Gramma in a Box February 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription for kids (from a real Grandma!) that sends homemade cookies with frosting and sprinkles along with two easy candy crafts to make at least 15-20 edible treats.

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The items arrived in a red box with a simple Gramma in a Box text on the side.

The bottom of the box has a Gramma in a Box sticker.

The kit shows up bundled neatly together under some cute tissue.

This tissue is secured using another sticker.

All the items come in a separate plastic container.

Also included in the box is a little welcoming note. This month’s box is all about Valentine Treats.

Flip the card and you’ll find a list of all the items in the box, as well as items you will need from your home.

This is the box upon opening! You just have to remember — no snacking on the craft supplies!

This month’s box has 3 projects. We are going to do Valentine Cookies, Crispy Valentine Bites, and Valentine Candy Cane Hearts. Each of the cards has step by step instructions with a few images.

All the ingredients are indicated on the back of each card, including potential allergens.

Project #1: Valentine Candy Cane Hearts. For this project, we used melting chocolate, candy canes and popsicle sticks, sprinkles or conversation hearts, spoon, toothpick, and a microwave safe bowl.

The candy canes will serve as a base, while the melting chocolate, conversation hearts, and sprinkles are for decorating.

The first step is to heat the chocolate discs in the microwave. While waiting, you can start forming a heart using two candy canes facing each other and then put a popsicle in between. Next, spoon the melted chocolate in the hole between the two candy canes.

Put the sprinkles and candies for decoration and wait for 5 minutes so the treats can set. Our candy cane hearts look so pretty!

Project #2: Valentine Crispy Bites. For this project, you will need a package of crispy rice cereal, paper Valentine cups, spoon, and melted chocolate (from Project 1).

If necessary, reheat the melting chocolate for up to 15 seconds and stir with a spoon until smooth. Then, pour the cereal on the melted chocolate.

Next step is to now put the mixture on the cute paper cups!

My kids worked together in making the treats! For the final touch, they also added sprinkles and conversation hearts on top of the crispies.

Here it is, our Crispy Valentine Bites! Love the colors!

Project #3: Valentine Theme Cookies. The third project includes cookies, frosting, and sprinkles. From home, you’ll need scissors, a small paper plate, 1 or 2 knives for spreading frosting, and toothpicks for decorating.

Everyone was serious about decorating the cookies!

My younger son picked the heart-shaped cookies and wanted sprinkles on it with some chocolate on the sides.

Like the first two projects, the colors on these cookies are just so good to look at.

My kids had loved decorating them! They were able to pick whether they want a heart-shaped cookie or a regular cookie, and they got to think of their own designs too.

We had excess chocolates and sprinkles so we used them on graham crackers and experimented with some new techniques!

These treats don’t just look good. They’re really yummy too. After the photos, we munched on them and they’re seriously sweet and delicious.

Gramma In A Box made sure we got our fix in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day. My kids had loved doing all three projects and the result is just wonderful. The instructions provided require adult supervision for some parts, but all were easy to follow. The materials all arrived fresh too. My kids adore this box and it’s always a great fun bonding time. If you’re looking for an activity for kids with a final product that they can really enjoy, this is a great choice!

What do you think about Gramma In A Box?

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