictional novels, and this box is definitely a must-have for Ringers and collectors alike. I really like the One Ring keychain, because, who wouldn’t? It’s the most iconic item in the box, and it’s the very thing the story revolves around. It’s in a keychain form too so I can attach it on my bag or use it to hold my keys together. The Prancing Pony mug looks stunning as well. LOTR will remain a big part of the entertainment industry as one of the most successful franchises, and will forever have a place in the heart of true Ringers and Tolkienites, so it’s just the perfect time to pay tribute to them with this awesome box! We are hoping the next two boxes arrive without too much delay.

Did you get a Limited Edition Lord Of The Rings Crate


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  • Brian

    Also, Saruman? No, that’s Gandalf fighting the Balrog. Ever seen the movies? They’re quite good.

  • Brian

    That’s actually Merry & Pippin on Treebeard. The print was from a previous Loot Crate (although it didn’t have the LotR logo on the back)

    • Hello Subscription

      Gah, my eyeballs. Thank you!