Rockets of Awesome Spring 2019 Subscription Box Review – Boys!

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Rockets of Awesome is a quarterly clothing and accessories personal styling subscription box for kids. Each season, you’ll get a box filled with high-quality, stylish and comfy clothes. There’s no styling fee – just pay for what you’d like to keep and return the rest.

Boxes are available for both boys and girls. In every box, you’ll get 8-12 pieces, all from the Rockets of Awesome brand.

All the items inside the box are carefully wrapped. My son felt that it was sent from outer space because of the silver wrapper. I love the idea too!

When you sign up, you’ll answer a quick and easy quiz to help set your style preferences for your child. The box is filled with awesome clothes to the brim!

Keep everything in the box for only $150! Discount applies automatically when you keep everything at checkout.

There is a return envelope already included in this package so that it will be easier to return the items you don’t want.

Everything in my Spring 2019 Rockets of Awesome Boys box!

5-Pack Pattern Socks ($24.50, $18.27 if you keep everything) It’s a colorful set of socks. We got 5 pairs and they’re all ankle high.

These socks are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex exclusive of elastic.

Lightning Tee ($19.50, $14.47 if you keep everything) A bright shirt like this one is perfect for spring and summer. It’s in yellow-green and made from 100% premium cotton fabric.

This shirt features cute lightning bolt prints in shiny metallic silver, arranged in a straight line. It looks awesome!

Double Stripe Jogger ($29.50, $22.08 if you keep everything) My son loves joggers and this one is already one of his favorites! It’s in blue and it’s made with thick yet comfortable fabric.

This jogger features an adjustable drawstring waist with a deep pocket on each side.

Adding a little flair to the pant are gray and bright green linings on the sides. The jogger also has ribbed cuffs!

The lightning shirt fits my son perfectly and it looks so good when worn with the double stripe jogging pants.

Digi Love Tee ($19.50, $14.47 if you keep everything) We got another round neck graphic tee, and this time it features a huge hand sign.

The hand sign is an international signage that symbolizes love!

This hand sign shirt and the jogger make a perfect casual pair!

Camo Zip Hoodie ($29.50, $22.08 if you keep everything) Cool and breezy days are not yet over, and I’m glad my son has a new clothing item to keep him warm. This one is a cute camouflage hoodie!

It features reinforced ribbed cuffs and deep kangaroo pockets with bright green lining.

The hoodie has a thick yet soft fabric. Wearing it together with a t-shirt on the colder days of spring would be really great!

Tie-Dye Sweatshirt ($29.50, $22.08 if you keep everything) It’s a cool sweatshirt with a tie-dye-inspired design. The combination of navy blue, light blue, and gray in this top is just awesome.

Checkerboard Short ($22.50, $16.75 if you keep everything) This gray pull-on short is soft and versatile. It can be easily paired with any kind of top, whether a tee or a pullover.

It features a cute checkerboard design on both sides too.

It’s not just cool and breathable, the short doesn’t restrict my son’s movement as well. He likes it so much!

Brush Camo Tee ($22.50, $16.75 if you keep everything) We got another camouflage wearable in the box and this it’s a cute t-shirt.

Navy blue, green, and gray! This shirt has a breathable fabric with a soft texture which is definitely perfect for spring.

This camo shirt plus the checkerboard short looks simple but comfy. He’s ready for some outdoor play time!

The clothing choices in this quarter’s Rockets of Awesome box are excellent! We received a great variation of well-designed shirts, shorts, pants, and even a hoodie to wear this spring. The t-shirts are soft and breathable, same goes with the shorts and pants. But the thing that my son loved the most is the camo hoodie! This is technically an easy box to try out – free shipping both ways, and you’ll just need to pay for what you keep. I would recommend giving it a try, most especially with the good discount to keep all the items inside!

What do you think of this quarter’s Rockets of Awesome Boys box?

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