Bokksu April 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bokksu is a premium snack box that features authentic Japanese snacks, as well as a tea pairing to go with it. There are two levels to choose from: Classic Bokksu ($39.99 USD) includes an assortment of 20-25 premium Japanese snacks and a tea pairing; Tasting Bokksu ($25 USD) includes 10-14 premium Japanese snacks and a tea pairing. The snacks sent are not easily found outside of Japan and this subscription ships internationally from Japan. Shipping is already included in the price. I am reviewing the Classic Bokksu.

Other Japanese snack subscription services use mass-produced mainstream snacks that can be readily found in most Asian markets outside of Japan. Bokksu directly sources its artisanal snacks from local snack makers in Japan (some of whom have been around for over 200 years!). We only curate high quality and gourmet snacks, never filler items. We are also the ONLY service that handselects a tea pairing for each box to complement that month’s flavors.

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Opening the box I found a simple presentation that was anything but boring. Check out those colors!

First glimpse!

This box was packed full!

I received a card from Bokksu.

The card described the theme for the month of March. It also mentioned a new rewards program so check it out when you get a chance!

April’s theme is HANAMI FESTIVAL. I am always impressed with the booklet that is included in the box.

Info on Hanami Festival in Japan was discussed.

A map gave a visual of where each snack came from.

Each snack was in the centerfold spread.

Each product was shown and even listed which part of Japan it originated from, brand name, common allergens, and a description.

The back of the mini mag had info on how you can enter to win a free box plus a glimpse at the next box theme!

Everything in the April 2019 Classic Bokksu!

Suppa Mucho Plum Potato Sticks I received some potato sticks last month, but I like these better! They remind me of shoestring potato chips.

These are flavored with pickled plum which gave it a sweet and sour flavor. Very interesting!

Kakinotane Plum Shiso is a snack that is also flavored with pickled plum. I want to go on record as saying I have never before tried a pickled plum so I can’t say for sure what they are like.

I do like senbei, the mini crescent-shaped rice sticks shown. Here they are mixed with peanuts for an unusual snack mix. The crackers are tangy but also spicy. I liked this snack!

Spring Sakura Senbei confused me when I opened the package because they smelled overwhelmingly of stinky fish. Then I tasted one and it was almost sweet and a touch tangy.

Squid, which I can’t recall ever eating before, is one of the main ingredients of these crackers that have an almost wafer feel to them. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that these have a sugar alternative, like stevia, in them because they gave me the same weird aftertaste that I get with artificially sweetened foods.

Sakura Karinto is a snack that is traditionally a piece of fried dough, but these are easier to send in the mail.

At first the flavor was too strong and odd to my tastebuds, almost like licorice, but after the initial taste wore off I really liked the dough part, which was like a cross between a donut and a pretzel nugget. I was surprised to find it had the flavor of fried dough!

Ebi Crunch Black Pepper Here is another winner in my book. I think it is supposed to be shrimp-flavored, although it’s hard to tell.

The crunchy pieces are similar to spicy Bugles and they are mixed with roasted peanuts. Yum!

Sakura Chinsuko is shaped like a cherry blossom and is supposed to carry the flavor of the blossom too.

It even has sakura leaves in the cookie. It’s crispy and similar to a shortbread cookie. It kind of reminds me of those little Belgian cookies, speculoos, and has a delicate caramel flavor (I didn’t taste blossoms).

Sakura Chocolate Crepe is a rolled crepe cookie with a sakura blossom infused white chocolate coating.

The layers are very delicate and I am a fan of white chocolate. It wasn’t quite like a wafer cookie but I’m not sure how else to describe the flakiness. Very mild flavor and a sweet treat.

Handmade Sakura Candy is a sweet floral hard candy infused with more cherry blossoms.

Hard candy is a classic treat and the flavor reminded me of cherry candy that we have here in the states, but with a lighter touch.

Cheese Okaki Plum Flavor are cheese-filled rice crackers with pickled plum flavor.

I liked the cracker part, which was sweet and sour, but the cheese was kind of odd and unexpected.

Sakura Mochi is a chewy candy that is like eating a cloud of happiness.

Place the pillow on your tongue and let it slowly melt while you enjoy the fleeting flavor of cherry blossoms. Don’t try to chew it, that makes it fade quicker and you want to enjoy the moment. It’s not as sweet as I was expecting but still somehow reminds me of a marshmallow, but better.

Spring Gold Green Tea has the prettiest packaging I’ve ever seen for tea! Sencha is a type of green tea but is very different in flavor from the kind you usually find at the grocery store. The instructions in the booklet said to use 2.7 ounces of hot water but after I pulled the sachet out of the bag I saw a lot of tea in there so I increased it to 6 ounces of water. I left it in for around 45 seconds and the tea was very strong. I am sure it can be resteeped for a few more cups of tea. The flavor is vegetal, like sweet spinach. The color of the steeped tea was pretty, a golden green shade, and it was slightly cloudy.

Bokksu is such a fun box to get and they get an A+ for sheer color coordination! The packaging is on point, with blossoms and/or pink on everything. Some of the flavors push me out of my comfort zone but I still enjoyed trying everything in the box. Plus, it is fun to share with my family and my daughter even reads the descriptions from the booklet as we go through the snacks after opening the box!

What’s your favorite snack from this month’s box?

Visit Bokksu to subscribe or find out more!


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