Doodle Crate Subscription Box Review & Coupon – POURED PAINTINGS

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Doodle Crate is a member of the KiwiCo family geared toward kids 9+. It inspires young makers to learn new skills and gain creative confidence through craft and art projects by teaching them basic and intermediate techniques of a new artistic medium each month. The sky is the limit, and crafts made from the same kit can be kept simple, or they can be made as intricate as the artist desires.

Though geared toward kids, Doodle Crate is gender neutral and also excellent for anyone (even adults) wanting a craft subscription. In our experience, this is the best “arts and crafts” box for older kids, tweens, teens, and adults – the end result is nearly always something you will want to save!

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This month’s project: POURED PAINTINGS!

All the items arrived in great condition!

Doodle Crate Instruction Book

Doodle Crate is inclined to focus on a single craft and contains only what you’ll be needing for the project.

The booklet has an excellent textbook quality background on the subject matter of the project. Every Crate is a project and a lesson in technique – when you are finished, you should have a usable handcrafted item and a new skill.

Doodle Crate Materials

Every crate comes with everything you need to complete the project (except for a few basic items from your home), as well as a booklet.

Doodle Crate Activity

This booklet is loaded with high-quality pictures and illustrations to provide you ideas and help you along at the same time. They also produce a video tutorial for each project, too. It also provides a step-by-step procedure, from start to finish, with detailed guidance the whole way. The numerous diagrams explain every step clearly and make it practically impossible to go off track.

Doodle Crate Materials

For this poured paintings project, we will be needing an acrylic paint, craft sticks, and paint cups.

The box also includes a paintbrush, measuring spoon, color mixing palette, mess mat, and clear sticker.

Before we started with the project, we made sure that we are far from all the furniture and the mess mats are properly placed.

The kids also read the key techniques on how to properly utilize the colors, its shadings, and specifically show what particular color complements really well with other colors.

Once the mess mat is in place, my daughter started by putting all the particular colors on their corresponding places as indicated on the color mixing palette.

After she placed the paints on their designated places, she then made another batch of color but this time she mixed it together with the white paint.

The booklet even includes samples of different kinds of paint mixtures, like analogous, complementary, cool, warm, and monochromatic.

To start paint pouring, we need plastic gloves, canvasses, more cups, and the Doodle Crate Box.

Put the remaining paint on the paint cups and using the craft sticks, stir them well to make sure that the paints are still in liquid form and not yet solidified.

Reminder: make sure to wear your gloves before starting, this project is quite messy!

Empty the box crate and cover the holes using the clear stickers to prevent the paint from leaking out the box. Place two cups upside down inside the box then place the canvas on top of the cups.

Once the canvas is stably placed on top of the cups, start pouring in your desired paint. You can just pour it all in or scatter it all over the canvas.

Repeat the procedure using the other paints, do it until the whole canvas is covered with different paint colors.

You can also use the craft stick to scatter the paints or to put an extra twist on your paintings.

Like for this one, my daughter used the stick to slice, blend, and scatter the paint. It’s fun!

This month’s featured activity was so fun and really fascinating! It brings a wide range of learning for my kids, especially on colors – the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, and the different kind of color mixtures like the cool and warm colors, complementing, and analogous colors. This project also enhances my kids’ creativity and patience while working on the whole process. I also appreciate how everything we needed for this project is already provided, plus the step-by-step procedure was so helpful. It’s a really great subscription for any kid or family who loves crafts!

Did you enjoy this month’s activity as much as we did? Let us know in the comments!

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