Unplugged Book Box May 2019 Adult Fiction Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Unplugged Book Box is a monthly subscription box that sends a new release book for adults plus items to help you unplug from your daily life and recharge. Self care goodies AND a book? Yes, please! You can choose from two levels: The Adult Box is $38 with 4-6 items, and the Young Adult Box is $33.25 with 3-6 items. I am reviewing the Adult version! What can you expect to find in the box?

  • 4-6 bookish self-care or novelty products
  • Exclusive activities to help you unplug and focus on you!
  • Self-care & gratitude tools to help you reflect
  • One new release YA (hardcover) or Adult Fiction (hardcover or paperback) book per month
  • Adult or young adult books

DEAL:  Get 10% off on 3+ month subscriptions! Use coupon code HELLOUNPLUG10. Not valid on month to month plans.

First peek!

There was a problem in a previous box but Unplugged Book Box made it right and sent a replacement.

The May 2019 Box theme was Grief.

The back of the card listed the “spoilers”, or items in the box. The items tie in with different fandoms, TV shows, and books. For instance, one of the items is inspired by The Lovely Bones. Most of the items can be found on Etsy. It also lists some unboxing challenges in case you want to share your photos on Instagram and possibly win a prize. The print on this card is easier to read than the one in the YA box.

The contents were sealed with a heart sticker.

The items were cushioned by paper squiggles and some items were wrapped separately.

Everything in my box!

käfē Premium Coffee Candy ($4.99) A cup of coffee while reading a book can make for a relaxing afternoon. I don’t drink coffee but I like the flavor of coffee, which is what these little treats provide.

The bag has around 40 of these little candies that are organic and are made only with cane sugar, tapioca syrup, spray dried coffee, and caramel flavor.

Perfectly Imperf Store Susie Salmon Essential Oil ($4 for similar) Essential oil roller balls are like perfume, but without the unknown ingredients that make up traditional fragrances. Plus, these are infused with crystals.

Grapefruit, patchouli, ylang ylang, and frankincense essential oils are combined in a base of coconut oil. Rose quartz crystals are added for their metaphysical benefits. I’m not sure that soaking rocks in oil does anything but there is such a thing as the power of positive thinking!

It comes in a roller ball applicator and can be carried in a purse for touch ups. It smells mainly of citrus and doesn’t last very long, but this type of product is natural and that is how they perform.

Pure Bliss Body Confections Totally Bananas & Blueberry Mask ($3.99) I haven’t tried this mask yet and rarely use clay masks because they can be drying, but I am going to use this one this weekend, it just sounds so dreamy!

Just mix with water and stir until a paste forms. Place on skin, let dry for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off. The all-natural ingredients are colloidal oats, kaolin clay, bentonite clay, organic banana powder, and blueberry powder. I will probably rinse it off before it dries all the way.

Three Arrows Apparel Tea Towel ($5.40) is a custom-made item just for this box! You can order your own towel with whatever saying you like.

This one is inspired by Les Miserables, which I have been watching on PBS for the last month. Since the towels are made of flour sack and will wrinkle, it is recommended that they be used for display purposes, although you can certainly use them in the kitchen for practical purposes too.

Cozy Light Candle Co Smoke + Spice + Orange Candle ($4-6) I am always excited when I receive a really good candle, and this one, which is in an exclusive scent just for Unplugged Book Box, is wonderful!

Scent notes include smoke, spice, and orange and should burn for up to 20 hours. The candle is hand-poured in small batches and is made of soy wax and is free of dyes and phthalates. I love the scent, which was subtle while burning and just the way I like it!

Saving Meghan by D.J. Palmer (List price $27.99, now $15.49) I was pretty excited when I saw that the May book choice was a thriller, they are my favorite reads! This one is a medical mystery surrounding a teenage girl whose symptoms might be caused by Munchausen syndrome by proxy, where a parent makes their child sick on purpose for attention. I can’t wait to get started!

Saving Meghan is a riveting new thriller full of secrets and lies from author D.J. Palmer. 

Can you love someone to death?

Some would say Becky Gerard is a devoted mother and would do anything for her only child. Others, including her husband Carl, claim she’s obsessed and can’t stop the vicious circle of finding a cure at her daughter’s expense.

Fifteen-year-old Meghan has been in and out of hospitals with a plague of unexplained illnesses. But when the ailments take a sharp turn, clashing medical opinions begin to raise questions about the puzzling nature of Meghan’s illness. Doctors suspect Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a rare behavioral disorder where the primary caretaker seeks medical help for made-up symptoms of a child. Is this what’s going on? Or is there something even more sinister at hand?

As the Gerards grow more and more suspicious of each other and their medical team, Becky must race against time to prove her daughter has a deadly disease. But first, she must confront her darkest fears and family secrets that threaten to not only upend her once-ordered life…but to destroy it.

Here is a random sample page so you can get a feel for the writing.

I found a sticker bookplate signed by the author. You can place it in the book if you wish.

There was a letter from the author.

There was also a letter to be read after finishing the book.

SPOILER: I already opened the letter so skip the next picture if you wish!

There was a card with tips for dealing with grief.

The back gave some ideas for journaling about grief.

There was a card with info about June’s theme.

The back of that card had a Spotify playlist that I enjoyed listening to, it was just my style!

This was my first adult version of Unplugged Book Box that I have received since they started offering two versions and I was very pleased with this box! The book was a new release that has high ratings and goes well with the theme. I enjoyed the products that were sent to help me chill and was especially delighted by the candle. The playlist was perfect for me and the other items and inserts help prolong the reading experience.

Are you getting the Unplugged Book Box?

Visit Unplugged Book Box to subscribe or find out more!


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