Kids BookCase Club February 2019 Subscription Box Review + 50% Off Coupon!

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BookCase.Club now has a subscription for children of all ages – the Kids BookCase Club! Starting at $9.99 each month, you’ll get a monthly shipment of handpicked books that you and your kids will surely love. Each BCCKids case comes with three handpicked children’s books, chosen to ignite the imagination and inspire creativity.

You can customize the subscription depending on your child’s gender and age range. Available age categories are newborn to 2 years old, 2 to 4 years old, 5 to 6 years old, 7-8 years old, and pre-teen.

This is the review of the pre-teen box!

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The books are also wrapped in tissue paper.

Everything in the February 2019 box!

Terrific by Jon Agee ($14.95)

When grumpy Eugene wins a free cruise to Bermuda, he thinks he knows just what to expect: a really nasty sunburn. But instead, after a shipwreck, he finds himself stranded on a tiny island with no one—except for a parrot with a busted wing. “Terrific,” says Eugene. “What good is a parrot?” It turns out a parrot is good for a lot, including planning a very elaborate escape. And when the castaways are rescued by a team of fishermen, it’s Eugene’s turn to be kind to his new friend.

The preteens will have a kick out of this as the author demonstrates a different approach to storytelling and humor.

It’s unusual to have a pessimist adult as a protagonist in a children’s book. The expressions of the faces are clearly drawn so you would know that when he says “terrific” means he’s being sarcastic. The drawings certainly have a big part in the storytelling and it’s a good way to explain sarcasm. It may not be suitable for much younger readers as they may find it hard to understand the deadpan humor. Or it might leave a wrong impression as the main character was always grumpy towards every situation until the pivotal moment when he realized the parrot saved him.

Oh, did we spoil the twist for you? Kidding aside, this is a funny story. Though I think it will be more relatable to have a child as a hero. This is a quirky and light read.

Animal Planet Adventures Dolphin Rescue by Catherine Nichols ($11.64)

Siblings Maddie and Atticus love living by the sea. Their dad traps lobsters off the coast of Maine. They love helping with the family business and volunteering at the local aquarium. The summer is shaping up to be a super one, for sure. Then one day they spy a pod of dolphins in the cove looking distressed. How will the kids use their knowledge of animals and their awesome problem-solving skills to help the dolphin family get safely back to sea?

Perfect for reluctant, challenged, and newly fluent readers, the Animal Planet Adventures chapter book series combines fun animal mysteries with cool nonfiction sidebars that relate directly to the stories, bringing the best of the animal world to young readers. With full-color illustrations and photographs throughout.

Collect all of the Animal Planet Adventures, including Luke and Sarah’s story Farm Friends Escape!.

They used real pictures instead of drawings or graphics so the kids can get an accurate depiction of what the different animals really looked like.

Knowledge is power and in the story, the kids used it to save the dolphins. In real life, the book is now teaching the kids a thing or two about wildlife so they can also use their knowledge to save it in return.

This book simply teaches us to coexist with compassion and respect for animals.

Nate The Great and the Missing Birthday Snake by Andrew Sharmat and Marjorie Weinman Sharmat ($12.99)


Rosamond is having a birthday party for her cousin Lizzy! Nate the Great and his dog, Sludge, are invited. So are Lizzy’s four pet snakes. Nate believes that a good detective knows his limits. Nate does not want to go to a birthday party filled with dangerous, slimy guests. But when one of these “guests” goes missing, Nate and Sludge must face their fears to save the day!

Our hero saved the day by overcoming his fear and letting himself be a good friend first.

It’s a fun and light read and the animated illustrations will certainly entertain readers of all ages.

It’s hilarious. The kids love good old mystery solving! This is just one of Nate the Great series and I’d love for the kids to read the other ones.

The box has an animal theme because each book features at least one. Even though the box caters to preteens, the sarcasm and deadpan humor of the Terrific book is an unusual approach, not to mention having a pessimist adult as a hero. Either the children will get the sarcasm or it will just go over their heads. The book is hilarious nonetheless. It teaches us to be positive always and the value of having a genuine friend. The Animal Planet is more on the facts and getting the kids to know more about the animals and then centered the story around it. This will spark their curiosity and awareness of saving the animals. Nate the Great is an enjoyable book to read because they let the kids be a part of the mystery which is always a hit. I loved that Nate stepped up to the plate and helped his friend find the lost python even though he was afraid of it. I hope the box can keep on curating books that are intentional and will teach the kids lessons that can make them well-rounded individuals someday.

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