SnackSack April 2019 Subscription Box Review & Coupon – Gluten-Free

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SnackSack is a monthly subscription service that sends boxes filled to the brim with a combination of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, all-natural, vegan and fair-trade snacks to your door every month!

SnackSack now offers two new subscriptions – SnackSack Vegan and SnackSack Gluten-Free! Regular SnackSack is still priced at $22 per month, while the new SnackSack Vegan and SnackSack GF will be available for $24 per month. Plans are also offered in 6-month and 12-month options, plus they now ship to Canada!

This is a review of SnackSack Gluten-Free.

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The box is sealed with a SnackSack tape.

There’s a pamphlet stuffed with the snacks.

Everything arrived stacked neatly in the box.

Each month, SnackSack includes a cute tote bag with “Smarter Snacking” printed on it.

This is where you can stash all your snacks and treats.

The pamphlet has all the necessary information about the snacks in the box!

Here’s the list of all the snacks! Snack Sack makes it easy to find the gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO snacks at a glance.

Everything in the box!

Bob’s Red Mill Peanut Butter Jelly & Oats Bar ($1.91) Taking our classic childhood snack to the next level, this amazing PB&J oats are perfect for breakfast or office and school lunch. It has the tangy-sweet raspberry goodness and gooey peanut butter in a nice, gritty whole grain oats mixed with organic honey. It provides a delicious and nutritious experience in every bite!

Modern Oats Apple Cinnamon Ginger Premium Oatmeal ($3.30) Perfect for a quick breakfast or snack, this premium organic oatmeal is packaged in a tub and all you have to do is add water. The combination of apple, cinnamon, and ginger flavors is just wonderful. It has just the right sweetness and it’s quite filling too! Aside from being gluten-free, the rolled oats are also vegan and non-GMO.

Lebby Milk Chocolate Chickpea Snacks ($4.66) I can have all the pleasure without the guilt with this protein and fiber enriched chocolate chickpea snack! Each creamy and chunky chocolate chickpea is made with no salt, no oil, and no additives. Only enjoyable and addictive flavors!

Laughing Giraffe Organics Chocolate Snakaroon – SIMILAR ($0.53) The ingredients used in making this snack are simple, pure, and satisfying. They used natural sweeteners such as agave nectar, coconut syrup, and coconut sugar in concocting this decadent snack.

One pack contains one snakaroon and I wish they added one more or at least made it bigger.

On a lighter note, the single piece is packed with flavors and blanketed with coconut shards. It’s not too salty too, which made me like it more.

PopCorners Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn ($0.17) It’s a popped-corn snack drizzled with sunflower oil and a pinch of sea salt, just simple and all natural ingredients to make a carnival classic better tasting and healthier. Each piece is satisfyingly crunchy and tasty!

The GFB Cranberry + Toasted Almond Bar ($2.56) I’m a person who’s always on-the-go and I generally want to have snacks with me that satisfy my hunger easily. And so far, I think this bar is one of the few gluten-free snacks that taste great and fulfilling. I super love the cashew coconut flavor, plus it’s not to sweet so, I’ll give it a thumbs up!

Skratch Labs With Chocolate Chips & Almonds Energy Bar ($3.04) Just when you thought energy bars couldn’t get any better, here comes Skratch bar that’s tough enough for endurance workouts and tasty enough for light snacking. It has a natural and excellent taste. I enjoyed the almonds mostly.

Barnana Brazilian Barbecue Plantain Chips ($1.49) Inspired by the famous “Churrascarias” in Brazil comes this unique BBQ flavor. These plantain chips have the smokey, tangy and sweet flavors that made them great for dipping, lunches, late night snack, super bowl parties or beach trips!

Wow Snickerdoodle Cookie ($0.63 – 1oz.) This moist and chewy gourmet cookie reminds me of vanilla cakes covered with cinnamon. It tastes great and has a great texture too. The flavor is so strong which makes it highly addictive and most of all, it’s always made without wheat and gluten-free!

Go Organically Fruit Snacks ($1.87) Organic food doesn’t have to be tasteless and these packs of fruit snacks are proof that they can be flavorful too! In fact, they are so yummy that I couldn’t control myself from gobbling every bit of them. They’re chewy and taste like real fruit. It has a good list of ingredients too!

The Snack Brigade Incredi Puffs Cheesy Cheddar (not available) Always baked and never fried, this bag of cheesy cheddar goodness gives my tastebuds a wholesome, desirable flavor! Moreover, they’re not too fat and greasy in the mouth compared to traditional potato chips. They are as delicious as they are nourishing!

They say old habits die hard especially when it’s about turning away from teasingly-good, but unhealthy food. SnackSack makes us more conscious of our food choices and to its impact on our health and the environment. This month, the gluten-free specified eats in the box are something that I can truly enjoy. They actually make eating much more fun! My top picks are fruits snacks and barbecue plantain chips! Can’t wait for more healthy and yummy goodies next month!

What do you think of this month’s SnackSack Gluten Free?

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